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What is Needed to Start an Online Bitcoin Casino? The Smart Money Expert Answers

Updated 29.04.2020

The time cryptocurrency needed to become a demanded payment method around the world is awe-inspiring. Moreover, it has penetrated into almost all business spheres, including online gambling. Resourceful operators just couldn’t resist benefiting from this innovative way of charging. Therefore, new technologies were invented to allow players to use their Bitcoin and other cryptos as a payment method.

Online bitcoin casino is a profitable investment

Such companies as Smart Money were quick at implementing brand-new services of helping the inexperienced operators to integrate the trendy feature into their online gambling platforms. So, let’s see how beneficial Bitcoin casino may be.

How to Launch Your Own Online Bitcoin Casino?

In comparison to a conventional online gambling platform, Bitcoin is particularly valued for the lack of the necessity to get an official license. This is all because this cryptocurrency doesn’t use any bank accounts to transfer the amounts. The exclusive technology requires only the identified e-wallets to send “money” from one to another. As a result, operators save a lot on registration while players receive a secured system that doesn’t track their transactions.

At the same time, there is a slight issue. Even though Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency, not all people may be acquainted with it. As a result, you may use it as an additional payment method to let your players choose a convenient way to deposit and withdraw money. People value when you give them options, so you will have an expended target audience that uses both conventional currency and crypto for transferring purposes. So, keep in mind what you might also need to establish a profitable online casino.

Business Plan

You probably don’t want to fail unexpectedly by merely forgetting to prepare to a certain stage. That is why your Bitcoin casino plan must be thoroughly elaborated to make sure you’ve considered everything in advance. Don’t neglect including your initial budget data, estimated expenses, partners’ investments, as well as your probable income. It will also serve as an obligatory document when you apply for a license at a chosen Gaming Commission.


As we have already mentioned, this step is vital if you plan to include cryptocurrency as one of the payment methods but not a single one. Here, you must choose a proper jurisdiction that will correspond to your requirements. Since not all countries provide licensing services, you will have to select from the available options:

  • Curacao
  • Belize
  • Gibraltar
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Costa Rica
  • Malta

These are the most popular jurisdictions that offer convenient services for new operators. Before you start a registration procedure, you may need to contact the local authorities to find out what documents you will need to apply for a license.

Website Design

Apart from standard platform development, you will need to inform the programmers that you shape up a Bitcoin casino so that they will add the necessary tools and install all the required systems for the convenient operation.

A unique website theme is also an obligatory point if you want to attract as many clients as possible. It must be a relevant topic that people are hyped about. At the same time, it should have a convenient interface and easy-to-operate administrative panel.

Software Purchase

Online casino software

Since your players will use cryptocurrency to play on your platform, you will need appropriate software to support this demand. For this, you must find a reliable manufacturer that would satisfy your need for Bitcoin deposits. Such software vendor must be:

  • certified with a number of quality documents to prove its credibility to you and other clients;
  • responsive to provide you with the entire list of services and products, also including the innovative, entertaining content to impress your clients;
  • well-respected among other companies on the market with tons of positive reviews from the former clients.

These features will help you distinguish trustworthy providers and start cooperating with them.


Since your online casino uses Bitcoin, it may be a great advertising feature to use to attract new clients. Don’t neglect displaying this and other peculiarities of your platform on your website’s main page to show what the players receive once they join your casino.

Among the popularizing methods, you will also need the most efficient yet legal ways to promote your platform. Try spreading the information about your website with the following tools:

  • SMM;
  • SEO;
  • affiliate programs;
  • personal blog;
  • YouTube content.

How Can You Receive Help in Setting up an Online Bitcoin Casino?

Of course, it may be quite challenging to deal with everything by yourself. Your business experience may be not enough to complete all the stages as you want. That is why you might need some extra help from such professionals as Smart Money. The team of specialists has extensive experience in shaping up all kinds of platforms, including Bitcoin-oriented ones. Just contact our responsive support team, and we will briefly explain to you the peculiarities of our cooperation. 

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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