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Online Gambling in the USA: About the Nuances of Launching Your Own Casino

The United States has a reputation of a highly developed country with a well-organised economy. This government has never had the lack of unique business ideas and ways to implement them. In many ways, this trend appeared because of the local population that likes very unusual and even strange ideas. A prime example is the world's first phone without buttons from Steve Jobs. Some people would think “who needs a gadget with a tiny display instead of a traditional keyboard”? But first iPhones were all bought up in the first week of sales.

Another unusual startup is anti-nuclear bomb shelters for private investors. The businessman Larry Hall is engaged in the construction of a fortified zone with seventy seats, and each of them costs two million dollars. It is worth noting that they were sold out before the first cut of the spade.

But the most popular business in the US is the organisation of gambling. This type of business activity was and remains the one that pays off extremely fast and brings huge income to the public treasury.

Online gambling is the most popular business in the USA

Experts from Smart Money have collected comprehensive information on the features of the gambling business in the United States. We will tell you about the laws that regulate this sphere of action, all the nuances of taxation, types of licenses, and much more. With our support, you will not only find out about the latest news of the industry but also be able to use a huge amount of tools and products to launch your own project in the most economically developed and politically stable country in the world.

Online Gambling in the USA: America in Numbers

Only twenty years ago, games for money were legal only in two states. Today, the situation is completely different ― gambling is considered a legal activity in forty-eight states. There are only two states today that have the strictest ban on playing casino games ― Utah and Hawaii.

According to statistics, eight out of ten Americans think that there is nothing wrong with gambling. However, according to Professor Nelson Rose, already in 1996, more than two and a half million people had a pathological gambling addiction, and another three million people had serious mental disorders related to the gambling industry.

And not only psychological investigations provide us with this kind of information. Only in 2001, the lottery tickets for a total amount of thirty-nine billion dollars were sold out.

Last year became a true sign of faith for American casinos after the crisis of 2010-2014. The turnover of gambling establishments exceeded forty billion dollars. According to the annual reports from AGA State of the States, more than twenty operators had a rapid increase in profits. Over the past year, the industry has provided workspaces for three hundred sixty thousand people.

The total amount of payments casinos needed to make for dowries and salaries has reached seventeen billion dollars. And tax payments to the public treasury have exceeded nine billion dollars.

The USA Gambling Zones: the Largest Casinos-Cities

Americans are one of the most addicted to gambling nations of the world. Almost every resident of the country spends about two hundred dollars annually on the participation in lottery draws. It is hard to imagine what amounts of money they leave in the largest casinos of the USA?

The gambling model has proved its solidity and has been accepted as the model form of the industry control.

The title of the largest casinos-cities belongs to:

Atlantic City

According to many reviews, this zone is considered to be the largest entertainment centre of the East Coast of the country. During more than thirty-five year of its existence, the location took the second place in the ranking of the most popular gambling centres in America. Atlantic City has about 70% of the total turnover of the industry.

Las Vegas

It became a real Mecca for fans of slots from around the world. Entertainments of this city bring from 35% of the profits to the public treasury. The location is also extremely popular with tourists and continually surpasses any other entertainment zones in the world.

Indian gambling zones in the USA

The history of the development of casinos on the territory of Indian reservations began in 1975. The leader of one of the tribes said that these territories are not subject to laws of the country and opened the first gambling club. The precedent has been created, and the state authorities could not stand aside. The right to gamble within the territory of reservations has officially become law in 1987.

Today the most popular Indian locations are:

  • Pechanga Resort and Casino (one thousand one hundred square meters Californian casino).
  • WinStar World Casino and Resort (an Oklahoma entertainment centre with the SPA-zone, many restaurants, and more than seven thousand four hundred slot machines).
  • Foxwoods (the largest casino in Connecticut, which began its history in 1986).
  • Mohegan Sun (it is located in Montville and offers about five thousand five hundred games and over three hundred seventy tables).
  • Treasure Island Resort & Casino (the largest gambling club in Minnesota, which has hosted guests since 1984).

Online Gambling in the USA: Legislative Regulation

The most rapidly growing business in the United States is controlled by local government agencies. According to prescriptions of Chapter 15 of The Code of the Laws of the United States of America, the factors related to the age and financial restrictions, the list of allowed games, and the specifics of their conduction are under the jurisdiction of the states.

Federal legal agents have introduced a limited number of acts that regulate gambling:

  • Regulation “On the transportation of the gambling equipment” (1951).
  • Law “On the regulation of bets” (1961).
  • The Act of illegal gambling activities (1970).
  • Regulations on punishment for fraud (1987).
  • Law “On the regulation of activities of operators in Indian Reservations” (1088).
  • Regulations on the protection of players (1992).
  • Legislative acts “On horse racing” (the amendment was made in 2000).

Full legalization of the gambling industry takes place only in New Jersey and Nevada. Other states have some restrictions. However, businessmen of the United States are famous for a non-standard approach to problem-solving.

The situation that happened in Iowa, Missouri, Louisiana, and Illinois can be an excellent example. Literally, the legislative bodies have forbidden people to gamble “on the land of the state”. Operators have observed a formality and, taking advantage of the good geography of the area, they “moved” their gambling establishments to barges and cruise liners.

Licenses for the Most Popular Business in the USA

The right to the pursuit of an entertainment activity is based on the documentation of three forms:

Limited licensing

This permit allows operators to open small gambling halls with not more than fifteen slot machines. The license does not include the right to organise board games and other types of games for money. This form is popular with small business owners.

Unlimited permit

Documentation was divided into two more forms:

  1. N/R slots only. It gives the right to install an unlimited number of slot machines in a casino without an ability to organise board games.
  2. N/R games&slots. In this case, operators receive a permit for any number of slot machines and zones for board games.

Special license

It gives the right to place equipment on the territory of public buildings and establishments owned by third parties.

The legal gambling business in the United States involves the mandatory registration of licensing documents for each participant of the project (employees of a casino). The licensing procedure for manufacturers and suppliers of the equipment is different.

Online Gambling in the USA: Taxation

The size of deductions is set by local authorities. The single tax of the federal level applies to winnings and is equal to 35% of the amount of the player’s income. Moreover, there are individual rates in each of the states. The highest one is 10.8% (in New Jersey). If foreign citizens play casino games, 30% of their winnings will be paid into the public treasury.

The type of the license affects the size of payments. For example, for holders of a limited permit, there is a tax levy of two hundred fifty dollars for each slot machine and quarterly fees that depend on the total number of slot machines.

For operators with an unlimited license, higher taxes are provided, as well as fees for shows, and annual and quarterly commission fees.

Online Gambling in the USA: Traffic Statistics

According to the Newzoo International Center, almost seventy-four million locals are regular visitors to America’s gambling clubs. And more than half of them prefer to play on real money.

Men from thirty-five to fifty years old (about 21% of the clients of casinos) visit gambling establishments the most frequently. As for ladies, their age normally varies from thirty-six to fifty years (16% of the total number of visitors).

Favourite games of the locals are poker, slots, which known as “one-armed bandits”, and bingo.

How to Set Up a Profitable and Rapidly Growing Business in the USA With Smart Money?

How to set up a profitable gambling business in the United States with Smart Money

Smart Money is a trusted company and a reliable partner with many years of working experience in the international gambling market. Our best recommendations are good reviews of customers.

If you decide to cooperate with Smart Money, you will get the best tools and products for the launch of entertainment services of any format. We are ready to offer licensed software from the world’s leading vendors, relevant affiliate programs, a wide range of payment systems, and software solutions for both classic online gambling clubs and crypto casinos, as well as for websites with the stream option.

Our services include website design, integration of software, the connection of payment terminals, marketing promotion, and much more. We offer excellent content from such world-famous operators as Playtech, Novomatic, NetEnt, Amatic, and Vivo Gaming. Also, we provide our clients with an exclusive service ― the development of HTML5 games.

Specialists from Smart Money are ready to give detailed advice, draw up a successful business plan, and provide the legal support for your project.

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