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Offline Casinos in 2023: Where to Establish a Gambling Club

Updated 20.04.2021

Gambling projects are legalised in many parts of the world and are a very profitable source of public budget replenishment. Even despite the global pandemic, the casino sector continues to attract new audiences and remains one of the most sought-after business areas.

Offline casinos in 2021: where to establish

The Smart Money team has prepared a list of jurisdictions with various legal and tax benefits for entrepreneurs so that they can easily open an offline casino on favourable terms.

Baltic Countries

Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are examples of well-regulated markets and stable economic growth.

The Baltic regions quickly adapted to quarantine measures and continue to receive, although with some restrictions, tourists from Russia and other countries where gambling is strictly prohibited.

In Lithuania, the revenues of land-based casinos were reduced by only 2.8% compared to 2019. The country quickly compensated for its financial losses at the cost of tax remissions and incentives for the development of the online sector.

To purchase an offline casino in the Baltics, it is necessary to obtain a licence. Moreover, Estonia obliges investors to buy only a local certificate, and in the territory of Lithuania and Latvia, entrepreneurs can use offshore permits.


From 2009 to 2019, the turnover of the casino industry increased by more than 200 times. Gambling among tourists has been and still remains the main source of income.

In 2019, Georgian gaming sites were included in the top ten most frequently visited services, along with the YouTube and Facebook platforms.

An interesting feature of the local legislation is that an online project can be launched only after opening a land-based location. This approach has made the Georgian offline sector one of the most attractive areas for investment.

In the last 2 years, the country introduced some amendments to the system of the legislative regulation of the industry but it did not change the current situation too much. The land-based gambling business in Georgia continues to maintain its position despite the global pandemic.


One of the most politically stable countries offers:

  • licences for all types of gambling services, including the launch of poker rooms, the organisation of sweepstakes and betting exchanges;
  • easy tax liabilities;
  • minimum requirements for opening accounts in local banks;
  • a simplified way to get a residence permit for non-residents.

Great Britain

Games for money became popular with locals several centuries ago. The British government quickly assessed the prospects for the industry and created a legal framework to control it.

In 2023, the regulator continues to issue licences for all types of the casino business. However, potential investors should be aware of some of the limitations and restrictions associated with the pandemic:

  1. Advertising. Owners of land-based locations still cannot promote their services during the daytime. Moreover, during the quarantine period, the British regulator limited advertising programs on television, radio, and the Internet.
  2. Internal distance. Only one player can sit at the gaming table. Each of them should have decontaminating equipment, and all casino visitors and staff should be wearing masks. It is also mandatory to maintain a distance between each unit of equipment ― no less than 2 meters.
  3. Restrictions on roominess. During the quarantine period, land-based facilities can receive no more than 30% of visitors of the total capacity of the location.
An interesting fact is that in British offline casinos, it is possible to play only for real money.


The jurisdiction offers operators unbelievably low tax rates. Due to the loyal legislation and stable political environment, the country is considered one of the most prestigious regions for running a gambling business.

The flat tax for operators is only 1% of the turnover of the casino. Moreover, there is a ceiling value of the commission fee: owners of gaming sites do not need to pay more than 425 thousand pounds per year.

One of the interesting decisions of the local government is the organisation of gambling clubs in cruise liners and yachts. The convenient location of the country allows you to provide services not only on the land but also in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The largest industry project is the Casino Suborn superyacht, which has been receiving visitors since 2015.


After the COVID-19 pandemic, Macau has thrown open the doors once again. Local enterprises can receive only 20–30% of visitors. But already in the first week of March, the daily income of Macau casinos increased by 6%.

Currently, there are 33 locations in this region with over 850 gaming tables and 4 thousand slot machines.

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of the local gambling market is the absence of taxes on winnings.

The Best Land-Based Casinos in Europe in 2023

The best land-based casinos in Europe in 2021

Despite a number of quarantine restrictions, the gambling industry remains one of the most popular tourist sectors.

Top 5 European Offline Casinos in 2023

Casino di Campione (Como, Italy)

The establishment with an area of more than 54 thousand square meters is geographically located outside the country ― on the shores of the Swiss Lugano lake.

The casino was opened in 1917, successfully survived 2 world wars, and moved into new premises in 2007.

It occupied 9 floors, 3 floors of which are given for car parking. Casino visitors are offered:

  • more than 500 slot machines;
  • more than 50 gaming tables for board games and roulette

Monte Carlo (Monaco, France)

One of the most famous European casinos inspired Ian Fleming to write James Bond novels.

The institution with an area of more than 10 thousand square meters offers more than 300 slot machines, gaming tables, and a network of restaurant complexes (a total of 18 bars and restaurants on the territory of the casino).

The building of the gambling club can be seen in several famous films, including Ocean's 12.

An interesting fact is that the institution works only with tourists, and the local population is not allowed to gamble

Resorts World Birmingham (Birmingham, Great Britain)

It took 2 years to build the complex with an area of more than 5 thousand square meters. It began to receive visitors in 2015.

It is the largest casino in the UK, which has cost investors 150 million dollars.

It is located at the National Exhibition Centre. This is a large-scale infrastructure that includes:

  • VIP zones;
  • large selection of board and card games;
  • over 200 units of hardware equipment;
  • brand stores;
  • restaurants, sports bars;
  • cinemas;
  • hotel complex

Casino at the Empire (London, Great Britain)

It is located in the building of an old Victorian concert hall and is owned by Caesars Entertainment. This is the world's largest concept with projects in Las Vegas, Britain, and Cairo.

The area of the establishment is 5,109 square meters. The complex has more than 150 units of equipment, 4 restaurants, and a unique poker room known far beyond the borders of the country

Estoril (Lisbon, Portugal)

The casino was founded in 1916. Its area is 2,500 square meters. The Portuguese government does not consider the gambling industry the best way to attract tourists but the location is still widely known.

More than 1,200 units of equipment, 10 restaurants, concert halls, etc.

The institution is famous for its poker room and card tournaments

The Main Things about Land-Based Casinos in 2023

Land-based casinos in 2021

Despite the global pandemic and the tightening of control standards of the industry, the establishment of a land-based casino business remains an extremely reliable and promising investment area.

We would recommend operators to open offline gambling clubs:

  • The Baltic states. In Estonia, operators can work only under a local permit. In Lithuania and Latvia, offline casinos can be opened with offshore certificates.
  • Georgia. Due to its geographical location, the country can boast of an increase in foreign gamblers. Moreover, land-based casinos in tourist regions are exempt from the tax.
  • Gibraltar. The country has developed the offline sector and switched to launching gambling clubs on the water. The largest local yacht casino has been receiving visitors since 2015.
You can order equipment and software for land-based casinos from the Smart Money studio.

We offer:

  • computer technology;
  • joysticks, consoles;
  • self-service terminals;
  • multi-game rooms;
  • electronic video entertainment;
  • cash register equipment;
  • exchange terminals;
  • lottery machines;
  • furniture.

From us, you can order physical hardware and software to fit every taste.

Our managers are in touch at any time of the day or night!

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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