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  • Comfortable Start of a Casino from Scratch — A Compendious Guide from Smart Money

Comfortable Start of a Casino from Scratch — A Compendious Guide from Smart Money

Updated 11.11.2020

The rapid development of modern technologies influenced all aspects of people’s lives, including entertainment. Online gambling became a common way of spending quality time with a pleasant bonus of winning extra cash. This is where new operators perceive the profitability of the business and launch their internet casinos.

Smart Money has had a lot of operational experience in different countries around the world. Entrepreneurs of all levels of preparation resorted to our experts for top-quality help. The result was always the same — successful launch of an attractive online casino with subsequent support. Order the business solutions from Smart Money and become one of the leading entertainment providers in the chosen location.

Online Gambling License

Online gambling license

No official business representative can be truly successful without an official operational permit. A lot of offshore jurisdictions offer operational casino licenses with different conditions, requirements, and possibilities.

Smart Money gladly helps obtain a working permit that allows an operator to:

  • earn visitors’ trust and show how professional and caring an operator is;
  • start working and ordering the gaming content from popular software manufacturers;
  • integrate well-known payment gateways to make players’ depositing process easy and transparent;
  • become a world-renown brand after a few years of smooth operation;
  • create accounts in banks on a legal basis to show the clarity in tax correspondence.

Considering that some countries are only on the way to legalizing an online casino on their premises, there is a list of jurisdictions that a new operator should pay attention to. These states offer favourable conditions for operating as well as have a reasonable financial requirement.

The best offshore countries for new gambling entrepreneurs:

  1. The Isle of Man (registration period — 16+ weeks; licensing fee — $38,000).
  2. Malta (registration period — 24+ months; licensing fee — $18,000–$500,000).
  3. Kahnawake (registration period — 4+ months; licensing fee — $42,000).
  4. Gibraltar (registration period — 24+ weeks; licensing fee — $125,000).
  5. Curacao (registration period — 4+ weeks; licensing fee — $6,000).
  6. Costa Rica (registration period — 13+ weeks; licensing fee — $17,000).
  7. Alderney (registration period — 13+ weeks; licensing fee — $85,000).

Smart Money can provide invaluable assistance in registering an online gambling platform. Our legal advisors will analyze your desires and will help you receive an operating permit of the chosen jurisdiction. Order online casino licensing at Smart Money.

Providers of Gaming and Administrative Software

Gaming and administrative software

After the business is registered and no legal obstacles prevent an operator from hosting clients, the software purchase is the next step. A new casino entrepreneur should keep in mind the types of content suppliers since some of them can be more beneficial in a particular situation.

Content manufacturer


Best options on the market

Internet casino supplier

Developing studios that supply operators with the necessary gaming and administrative content

Amatic, Playtech, NetEnt

Ground casino suppliers

Developing studios whose main focus was brick-and-mortar gambling industry, but they started creating content for online venues

Novomatic, Aristocrat, IGT

Special content suppliers

The creators of live casino games and sweepstakes content that orient on the peculiarities of the local culture


The providers of administrative and gaming systems that are meant to make operators’ life easier and supply all necessary tools at once

Smart Money

High-quality software attracts more customers and increases income. It means that an operator should pay particular attention to the selection of proper gaming and administrative content. Request casino software systems at Smart Money to guarantee the highest levels of acquisition of your gambling platform.

Internet Betting Solutions

People all around the world enjoy wagering on different events. Some casinos understand how important it is for their clients, and offer them exciting betting possibilities. Primarily, those are sports contests and tournaments, but those can also be political elections, showbiz events, etc.

The essence of an online casino betting can be perceived with 3 main aspects:

  1. Up-to-date data. Punters must receive the latest information about the changes in the results. It means that an operator has to choose a reliable betting software provider that is capable of integrating reliable and fast-working APIs.
  2. Betting line. A complex system of coefficients should be elaborated for the efficient operation of an online bookmaker’s. It can either be rented from a bigger company or developed from scratch by the specialists.
  3. Events streaming. The purchase of the rights to live-broadcast the specific matches and tournaments shows the clients the dedication to their convenience.

Apart from these particular betting services, an online casino of this kind must also have a license to work legally on the territory of the chosen jurisdiction. So, if you are planning to engage in the creation of this type of platform, you can order a turnkey betting solution from Smart Money and rely on the professionalism of our experts.

Payments Processing

Payment methods: main features

A self-respected online casino must be able to pay out all winnings that players get. That is why it is essential to install the finest transaction systems, take care of bonuses, and set up a wise jackpot contribution method.

The choice of a payment gateway must be closely analyzed. Such systems must be of pleasant UX, secured, as well as stick to the governmental anti-money-laundering requirements. An operator must decide which payment method will be the most convenient for players. Those can be bank transfers, e-wallets, or the usage of Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Let us discuss the main features of each payment method in detail:


It is one of the most used internet payment methods for online casino visitors. It is convenient, requires minimum information, and has a huge number of configuring settings. In comparison to bank transactions, the commission fees are much smaller. The main representatives of this payment type are Payoneer, Skrill, Payeer, Paxum, etc.

Bank card

The biggest advantage of this method is the transparency of transactions. Moreover, the process is a multi-level procedure that includes the following stages:

  • a client who deposits money;
  • a receiver that provides gambling services for the funds;
  • transaction processor that deals with each transaction of the receiver;
  • card network that acts as hubs between a card and a bank account;
  • a bank that gets a certain commission for the process.


Crypto casinos deserve a separate article for an in-depth discussion. In brief, they work on Blockchain technology and utilize Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies as the payment for the gambling services.

All transactions with crypto are immediate, transparent, and have minimum commission implied.

Promotional Strategies

Promotional strategies: acquisition and retention

Finally, to ensure the profit from a gambling platform is stable, an operator must take care of its popularity. It can be achieved by utilizing different digital marketing strategies in various combinations, depending on the jurisdiction.

The development of an advertising campaign is usually focused on two methods of receiving profit from clients:


For an operator to acquire new clients, he has to convince them about the benefit of enjoying the entertainment on his platform. This way, people, who got interested in his services, register and become leads.

Eventually, they bring money to the platform and turn into FTD (first-time depositors). The most popular promotional methods that are used during the acquisition are SEO, affiliate marketing, targeted advertising, and SMM.


In this case, an operator needs to ensure that the existing clients enjoy the entertainment content and want to return. The aim here is to convince players to make frequent deposits and increase the playing time.

Usually, operators organize loyalty programs for this. The more the player spends, the more perks he receives. VIP programs are also an efficient method to increase retention for clients to feel specially treated. The list of services here can vary, but in most cases, operators offer private managers, access to unique tournaments, and special bonuses.

The professional marketing experts at Smart Money can set up an elaborated advertising campaign for your online casino with the consideration of your preferences. Our specialists pay attention to the efficiency of each method in the area of operation and focus on it to achieve maximum performance. Order professional advertising assistance from our studio to ensure your profit is high and stable.

The Main Things About Launching an Internet Casino

Organization of an internet casino

A beginning operator has everything necessary for the start of the lucrative gambling business. The Internet is full of various guides and explanations about the casino organizational process. The only thing that can improve the setup is experience.

Professional developers at Smart Money can take care of your online casino creation and take all responsibility of the organization, including:

  • the obligatory licensing process in one of the available jurisdictions with the consideration of an operator’s budget and legal requirements;
  • the development of the gaming and administrative content to ensure players are satisfied with the entertainment while casino managers find it easy to control the establishment;
  • the cooperation with the world’s famous software providers such as Amatic, Playtech, NetEnt, Novomatic, Aristocrat, IGT,, and many others;
  • the possibility to create an online bookmaker’s store with the necessary wagering instruments, streaming options, and a unique betting line;
  • the integration of the popular payment gateways either with fiat currency (e-wallets and bank cards) or crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.);
  • the elaboration of an efficient digital marketing strategy that is unique for your online gambling platform.

Smart Money works for the benefit of its clients. That is why the cooperation with our company is a direct way to a successful business future. Order gambling services or a turnkey casino solution at Smart Money and become a respectable internet gambling operator on the international market.

Reach our experts for any questions:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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