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How to Open a Gaming Club in Gaborone, Botswana’s Heart of Amusement


Modern improvements in the countries of the Third World allow businessmen to feel confident about potential working places. African states are the perfect example of it. While still looking forward to European stability and American progression, regions like South Africa, Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, are developing at a rapid pace.

The gaming industry depends much on societal advancement and access to hi-tech achievements. Both are present in this zone at the initial stage. It means that land-based casinos in Africa are well-established here, but the competition is bearable for new market entrants.

Gaming clubs in Gaborone: land-based business

Smart Money is a long-standing aggregator of web and ground-based possibilities. Our company has been working in this part of the world for decades. We have helped numerous contractors assemble profitable facilities, and quite often, the choice was directed to Botswana.

Buy a hall with slot machines in Gaborone and bring the citizens of the capital and neighbourhood cherished entertainment.

How did the Territory Turn into the Heart of Land-Based Casinos in Africa?

The main reason why Botswana is so quickly improving in terms of innovations is the introduction by the new government of brand-new policies. For example, gaming used to be following 2 old-fashion bills, namely Lottery/Betting and Casino Acts. Thanks to the power change in 2012, things were updated, and the regulatory measures were shifted.

Here is what it is essential to remember about the legality aspects of land-based casinos in Gaborone and adjacent localities:

  • Venturers who are aiming at working with inhabitants need to resort to the managing authority and apply for the corresponding document.
  • Apart from the committee, it is also necessary to obtain the permit from Botswana Control Board — an official organisation that emerged after the 2012 changes.
  • For an efficient start of a gaming club in Gaborone, an entrepreneur should keep in mind the presence of 2 giant halls Sun Resort and Grand Palm Convention to look up to.
  • Bingo lounges are also legal and heavily attended in the state, making it reasonable to set up an additional zone in the elaborate facility.
  • The main goal of the country’s authorities is to regulate and control the industry and contribute to socio-economic development, so compliance with the installed measures is obligatory.

The land-based casino business in Gaborone is a self-sustained environment with favourable possibilities for foreign investments. Further explanations on becoming a member of the market can be received at the place of the corresponding authorities.

The cooperation with Smart Money guarantees getting the necessary working permits and configuring subsequent operations. Order our casino land-based solutions for a smooth setup of a new brand.

Starting a Land-Based Casino: How Much Does It Cost to Enter the African Market?

Land-based casinos in Gaborone: how much it costs

A substantial budget is required to fulfil a similar project. Brick-and-mortar venues are highly beneficial, but it is essential to invest at least $5 million if an entrepreneur plans to open a land-based casino venue in Gaborone.

The distribution of money in the elaboration:

  1. Zoning. The capital is a luring place for entrepreneurs, and a lot of managers have already claimed fruitful spots. The central district houses a few hotels with gaming lounges. To compete with them, the new facility should be constructed in conjunction with good infrastructure and residential places.
  2. Design. The majority of businessmen open lobbies with slot machines in Gaborone with maximum comfort. It means a hotel and an eating spot at least. It is possible to agree on cooperation with existing venues. At the same time, it will be much more profitable to assemble such places around the playing lounge.
  3. Amusement. If an administrator seeks an efficient way how to open a casino in Gaborone, gaming cabinets along with terminals are the main amusement. Tabletop activities are also integral. Poker rooms can be organised separately, depending on the configuration of the hall.
  4. Staff. Hiring locals is an efficient way to earn visitors’ trust. For a steady functioning of the club, a manager will need security members and pit bosses, administrators, croupiers, baristas, employees for the hotel, technicians, and juridical experts.
  5. Advertising. How to open a gaming club in Gaborone is one question. Its efficient promotion is another aspect that will move the brand to an entirely new level. The profitability will depend on the number of clients. Using billboards around the region is a good method, but the majority of punters find out about clubs on the Internet.

At Which Providers Should a Manager Buy Slot Machines in Gaborone?

Mutually beneficial cooperation is ideal for partners in any sphere. The suppliers of entertainment products in the region are numerous, but it is vital to analyse their possibilities and figure out how fruitful their goods will be.

Top content designers to initiate the order and open a gaming club in Africa:


A world-renowned creator is well specialised at individual elaboration and also has a huge assortment of terminals, electronic tabletops, gaming furniture, and dedicated programs


While the organisation focuses now heavily on the internet direction of the sphere, its land-based departments and corresponding assistance is still impactful, with innovative playing cabinets and modern tabletops


A clear understanding of the fusion of web and ground sectors allows the company to create trendy programming support for its hi-tech equipment. It helps start top land-based casino businesses with the particular region in mind


Slots at this organisation are treated by the clients with enormous respect due to the recognition of popular images and the utilisation of convenient gameplay and accessible technological aspect

The enormous advantage of the modern gaming industry is the possibility to combine the positive elements of numerous providers. This is where the aggregator Smart Money comes into action. Order a diversified range of cabinets, tabletops, furniture, and more essentials for the playing hall at our company.

The Main Things about Getting Started in Botswana

Land-based casino business in Gaborone: key notions

The overall situation in the state is in favour of foreign investors. Locals are excited about new facilities, and authorities create the necessary conditions for more clubs.

To become a member of the gaming environment here, a manager has to deal with a few critical issues:

  • What is the legal gambling background of Botswana? It is lawful to organise lounges on the territory of the country after receiving the necessary permits from the Control Board.
  • What are the social and economic prerequisites of the sector? The main goal of the authorities is to regulate the industry and contribute to adequate advancement, so compliance with the installed measures is obligatory.
  • How much does it cost to start a decent land-based casino venue here? $5 million is the minimum a manager should own to spend on finding and buying the place, designing the facility, obtaining the amusement parts, hiring staff, and advertising the venue.
  • How to buy slot machines in Gaborone? For obtaining the terminals of decent performance, an owner can resort to the renowned developers of the market such as Amatic, Unicum, Playtech, Greentube.

Being theoretically enlightened is an important thing to consider. At the same time, the lack of proper entrepreneurial experience can become a huge obstacle on the way to building an efficient playing venue.

Contact Smart Money and order our assistance in assembling a money-making, appealing gaming lounge with the necessary amenities.

Reach out to our company and inquire about additional information you might need.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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