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  • How to Buy an Internet Casino: a Bit by Bit Instruction

How to Buy an Internet Casino: a Bit by Bit Instruction

1. How to Create an Online Casino: Top 10 Tips From Professionals

2. Create Internet Casino: What You Need to Know About Software

3. How Online Casino Games Should Look Like?

4. What do You Need to Know About the Gaming License

5. CASEXE: a Virtual Casino With the New Features

The gambling business is prohibited in many countries, but online casinos can work everywhere through the Internet, because for this kind of activity you do not need to open land-based clubs, to buy furniture, equipment, and most importantly, an online gambling establishment can operate legally if it has a special gambling license. In addition, it is not difficult to buy internet casino together with software and payment systems.

Among other things, the gambling business brings good profit to its owners, so many entrepreneurs today want to create an online casino. Experts believe that the best option is to create internet casino on a turnkey basis. This offer includes absolutely all stages, from the development of casino software to the assistance in promoting a new gambling establishment. This service is provided to operators by a well-known provider of gambling software and other products for casinos – the CASEXE company.

It is possible to buy internet casino made by CASEXE from the brand Smart Money, which will also help you to create an online casino without a solid investment.

buy internet casino for gambling business

How to Create an Online Casino: Top 10 Tips From Professionals

According to the research, it is not so simple to create internet casino by yourself: it is necessary to know a lot of details, especially in the process of obtaining a gambling license.

As for the list of step-by-step actions, here it is:

  1. A gambling market research and a search for the future competitors. Monitoring the market will help you to find out which companies are most popular and why. Perhaps you should pay attention to their activities and borrow something useful from them.
  2. Study the gambling law. Today, the gambling legislation is a hot-button topic between the industry participants and lawmakers as well, however, now we can see no improvement in this sphere. It seems that until the legalization of gambling is still far away, but still you should know all the details of the gambling law.
  3. Choose a provider. Is it necessary to contact companies that have only recently appeared on the market? You need to understand that you should not do that: a new online casino is better to be entrusted to an experienced developer who knows all the nuances of gambling software. It is necessary to find out how long has he been working at the market, what products are in his portfolio and how other online casinos think of him.
  4. Purchase of software. Online casino software must have the highest quality, since the whole project depends on it, and therefore, when concluding a contract and accepting services you need to check everything, even the smallest detail.
  5. Invent a company name. Experts agree that the company name should be meaningful, easily pronounced and pleasant to hear. And the most importantly: of the name is positive, it will be a good start for a new business.
  6. Choose and register a domain name. It should be in tune with the company name and contain a small number of letters. It needs to be memorable, because players must not have problems with remembering the name of the website.
  7. Acquire a gambling license. It is not a very easy step: you will need to send a package of documents that consists of various certificates to offshore jurisdictions. Experts recommend businessmen to address this issue to software providers – they definitely know how to do everything correctly.
  8. Hire experienced professionals and create a gambling website. It is strongly recommended not to contact designers and programmers-novices, because they can probably mess a business, and in this case you will have to start everything from the beginning.
  9. Determine the servers on which the information will be kept. Databases are a very valuable, so it should be completely safe. Typically, providers offer their servers, which are not subject to viruses and hacking.
  10. Integrate payment systems into the online casino website. Payment services must be widely known, and usually the software developer offers the most popular payment systems, so that players can conduct financial transactions without any problems.

All these points are understandable and feasible, but some of them require closer attention because of their importance, so we will dwell on this issue in more detail. This information will be very useful for anyone who is planning to create an online casino.

create a casino

Create Internet Casino: What You Need to Know About Software

Software is the basis of the gambling establishment, and other components are the website and payment systems. Software is responsible for all processes that take place in the casino: the registration of players on the resource, the work of games – absolutely for everything.

  • Online casino software should be very qualitative and perform their functions flawlessly.
  • Functional characteristics of the casino must correspond to its purpose – their work should not cause the appearance of any questions from operators and players.
  • Software should not slow down the casino due to a cumbersome design or something else: let everything open quickly, and be sure that games are loaded instantly.

How Online Casino Games Should Look Like?

Classical games were always in great demand among players. There is a belief that new games are more difficult to play, because users need firstly to understand them, and this requires more time. Therefore, developers try to create new products with traditional functionality, adding only 1-2 new elements. Let us mention the main characteristics of games, which will be useful when you will decide to create an online casino:

  • wide range of online slots, so that each player can find he needs without having an idea to visit other gambling websites;
  • slot machines must be implemented by providers who have an unblemished reputation and a wide portfolio;
  • variety of games: several types of poker, roulettes, table games and, of course, slot machines;
  • high RTP in video slots, and this point should be discussed with your provider;
  • guaranteed professional technical support, which will be ready to give advice to players at any time of the day or night.
  • good, qualitative and exciting games from well-known providers will promote your online casino.

casino website, image 1 Online casino, image 2 Casino games Internet casino, image 3  

Gambling website, image 4 

What do You Need to Know About the Gaming License

If you want to create internet casino, you will certainly need to obtain a gambling license, otherwise your activity will be considered illegal. Today the best way to acquire a legal status is to receive licenses in offshore jurisdictions. It is worth noting that you will have to pay both for the license itself and for the application processing.

Absolutely all jurisdictions require a potential licensee to have an impressive package of documents:

  • copies of a certificate of a sole proprietor or LLC (a legal entity);
  • scans of passports of all employees of the casino;
  • evidence of the actual existence of the company and its office (for example, payment for utility services);
  • notarized certificates from banks on the availability of money on the company's accounts;
  • detailed business plan with the description of all activities of the gambling establishment, expected income and expenses;
  • description of the functionality of all online casino games.

Despite these documents, you may need some additional references – for example, a proof that one of the company’s founders is a resident of the country in which the jurisdiction operates.

By the way, before you create an online casino and buy a license, it is necessary to find out about the licensor's requirements, because after you receive the certificate, you will be obliged to obey the laws of this government.

CASEXE offers to buy internet casino along with the services of the development of casino software. Professionals will do the job: they will develop gambling software, create a casino website, provide hosting services, integrate games, install payment systems and provide technical support.

Experts recommend businessmen to buy internet casino made by CASEXE from the company Smart Money, where you will also be provided with consulting and management services.

CASEXE: a Virtual Casino With the New Features

The most famous developer of online casino software – the company CASEXE – has again surprised his partners by offering them a new service – the creation of a casino with a virtual reality. In order to create an online casino of this level, the management team of the brand needed to organize a special group of highly qualified professionals, as well as to develop its own unique technical base.

The new service provides for the creation of a virtual online casino, and requirements and wishes of all clients will be reliably fulfilled.

The decision to provide such a service was made by CASEXE experts after a detailed study of the gambling market, as a result of which they came to a conclusion that today it has an empty niche – a virtual casino.

Thanks to this product partners of the company will be able to develop their business in a new format (VR-casino), while increasing the number of visitors of their gambling establishments and income as well.

About virtual reality

Such concept as "virtual reality" has appeared thanks to high technologies and has found its place in this business. Virtual games and various Internet projects allow people to "plunge" into other worlds and feel themselves like they are participants of various events and fantasies.


On the basis of VR technologies programmers create interesting solutions that attract users and, as a result, bring high profit to casino owners. Virtual reality has become a fashionable and popular brand, and it has long ago become clear that it has a great future.

VR-games are filled with attractive colorful objects or events that can be seen "with your own eyes" with the help of special glasses Oculus Rift and helmets. The glasses are equipped with attachment lenses, which refract the angle of view and create in 5D-format a feeling that everything around players is real.

Unique features of this software allow the creation of a virtual gambling with many interesting characters and items that can even be touched (thanks to special gloves).

Gloves for virtual gambling, image

CASEXE was one of the first companies which have decided to use virtual reality in casinos, and its new service is a progressive and effective way to develop gambling activities.
A virtual online casino has become exactly that kind of a product that will enable owners of gambling establishments to outperforn their competitors.

The development of a VR casino

  • Creation of a VR-casino in individual versions.
  • Development of a tool with many functions that will help to display games on VR-gadgets.
  • Cross functional software for integration into existing gambling resources, as well as into new VR-casinos.
  • Reliable and secure product for the creation of a virtual online casino.
  • Convenient and flexible business arrangements for a particular partner.

Any owner of the gambling business can order or buy internet casino with virtual reality from the company SmartMoney.


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