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  • Gamification — A Trendy Method in Online Casino Promotion Explained by Smart Money

Gamification — A Trendy Method in Online Casino Promotion Explained by Smart Money

Updated 30.10.2020

Gamification is a new and efficient type of advertising that is utilized to increase the acquisition rates of the project. The main object of this promotional method is an online game. Developers analyze popular entertainment content and try to understand what mechanics would benefit the business project. For the complete success of this method, the operator needs to prepare for the possible scenarios as well as consider the demands of the target audience.

Smart Money has been implementing this promotional method for a few years. Dozens of online casinos received a strong boost to their client databases thanks to gamification. No wonder this service is so popular among the owners of internet gambling establishments. Smart Money offers you a unique possibility to join the list of successful platforms and order a turnkey business solution with a gamification promotional method included.

Examples of Gamification in Business

Gamification in business: examples

Applying principles of games to real projects is a unique idea. It relies on people’s innate feeling to beat the system and win. But the result is not what matters the most. The gaming process itself is an important aspect of gamification that has been repeatedly implemented in several ideas.

For example, IKEA’s markets decided to apply the principles of gamification to the layout of their stores. They gave their visitors the feeling of progression, meaning a simple walk around the store is no longer a straightforward desire to find the necessary object.

All their aisles are no longer than 15 meters long. It resembles a level in an RPG game. At the end of each aisle, a visitor has to make a turn to “the next level” with new content.

People are always excited to see the change in the environment. Moreover, each IKEA market is full of “hidden” paths (surely, they are meant to be found to warm up visitors’ interest). Such an easy transformation of a store layout boosted the attendance levels all across the network, proving the efficiency of gamification principle.

Implementation of Gamification in Online Gambling

The internet gaming industry is a perfect environment for introducing the gamification type of promotion. The essence of the sphere is entertainment content. So, implementing even more gaming background here is only going to boost the industry.

The main representations of gamification in online gambling:

  1. Loyalty programs. Operators try to turn the gambling process into a game even before playing slots, roulette, or anything else on the website. This type of promotion implies creating a point system with different prizes for players’ longevity on the website. The more time a punter spends and participates in different gambling activities, the higher the level he becomes. As a result, he is rewarded with special bonuses, gift cards, and presents just for playing.
  2. Leaderboards and tournaments. Gamification principle implies competitiveness. It is one thing to spin the slot just for fun. However, trying to get the highest score among other punters is a completely different feeling. Such a correspondence competition makes some casino visitors spend more and more. The result is obvious — operators gift winners with bonus spins, in-game credits, or free participation in further tournaments.
  3. Missions and tasks. The gamification promotion is easy to implement since there is no limit to creativity. Some online gambling operators came up with an idea to offer punters various tasks while they play. Those can be simple (reach a certain score in a slot game) or hard (win a tournament in a blackjack). Successful completion of these tasks guarantees players bonuses from the online casino, while the establishment gets satisfied players that want to return and get more missions.

Main Mistakes during Gamification Development

Gamification development: main mistakes

Modern digital promotion of online casinos has to be elaborated with the consideration of the players’ demands. Unfortunately, new operators simply lack the necessary experience to come up with an immaculate gamification plan. The existing examples can work for one region and fail for another.

Successful creation of a gamification scenario includes:

  • a thorough analysis of the targeted location;
  • a collection of the necessary data about the prevalent players;
  • a distinction of particular goals of the gamification scenario;
  • software development process;
  • forecasting possible attitude to the offered method from punters;
  • regular updates for boosting the performance.

At the same time, the lack of knowledgeable support in the development of a viable gamification scenario can cause troubles and, eventually, ruin the entire promotional strategy. Smart Money offers you to take a look at the list of most commonly made mistakes and their possible solutions.




Victory as an ultimate goal

Some beginning operators tend to focus on the remuneration for players and reckon this is what brings the most satisfaction

The process is much more important since it motivates punters and allows them to get absorbed into the play

Complicated mechanics

Overwhelming tasks and complicated levels discourage visitors to continue playing longer

Operators have to eradicate difficult mechanics and make rules simpler for players to achieve better results and create a feeling of progression

Wrong interface focus

Outdated visual effects or a missing point of the audience’s preferences discourage players from dealing with the offered interface

Every operator should consider the type of players that attend the platform and adjust the interface according to the participants of the process

Bad remuneration system

Inexperienced operators do not create the levels of rewards, granting similar prizes to the winners who spend a lot of efforts getting the first places and those whose tasks were less complicated

The distribution of prizes should correspond to the difficulty of the tasks or tournaments completed by a player to encourage them attending the online casino for more achievements

The understanding of gamification principles allows operators to utilize this promotional method in increasing acquisition levels. Since it is a new approach, online casino managers tend to make mistakes. Smart Money offers you specialists’ assistance to ensure the gamification is developed correctly. Order a turnkey casino solution at our company and stand out from the crowd with your unique advertising approach.

The Main Things about Gamification in Online Gambling

Gamification in online gambling: core aspects

A close rivalry for the audience between internet casinos makes operators come up with new advertising principles. Gamification was a very timely addition to the promotional campaigns for a lot of platform managers. It increased performance, helped acquire new clients, and retain the existing players.

Smart Money is always eager to provide top-quality assistance in developing a lucrative gambling environment. Our marketers are aware of the latest changes in the efficiency of different advertising methods and implement them in all projects they are working on.

The core aspects of the latest gamification promotion for online casinos include:

  • the application of gaming principles in real business projects to spice up a user’s interest;
  • the usage of loyalty programs, leaderboards, tournaments, different missions and tasks in building an efficient gamification scenario for an online casino;
  • a diversification of players’ gambling activity to make the gaming process more important than the result;
  • the preparation to a successful gamification scenario with the analysis of the target audience, collection of the necessary data, a distinction of particular goals, software development, forecasting possible attitude, and regular updates;
  • the eradication of main mistakes during the gamification setup (placing victory as an ultimate goal, creating complicated mechanics, making wrong interface focus, and developing a bad remuneration system).

Online gambling is the type of entertainment that always needs the best promotional methods. Gamification became a perfect addition to the existing possibilities of digital advertising. Smart Money was among the first to start utilizing it for our online casino operators. Several years of improvement helped us make a great leap in the performance and complete understanding of gamification principles.

Order a turnkey business solution from Smart Money and receive professional marketing support alongside the development of an entire gambling platform.

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Hans Adrian

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