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Win-Win Business or How to Buy a Licensed Online Casino

Updated 30.04.2020

The gambling industry is one of the most promising types of entrepreneurial activity. A certified iGaming platform is an excellent source of income that allows operators not only to quickly recoup their investment but also to enter the international market with a huge turnover.

Online casino: licensed start-up launch

According to statistics, by the end of 2018, the total industry volume exceeded $49 billion. At the same time, growth opportunities have not yet been exhausted. Experts believe that by 2023, the market turnover will reach $100 billion.

Online gambling platforms are much more profitable than their land-based analogues. At the same time, the items of expenditure for launching your internet business remain much less.

Employees of the Smart Money studio have collected relevant data on the development of the industry and ways to implement start-up projects. We will tell you:

  • why an online project is more profitable than an offline one;
  • how the independent launch of the gaming portal takes place;
  • why it is necessary to obtain a gambling licence;
  • where to buy a certified online casino.

Our specialists are guaranteed to find an individual approach to each client. You will receive professional advice, a large selection of high-quality solutions, and very attractive terms of cooperation.

Online Casino: Benefits of the Virtual Market

The development of innovative technologies has created a completely new space for commercial activity. Today, there is rapid growth in all types of virtual business environments, and the gambling industry is no exception.

Over the past 2 years, land-based casinos have significantly lost their positions, giving way to radically new forms of entertainment. The undeniable advantages of modern iGaming resources:

Profitability of the Industry

The France Press independent analytical agency announced a significant increase in investment in the mobile market and an overall growth of more than 28% in the virtual gambling niche in the last year alone. Already in 2017, the volume of the internet segment was comparable to the income of all land-based platforms in Europe, and this is just the beginning.


Another of the many advantages of casino sites is the complete absence of constraining factors (geography and time). Access to games for money is open to any owner of a desktop computer or mobile gadget with access to the Internet.

Minimum Operating Costs

If we compare an online project with a land-based gambling establishment, the former attracts a much lower level of funding. Launching an offline casino may not pay off even after a few years. The expense item includes such aspects as rental of premises, depreciation of gaming products, purchase of equipment, design of the space, hiring of staff, and much more.

To launch an online casino, you only need a high-quality platform, reliable software, and a well-thought-out marketing strategy. Moreover, it is always possible to delegate all tasks to an intermediary company. At the same time, the payback of the project is an order of magnitude higher — with the right approach, all expenses are paid off within 4–6 months after the launch of the business.

Excellent Analytics and High Promotion Speed

In the case of an offline casino, marketing is always expensive and often ineffective. The main problem is the strict legal norms and prohibitions on the provision of entertainment for real money in most countries.

To promote a virtual start-up, entrepreneurs can use a wide variety of tools that have already proven their effectiveness. For example, a well-organised e-mail campaign can increase the level of repeat sales by 36% and attract up to 18% of new clients to the casino. And this is just one of the possible advertising options.

Free Solutions

A licensed iGaming platform can offer its customers a unique service — free training in popular games (poker, roulette, blackjack) and other entertainment without the need to place bets. As for land-based establishments, the concept of a “demo mode” simply does not exist.

Diversification of Services

If visitors to offline locations have access to a standard set of products, then users of gaming sites can discover something new every time. It can be slot machines with unusual plots, solutions with live dealers, or interactive sports betting.

Cross-Platform Environment

The adaptation of land-based establishments to the needs of the audience is too slow but virtual resources always win in this regard. A modern online casino means guaranteed availability and compatibility with any operating system (for example, Android or iOS).

Game with No Dress Code

Visiting most offline gambling clubs requires an austere exterior. Virtual platforms have eliminated the very concept of a dress code — players may not worry about the need to look respectable.


Land-based locations typically accept no more than 2 types of currencies. Online resources can offer their customers the widest variety of options for making deposits and withdrawing funds. In the modern market, there are platforms with the most common international payment services. Besides, casinos that accept cryptocurrency are gaining popularity today (about 28% of the total number of existing casinos).

Round-the-Clock Support

In virtual establishments, the main emphasis is placed on communication with users. The presence of a support service makes the gameplay safer and more comfortable.

Land-based locations are not able to offer visitors a similar level of service.

How to Launch a Legal Casino: Gambling Permit

Legal online casino: licensing

Any business area requires the acquisition of specialised licences and obtaining the necessary legal status. The gambling industry is no exception. On the contrary, in this area, the certification norms are much stricter and in some ways similar to the requirements for banking institutions.

In many countries, it is impossible to obtain a permit for launching a gaming site. Today, no more than 80 states provide such services. Among the most respected and trusted jurisdictions, we can name:

Each of the jurisdictions puts forward some mandatory requirements for the applicants. For example, to obtain a gambling licence, it is necessary to provide a certificate of good conduct (especially in the economic sphere), confirm work experience in managerial positions, and open a current account on the territory of the country that issued a permit.

Besides, the authorised body may require that the legal condition of the brand is formalised only in a particular jurisdiction and one of the founders has the status of an offshore zone resident.

The basic set of documents for the legalisation of a casino business:

  • an application for the acquisition of a licence;
  • identification documents of the applicant and all interested persons;
  • company registration certificate;
  • copies of the charter, protocols of meetings, and a decision on the naming of the organisation;
  • documentation that confirms the availability of an office;
  • bank statements with information on the current account and whether the applicant has an insured amount.

Depending on the requirements of the authorised bodies, the package of documents can be supplemented. As a rule, all papers are submitted in multiple copies in English and the local language.

It can take from 3 weeks to 4–6 months to process the operator’s request.

How Much a Gambling Licence Costs

This item of expenditure starts from the mark of $10–12 thousand. As a rule, for a minimum amount of money, entrepreneurs receive a limited set of options. Very often, offshore companies offer intermediary services to foreign applicants. Third-party companies independently prepare documents, search for full-time employees, register a legal address, and deal with other issues. In this case, the price increases significantly and can reach $50–60 thousand.

Moreover, do not forget about the need for annual licence renewal. The cost of this service can vary from $1–30 thousand (depending on the chosen jurisdiction and the operator’s field of activity).

The income tax is charged as well. In offshore zones, these are minimum values ranging from 0.1 to 10% of the casino's annual revenue.

Ways to Launch a Gambling Start-up

To implement this kind of project, there are several options:

Work from Scratch

This is the most energy-intensive and costly solution that requires the following actions:

  • drafting a business plan;
  • registration of legal status;
  • acquisition of permits;
  • purchase of software products;
  • integration of payment services;
  • creation of a site and purchase of a domain name;
  • marketing program.

Each of the items requires specific knowledge and significant financial investment. The independent development of the project will cost several hundred thousand dollars (for example, the licensed software alone is about $70,000).

White Label Program

This is a partner cooperation scheme that assumes complete dependence on the parent company. In fact, entrepreneurs receive at their disposal a ready-made product with a fixed set of components and give a percentage of the income to the supplier. In this case, entrepreneurs cannot change the set of solutions without consulting their partner.

Casino Script

At first glance, this is the most profitable option. However, the cheapness of raw code is the only advantage. By buying a script, operators act at their peril. The desire to save money can turn into a whole bunch of problems — from the need to modify the system to difficulties with concluding agreements with content providers and the complete failure of the entire project.

Projects on a Turnkey Basis

Turning to intermediary companies, business owners get at their disposal a full-fledged product that can be immediately launched.

As a rule, the set of basic services includes the following options:

  • a gambling platform that provides the functionality of the resource;
  • a large selection of software (the Smart Money catalogue contains games from the largest international concerns, such as Playtech, Novomatic, Microgaming, and NetEnt);
  • development of a site or optimisation of an already existing portal to fit the needs of an entertainment resource;
  • connection of payment services;
  • the organisation of the work of technical support;
  • creation of an administrative interface with a set of analytical systems.

Additional solutions may be also included in the list of the above-mentioned services.

The Main Things about the Advantages of Buying a Certified Online Casino

Turnkey online casino: advantages

A turnkey web platform with a licence issued by a foreign jurisdiction is a great chance to demonstrate the brand image. It opens up completely new horizons for development and a rise in profits.

Key benefits of such an option:

  1. Cooperation with a reliable partner. The decision to independently launch a start-up does not give any guarantees. By entrusting the work to professionals, you will get a competent partner who is going to act as a guarantor of quality and success.
  2. Resource-saving. The provider of services uses proven processes and cost-effective solutions. As a result, clients can count on the minimum initial investment and a high speed of performing tasks.
  3. Wide functionality. The Smart Money studio offers an excellent set of administration tools that allow businessmen to customise the site management system according to their preferences. This feature is not available when working with affiliate programs (project administration remains under the control of a parent company).
  4. Ability to upgrade the gambling platform. Operators can change the gaming content at any time, launch another site, or add new financial gateways.
  5. Full support for the project. Our specialists will take care of the organisation of the casino’s technical support and solve any legal issues: registration of licensing documentation, signing agreements with providers, the connection of affiliate programs, resolution of disputes, and much more.

You can get acquainted with a set of ready-made solutions, buy an online casino with a licence, rent entertainment products, or order the creation of an exclusive project.

The range of solutions includes proven multi-currency payment services, programs for mobile platforms, exchange terminals, casino software with the live broadcast option, and much more. There are products for organising bingo halls and hardware for equipping land-based locations.

We work with the most reliable suppliers and guarantee the quality of the provided products and services.

To order a turnkey licensed casino and establish a successful business, feel free to contact Smart Money managers.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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