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Start a Betting Business on the Internet with a Professional Support from Smart Money

Updated 29.11.2021

The betting sphere is living through its best times right now. The global pandemic seems to be ending, and different sports occasions are being resumed. Punters gladly wager on the favourite teams after an extensive pause due to the Coronavirus. But the lockdown situation still made its impact on the industry. Many ground bookmakers’ facilities are closed and have no plans reopening until the government gives the green lights.

Consequently, the online betting sphere remains the main access point for punters. No wonder operators all over the world open internet bookmakers’ stores, targeting different people around the world. Smart Money is directly involved in the increasing number of online betting websites.

Online betting websites

We supply top-quality services in the integration of all systems that are necessary for a smooth working process. Our experts are ready to provide you with an extensive guide on the operation and organization of the establishment. Order the finest betting software from the leading service provider on the market Smart Money.

Understanding the Betting Process

Before an operator even begins the preparation for launching an online betting company, he must be into the essence of all terms and mechanics of the sphere. The lack of this knowledge will not let the owner become successful and pay off the invested resources.

Usually, different countries have a distinct category of odds implementation on their betting websites. There are three main types of them that every operator should know about and adjust according to the operational area:

  1. Fractional. This class of odds is usually used in Ireland and the UK. Bookmakers depict it on websites as A/B — 7/2, 6/1. The formula for calculating the amount is:

((Wagered Amount / B) * A) + Wagered Amount

It means that if a player bets $2, in case of a win, he will earn $7 and receive $2 back (7/2); if a bet is $1, he will earn $6 and receive $1 back (6/1); and so on.

In case the A value is higher, the odds are in favour of an underdog. If the B value is higher, the odds are for the favourite.

  1. Decimal. This type of odds is most commonly used around the world. Bookmakers depict it on websites as 1.0. For example, 3.52, 6.43. The formula for calculating the amount is:

(Odds * Wagered Amount) - Bet

It means that if a player bets $15 on 3.52, he will earn $37.8 and $15 back. If a player bets $20 on 6.43, he will earn $108.6 and $20 back. The smaller the coefficient is, the more chances for a participant to win.

  1. Moneyline. The US bookmakers use this category of odds that are depicted as +500, –150. While a negative coefficient is for a favourite of the competition, a positive is for the unlikely winner. Тo formula is usually applied for these odds since positive numbers show the sum that is earned in a case $100 wagered. Negative numbers show the sum that must be wagered to earn $100.

Apart from odds, a few other terms are worth the future bookmaker’s attention.





The category of bets when punters decide which side has a bigger probability to cover the spread

Bookmakers give Team One +7 points and Team Two –7 points. Punters win in case Team One wins/loses with the difference of fewer than 7 points, or Team Two wins with the difference of more than 7 points, and make money back in case the spread equals the result


Bookmakers set the overall sum of points to be achieved and punters predict if it is over or under

Bookmakers say that the overall sum of points achieved will be 15.5. If players wager on under and the event ends with a total of fewer than 16, it is a victory; if players wager on over, it is a loss


The category of bets on a particular event during the match

Players can try to forecast the time of the first point, the sum of fouls, the MVP. The more elaborate the bookmaker’s store is, the more offers punters will receive


The category of bets when players try to forecast the result or the tournament, league, or a season before its beginning

Bookmakers analyze what side is the more likely to succeed and offer players their odds. Usually, the coefficients are high since players have more variables to bet on


The category of bets that consider a few matches at a time and multiply the coefficients

Players enjoy this type of wagering since the multiplied coefficient can be large. However, in case of a single missed result, the entire bet is considered lost

The betting process is not complicated if you have a proficient explanation of the entire system. Our company offers different guides and rundowns on the theoretical background if a future operator needs additional information. Order turnkey betting solution from Smart Money and become a knowledgeable owner of an online bookmaker’s store.

Organizational Process

Betting platform: organizational process

Once the essence of online betting is clear, an operator should get ready for the creation of the platform itself. In the case of thorough preparation, the setup is not a complicated process but still requires much concentration and determination.

The Smart Money specialists will describe each stage in details to ensure future operators receive an extensive explanation.

Website Design

The development of a site is the first task that ought to be performed with maximum effort. The design should correspond to the target audience that you are will orient on. Considering that usually, bookmakers focus on sport, the interface must be according.

More often than not, operators resort to professional studios that design the website and configure the convenient interface and navigation. It is the most efficient way to eradicate possible malfunctions in the future thanks to professional development.

Betting Store License

Online wagering is considered a gambling activity. It means that for a legal operation an operator needs an official working permit. It can be obtained at one of the offshore jurisdictions. A lot of them are quite favourable for new operators.

The most famous gaming commissions for online betting registration are located in these countries:

Wagering Systems

Once the website is licensed, an operator can start installing the necessary betting and administrative systems. It is essential to consider your destination country since the popularity and demand of certain providers can make a huge difference in revenue.

However, there are still a few market leaders that offer betting software around the globe:

Betting Line

The knowledge about the coefficients is not enough to offer punters enjoyable betting experience. Operators should also have an elaborated betting line to keep the activity rates on the platform high and still make a profit.

There are two main methods to integrate a betting line on the betting site:

  1. Rent existing coefficients from other companies who have a proficient team of analysts.
  2. Recruit your own specialist to develop the betting line from scratch and offer your punters unique wagering experience.

While the first option is cheaper, the second one shows the dedication to your own business and its clients.

Support Service

Online betting is a straightforward activity. However, some website visitors can have questions about the wagering process. Also, the most common issues on the betting website are about the legality of the platform, bonuses, the withdrawal process, and understanding the odds.

Professional team of experts should be responsive and patient to every client. This way people will understand how caring this particular website is and will continue wagering on it.


The bookmakers’ commercials are abundant online. But only the most creative and unusual ones attract punters to the bookmaker’s website. Cooperating with a superstar can be a way out, so you should spare no resources on promotion.

Usually, online betting websites spend up to 70% of their profits on advertising. It allows acquiring new players and offering a different promotion to the existing bettors. Smart Money offers knowledgeable marketing assistance to all operators. Order turnkey betting solution from our company and receive a professional setup of an advertising campaign.

The Main Things about Launching a Betting Business

Turnkey betting business

One of the most efficient ways to receive a fully-functioning betting website is to order a turnkey business solution from Smart Money. It includes a detailed exposure of the betting theory as well as the development of all organizational stages.

Eventually, the company’s experts will provide future operators with:

  • detailed theoretical background on comprehending the difference of fractional, decimal, and moneyline coefficients;
  • the understanding of peculiar wagering concepts such as handicaps, totals, specials, outrights, parlays, and other terminology;
  • the preparation of a betting line, the necessity of its elaboration, and different ways of obtaining it;
  • an extensive rundown on the organizational process that includes the website development, licensing intricacies, betting software purchase, recruitment of a support team, and the setup of advertising.

The development of a betting website becomes straightforward with the support of professionals. Smart Money has years of experience in configuring lucrative betting environments in different parts of the world.

Our cooperation with the world’s finest software suppliers (Novomatic, Playtech,, etc.) underlines the professionalism of the company’s experts. Order a turnkey betting solution at Smart Money and enjoy a lucrative bookmaker’s website for years to come.

Reach our customer support team with any convenient way:

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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