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Recommendations on How to Open a Gaming Club in the Pretorian Market

Updated 14.03.2022

According to the latest statistical studies, the most prospective direction for investing in the gambling industry is the opening of offline projects in emerging markets such as Africa, Asia, and South America.

How to open a gaming club in the Pretorian market

The specialists of the Smart Money studio invite you to consider the features of launching land-based casino businesses in Pretoria, one of the most promising cities in the RSA.

The Features of the Local Gaming Sphere

Almost all types of land-based gambling are legal in South Africa. This means that an operator will be able to start gaming clubs in Pretoria lawfully and on loyal terms.

A large number of bookmakers, gambling halls, and casinos work throughout the city. Such venues are popular both among the local population and tourists from different parts of the world who constantly visit the capital of the RSA.

The main regulatory body is the National Gambling Board. This organisation is responsible for supervising entertainment halls. In addition, the body’s goal is the prevention and fight against gambling addiction. The South African Bureau of Standards also operates in the country. This organisation is responsible for checking the quality and compliance of equipment and software.

Experts' Assessment: How Much Does it Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino Complex?

You should consider the cost of some processes to determine the amount of expenses required to open land-based casinos in Pretoria.

Here are some points:

  1. Obtaining a permission document.
  2. The rental of premises and equipment.
  3. Software development.
  4. The promotion of a project, etc.

So, how much does it cost to start a land-based casino here? The price of projects can differ dramatically, depending on their scale. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our specialists to calculate the approximate volume of costs required to open land-based casinos in Africa.

Where to Start in the RSA Industry?

To establish a lucrative and stable activity, a future owner of an entertainment club has to plan each stage of the project implementation carefully.

Here is an approximate algorithm of actions:

The exploration of legal nuances

To develop and start land-based casino businesses legitimately, you should study local regulations well. Contact a gambling commission representative to find out what documentation needs to be prepared to obtain permission.

After preparing the necessary papers and making mandatory contributions, you can apply for a licence

The search and rent of suitable premises

Select a good place for opening a slot machines club in Pretoria. The selected location must be arranged within the limits of the territories permitted by local law

Hiring qualified personnel

Create a positive business image thanks to a team of professionals. Young, qualified employees who speak several languages ​​(including national and international ones) will allow you to attract more customers to your establishment

The purchase or rental of hardware and software

Buy casino land-based solutions only from reliable and reputable suppliers.

Avoid dubious products from obscure brands. Keep up to date with the latest technology to provide your potential clients with the relevant solutions

The creation of an engaging environment

To develop a unique style for your entertainment club, buy cosy and attractive furniture and decor elements.

The indoor environment should create a venturous and relaxing atmosphere

The launch of an advertising campaign

Organise the promotion of your casino on the Internet and in the media.

Involve and retain consumers with loyalty programs, sweepstakes with valuable prizes, and special tournaments

How to Buy Slot Machines in Pretoria: Top Content Providers

How to buy slot machines in Pretoria: content providers

To open a successful gaming club in Africa, an operator should purchase high-quality software and equipment from reputable manufacturers.

Smart Money offers a wide range of products from renowned suppliers. Contact our consultants to buy slot machines in Pretoria.

We recommend you consider to these reliable vendors:

1Click Games

This producer is well-known among African operators working in both terrestrial and internet segments. In addition to entertainment content, the company produces a variety of solutions for casino businesses:

  • security programs tools;
  • software for self-service terminals;
  • products for lottery kiosks;
  • instruments for financial transactions.


How to open gaming clubs in Pretoria and make substantial profits? One of the best solutions is to buy software for self-service terminals. Games from this manufacturer are in great demand in the RSA. The company has extensive experience (more than 15 years) and an impeccable reputation.

The most popular products are as follows:

  • Garage;
  • Banana Splash;
  • Crazy Monkey.


This Australian firm is known all over the world. The producer is aimed at close cooperation with operators from the RSA. Its catalogue includes several thematic products targeted at the local market, such as the African Big 5.

An interesting feature of the brand is the development of games dedicated to current phenomena of popular culture. They will interest and retain a young, high-income audience.


This is a sought-after manufacturer from the UK. The main direction of the firm's work is the production of universal content.

The software is compatible with almost any type of equipment:

  • multimedia bar counters;
  • slot machines;
  • self-service gaming terminals;

The products support JCM and MEI bill acceptors.


This supplier has been producing solutions for online projects and physical halls for over 15 years.

In addition to software for offline clubs, it also releases content for bookmakers. The portfolio of this firm contains standard card games and interesting, dynamic slots.


This is one of the largest brands in today's offline market. It produces both hardware and software.

Gaming cabinets from this company are marked by such advantages:

  • stylish and comfortable design;
  • large screens;
  • high-quality sound systems;
  • extensive content collection.

The most demanded entertainments from this studio are as follows:

  • Casanova;
  • Dragon's Pearl;
  • Admiral Nelson, and others.

The Main Things about Launching Land-Based Casinos in the African Market

Land-based casinos in the African market: launch

To take a decent position in the global entertainment industry and make considerable profits, we recommend you to consider working in emerging and up-and-coming markets such as the RSA.

How to open a casino in Pretoria’s territory, the largest city in the country?

Follow our advice:

Smart Money is ready to become your reliable assistant in the South African market. We will help you implement your land-based casino in Pretoria from scratch.

Our team offers a broad range of equipment and content for gaming clubs. How to buy slot machines in the Pretorian market? Just leave a request on our website. We will contact you and describe all the details of cooperation.

Take a step towards your dream of a stable and lucrative business with our team.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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