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What You Need to Launch an Online Casino or a Betting Site: Expert Advice

Updated 30.04.2020

To become the owner of a gambling platform or a bookmaker’s office on the Internet, it is necessary to create a suitable site and legalise a business properly.

Online casinos and betting sites

It all sounds quite simple but, in practice, the process of developing a new web gambling project is a long road with many obstacles. For a digital establishment, a site is not only a business card but also an office, an accounting program, and a showroom. This is where users place bids, withdraw winnings, send requests, and talk to the representatives of the support service.

Let us consider how to create a gaming or betting site that will let you get in the black and start making consistent profits.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Gambling Platform

Here is an algorithm of actions needed to open a successful project:

  1. Drafting a detailed development plan. This is the main condition for the establishment of any business. Plan your actions for the period of the low season or the frequent and large winnings by the players. This will help operators understand whether there is enough capital to bring their ideas to life and pay off the entire scheme. In addition to the costs of the actual site development, a considerable amount of money will be spent on marketing and the work of the support service.
  2. Choosing the name of the casino/betting shop and a domain. It is recommended to use words or abbreviations in English when selecting the company’s name (respectively, the address of the portal). The topic should be related to winnings, prizes, money, etc. Thanks to this approach, gamblers from any country in the world will easily remember the address of your page and be able to visit it from different devices.
  3. Purchase of hosting. It may take some time to find a good provider. In many jurisdictions, this is prohibited by local laws, so we recommend that entrepreneurs turn to hosters in offshore countries with a loyal attitude towards gambling.
  4. The choice of the filling of the site (that is, reliable software for operating activities of a casino or a sportsbook platform).
  5. Company registration. Any gambling business needs to be licensed and registered with the local authorities of the jurisdiction in which you are planning to work. For beginning entrepreneurs, the franchise option is more suitable. It does not involve the independent acquisition of a licence. But even in this case, it is necessary to register as a taxpayer.
  6. Assembly of the entire project: layout, installation/configuration of software, checks before the launch, and implementation of support service.
  7. Advertising promotion. With the creation of the site, the path to the establishment of business does not end but only begins. Casino visitors can become players, and then regular customers, only if they see ads. Successful SEO promotion is also very helpful. It is better to entrust this work to professionals.

According to experienced entrepreneurs, it is impossible to launch a profitable bookmaker’s office or online casino without high-quality software. At the same time, it is important not to trust the scripts found on the Internet. You will never fully know what exactly the developers put into it.

We believe that it is worth spending more money on good software from the industry leaders at the beginning and not having problems with payments, bonuses, installation of games, and connection of new types of sports events.

3 Good Reasons to Choose High-Quality Software

Online casino software: nuances

It is vital to work with reliable programs due to the following nuances:

  1. The solution guards the personal data of players and employees of the casino/betting shop, so it must provide a high level of security from external hacker attacks and even from internal attempts made by users and unscrupulous employees who are trying to trick the system.
  2. Only licensed software can provide the proper protection for all payments in different currencies, including Bitcoin transfers.
  3. A program provided by a well-known vendor allows the gaming site to work stably, without any failures, so operators can accept an unlimited quantity of bets.

It is possible to order such software from the official representative of the developer. The specificity of the market lies in the fact that vendors often do not promote their products, so you first need to find a reliable partner who has a suitable product range. We recommend that you contact Smart Money on this issue.

In addition to the creation of a gaming site, it is necessary to have to go through 3 more key stages that are very important for the launch of a successful project:

  • choose a platform, games, and other related programs to manage a casino or a sportsbook solution;
  • resolve all legal issues;
  • organise the work of a support service.

There is plenty of work to do. The development of a site, licensing, selection of slot games, and choice of specification for a bookmaker require a lot of time, money, and nerves. Logically, many operators are looking for alternative options.

How to Become the Owner of a Lucrative Platform

There are 2 ways to buy a ready-made project, regardless of whether you want to open a betting shop or a web casino:

  1. Order a project under the White Label scheme.
  2. Choose a comprehensive business establishment.

White Label is a ready-made template of a project, under which the new owner chooses a name, orders a design and a logo, and completes it with some unique details. The key advantage of this option is that the platform is ready for launch for 99% (the package already contains all the necessary programs, gaming solutions, and payment methods).

If you do not have the skills to create a platform or do not want to spend time going through many difficulties related to the establishment of a business, then the decision to buy a White Label product is the best way to become the owner of a successful project.

However, this method has several weaknesses. Thus, your site will remain a template, which is similar to many other virtual casinos or betting shops. This issue is resolved by the creation of a good design, so do not forget to spend more time “polishing” it. Another controversial point related to the White Label scheme is that any new features and ideas will need to be additionally bought from the developers.

The Main Things about Launching Betting and Gaming Platforms

Turnkey gambling business: key notions

If you have a clear vision of what the project should look like, then it is better to order the creation of a casino or a sportsbook according to individual requirements from Smart Money experts. Such a solution allows operators to get a unique, attractive, and promising gambling site that can be easily turned into a large-scale and profitable project.

By ordering a turnkey entertainment platform from us, you receive:

  • a unique site with an attractive design;
  • all the necessary software, including games, security systems, financial modules, and much more;
  • licensing assistance for legal work;
  • connection to a support service that consists of professional staff;
  • advice from experienced specialists who will help you build a promotion strategy and resolve legal issues.

This way is much faster than an independent launch or shifting some tasks upon the shoulders of contractors. Weigh all the pros and cons, and you will see that this is the most advantageous solution.

Contact Smart Money’s managers to receive more information and order turnkey projects, gambling software, security modules, and other useful products.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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