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Turnkey Casino: the Development and Launch of the Project


The turnkey online casino development requires relatively small investments compared to the personal creation of a gambling project. Operators receive a profitable business, the support of a contractor during the launch of a startup and its promotion. Despite the serious competition in the online gambling industry, there will be no problems with traffic for the website because thanks to the rapid development of innovative technologies, different types of entertainment are becoming more affordable, and the number of fans of gambling is only growing.

Turnkey online casino

Creation of turnkey online casino is a service package that includes a whole range of interconnected products and solutions for the successful launch of an online casino website. Reliable developers provide ready-made gaming sites, the built-in fully-functional platform, payment modules, and the best affiliate programs. Lawyers of the company deal with the resolution of all issues related to the legalisation of the turnkey online casino business. The tasks of operators are just to pay for the services of specialists on time and provide personal control over the turnkey casino business.

How to Start a Gambling Business: the Preparatory Stage

Shrewd planning is the key to success in any activity.

At the preparatory stage, before you launch an online casino, the following issues should be resolved:

  • The legalisation of a project. There are gambling clubs that operate without a license, and it is a fact. However, such activity is potentially dangerous because the regulatory bodies can at any time close the resource and penalise the owner. Among the reasonable solutions, we can name the registration of a license in one of the offshore countries, personal development of a turnkey online casino or the launch of a business under the White Label scheme.
  • Marketing planning. It is necessary to premeditate the strategy of promotion of your project on the market. You need to start with analysing competitors and choosing the right marketing tools. Beginning entrepreneurs will have to make an effort to succeed so it is better to entrust the task of attracting users to professionals.
  • Software. To get traffic for the website, operators must install the best games and reliable payment modules and take care of the convenience of users. It means that it is necessary to carefully select the casino software. It is irrelevant to save money on programs and content because a project with an unreliable control system and unpopular entertainment will definitely make your project unsuccessful. The good news is that in Smart Money, you can order free software demo versions and test them on your own website.

Financial capabilities are not unlimited, so you should plan the size of expenses at least a year in advance. If experienced operators are up to speed on the cost of launching gambling projects, then beginning entrepreneurs may have serious problems. The best solution for them will be turnkey online casino development. Also, it may be useful to order additional services (planning and implementation of a marketing strategy, technical and legal support) from a reliable contractor.

Creation of a Turnkey Online Casino and the Launching Time for a Project

Turnkey online casino development

The launch of an online gambling club can take from a couple of days to several months. It all depends on which way the operators will choose. The independent work on a project can take years. If the White Label program is chosen, then the business will be ready, and only a few days or weeks will be required for preparation and legalisation of documentation. But there is a nuance: entrepreneurs will have to accept the hard terms of the parent company and large commissions.

An alternative is the personal development of a turnkey casino. A service package will cost more than if you launch a resource according to the White Label scheme and will take more time but businessmen will not have to think about the size of commissions and follow the rules imposed by the parent company. Operators can select the best marketing strategies, install any content, and promote their own brands.

A Turnkey Casino with Such an Option as Acceptance of Bitcoins

When you are dealing with the development of a gambling project, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the popularity of cryptocurrency is growing rapidly. The bitcoin payment system has many advantages compared to traditional forms of payment: it is reliable, secure, and it guarantees instant transfer of funds.

Operators should connect the option of accepting bitcoins since the number of people who prefer to play in crypto casinos increases every year. The best solution, in this case, is to launch a hybrid project that can accept all popular types of currencies.

Marketing Strategy is the Key to Success

The convenience of a website, a design, the game content, and the reliability of payment systems ― all this is very important but you cannot do without a competent promotion of an online project. Today, the competition in the gambling sphere is severe, and it is not easy to find and occupy your own business niche. In order to do it, an online casino should position itself as an original project, unlike other resources.

Operators should turn to the experienced marketers who will be able to deal with the creation of a selling proposition for a new brand and analyse the target audience. Experts from Smart Money will offer you the optimal strategy for the development and promotion of your casino and create an effective campaign to attract and retain customers.

Development of the Turnkey Online Casino Business: How to Order the Service

The independent creation of an online casino is a long and labour-intensive process but operators do not have to solve the problems associated with the development of the gaming site, the paperwork, and the promotion of their project. All this can be entrusted to a reliable contractor ― Smart Money. Employees of the company offer a turnkey casino and deal with its promotion, legalisation of business, and maintenance of the website.

Contact us to get a detailed consultation and order the creation of a turnkey casino. We will just need to agree on the details: find out about your wishes regarding the composition of the package of services, the timing, and features of filling of an order. Within a few weeks, you will get a ready-made website, and we will help you with its launch, promotion, and customer support.

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