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Comprehensive Guide on How to Open a Gaming Club in Dodoma


Modern wagering is not the like it used to be a few decades ago. Hardly any punters seek enrichment and easy money — it was substituted by the desire to spend quality time in a favourable atmosphere. This is reflected in the governmental treatment of the sphere as well. The land-based casino business in Dodoma, Tanzania’s principal city, is an excellent illustration.

The state is currently undergoing major updates in the legislative and regulatory aspects. It is expected that the amendments are also going to touch the gaming sector. Smart Money has already helped venturers enter this promising zone, but with the upcoming improvements, it will be even more advantageous to work here.

Gaming club in Dodoma: how to open

Order our proficient assistance and open a land-based casino in Dodoma to become an owner of a recognised brand.

Key Information about Land-Based Casinos in Africa

The population here is hard-working and ambitious, looking forward to matching European and American standards. For this, the presence of up-to-date entertainment facilities is integral. Prior to opening a club with slot machines in Dodoma, an investor should legally assure the reliability of his operation and make all the necessary steps towards an official brand registration.

How the Tanzanian wagering segment is shaped up:

  • It became authorised to build land-based casinos in Dodoma in 1992 with the enactment of the National Investments Promotions and Protection Act that incentivised investment projects in the recreational industry.
  • The ongoing economic changes required the creation of the dedicated policy on wagering, so the elaboration of the Gaming Act and the formation of the Tanzanian Board took place in 2003.
  • Currently, the country has one of the oldest land-based casino regulations in Africa that is expected to change in the near future due to the massive digitation of the technological world.
  • Experts at Trading Economics Global foresee the growth of the local economy to $80 billion in recent years that will result in a gradual increase of GDP to at least 15%.
  • The presence of several gaming halls on the territory of the capital underlines the favourable conditions that are created in the state and focus on the subsequent improvements.
  • Overall, 14 distinct licensing categories are available for investors. So, if you are planning to start a gaming club in Dodoma, there will be a specific set of applications, depending on the type of amusement integrated.

Smart Money closely monitors the changes happening in Tanzania’s wagering sector. The necessary improvements are implemented immediately for our clients to match the demand. Order our professional assistance on individual components or turnkey basis to grant a smooth project functioning.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino in the Area?

As of the beginning of 2022, authorities do not allow building playing facilities directly in the capital. However, there are some famous brands in the suburbs and nearby territories that the residents of the metropolis gladly visit. To keep up with them and shape up a new competitive representation, an investor will need a considerable budget of at least $4 million.

How to open a casino in Dodoma with a dedicated allocation?

  1. Find the appropriate spot. The capital is surrounded by decent infrastructure, so it will not be a problem to claim (purchase or rent) a favourable place. Its cost will directly depend on the nearby amenities.
  2. Apply for a permit. The gaming board will review your plea and announce a verdict in the period of a few weeks. For it to be positive, all prerequisites should be met, and the necessary fees must be paid.
  3. Begin the construction. It is essential to understand that additional expenses will be made to shape the surroundings even better. Apart from the gaming lounge, an investor might need to assemble a residential place and eating spots.
  4. Purchase the playing and managing assets. Novice operators often wonder how to buy slot machines in Dodoma on a gainful basis. Innovative ways of wagering should be obtained from renowned manufacturers of content, backed up by resilient programming support.
  5. Hire employees. The most important aspect to cover at a gaming hall is protection. It is essential to recruit reliable safeguards, trained pit bosses, and watchful administration. Besides, croupiers, janitors, hosts, hotel staff, barmen are also needed.
  6. Launch an advertising campaign. Offline promotion with banners and billboards is not permitted in the capital. But with internet penetration levels of over 60%, increasing brand awareness online is advantageous.

These are the key pillars of how to open a casino in Dodoma. The number of nuances is much bigger, so it might be advantageous to get in touch with a professional guide company to assure the success of the project. Order the assistance of Smart Money experts and enter Tanzania’s market with a solid brand.

Supplier to Buy Slot Machines in Dodoma from

Slot machines in Dodoma: suppliers

One of the biggest positive aspects of the locality is straightforward access to top hardware by renowned manufacturers. The majority of them are European and Asian leaders. Covering the African supply is their key to extension.

Providers of recreational components:


The firm proposes proven ground amusement based on its insane popularity among punters worldwide. Popular titles are quickly recognised as well as easily caught up if faced for the first time

Amatic has a well-developed brand, confidently registering over 100,000 visitors per club every year


Thanks to the popularity from the owners of gaming facilities, the manufacturer quickly finds clients among new market entrants.

The diversity of categories allowed the Ezugi team to elaborate casino land-based solutions of the best functionality possible

Realtime Gaming

It is extremely beneficial for beginning operators to meet such companies as this. Besides suggesting the top-rated amusement, Realtime also helps with corporate identity setup.

Extensive experience on all continents of the planet made it easy for the experts to adapt clients’ content to the demand of the dedicated public

Vivo Gaming

While the main organisational efforts are devoted to the elaboration of programming assets, clients who seek to buy slot machines in Dodoma will also be happy.

Innovative technologies are used to configure modern cabinets and more in-club furniture. Besides, a major focus is made on creating a cross-platform environment to combine the best traits of online and ground spheres


A pioneer in the elaboration of hardware components works hard to study the needs of promising markets. At the moment, Konami holds a leading position among the creators of playing furniture.

Impressive performance is traced throughout all directions of the company’s advancement that influences heavily the industry in the state

The Main Things about Initiating Fruitful Activity in Tanzania

Gaming clubs in Africa: key notions

The decision on the destination for a start-up relies upon many factors, and the prospect of the area is among the crucial. Opening a gaming club in Africa is a smart investment in the future and an auspicious way to generate a strong audience.

What is essential to know to leave a solid footprint in the zone:

  • The ground gaming manifestation was introduced in 1992 with the enactment of the National Investments Promotions and Protection Act that incentivised investment projects in the recreational industry.
  • The ongoing economic changes required the creation of the dedicated policy on wagering, so the elaboration of the Gaming Act and the formation of the Tanzanian Board took place in 2003.
  • Though the country has a bit outdated governmental influence, experts foresee the growth of the economy to $80 billion which will result in a gradual increase in GDP.
  • How much does it cost to start a land-based casino in Tanzania? Around $3–4 million will be spent on applying for a permit, construction, equipment, employees, and an advertising campaign.
  • Vivo Gaming, Realtime Gaming, Amatic, Ezugi, Konami are currently leading providers of quality amusement that understand the local atmosphere and the public’s needs.

How to open a gaming club in Dodoma and ensure its progression? The aggregator Smart Money has proficient experts to take all the responsibility for the setup process on a turnkey basis. Besides, if you require individual components, our team has a lot to offer.

Order professional assistance and start a land-based casino business in a promising area. Get in touch with the managers for further instructions.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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