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Casino Affiliate Program: Make Effective Promotions

Updated 23.08.2022

The gambling business thrives on the high-quality traffic that forms the user base. For many operators, attracting a target audience on their own is a rather complicated, lengthy and financially costly task.

Casino affiliate program: general info

Casino affiliate programs are extremely reliable and convenient ways to promote gaming projects. The administrator of the project knows exactly what they are paying money for, and receives an already “warmed up” audience.

Smart Money experts tell how affiliate marketing works and what prospects such programs offer for gambling business owners.

How the Affiliate Program Works

A partner network is a link between a business and external partners.

The scheme of work in such programs looks like this:

  • the owner of the game project provides collaborators with advertising tools and determines the expected action from potential customers (registration, replenishment of the deposit, participation in a certain game, etc.);
  • the affiliate publishes information on an external resource;
  • a potential client is interested in the offer and follows the link, performs the necessary action;
  • the casino receives a new user, while the partner receives a monetary reward for attracting a gambler.

One of the reasons for the popularity and effectiveness of such programs is that casino partners are often the players themselves.

They look at the advertising campaign from the point of view of the visitor of the establishment and understand well which products give the maximum response. As a result, the business owner gets really interested customers who are ready to spend good amounts on the game and return regularly.

Among the common types of collaborators in online establishments are not only players.

Participation in the affiliate program can take:

  1. Streamers. Users who broadcast the game process live. This approach allows you to create the most trusting relationship with the target audience.
  2. Bloggers. People who write about the gambling business. They cover industry news, talk about bonus programs, and effective gambling strategies, make casino reviews, etc.
  3. Influencers. Members of various communities with great influence on other users.
  4. Forums. The owners and moderators of such sites create the most trusting and open atmosphere. Insufficiently interested users are eliminated naturally even at the stage of getting to know the topic, and operators can count on loyal regular customers.
  5. Virtual journals. Online publications specialise in covering industry news and can influence the opinion of a potential gambler about a particular platform or game.

Advertising Tools

Having decided to open an online casino, an investor must choose the most promising promotion tools in advance.

To work with affiliate networks, you can use:

  • contextual advertising;
  • mass and personalised mailings;
  • teasers;
  • banners;
  • mobile advertising;
  • materials and tools adapted for social networks, etc.

The Most Common Models of Partner Schemes

Partner programs for casinos: models

Casino affiliates work according to the standard plan, but differ in the ways of financial compensation to participants:

Pay per Click

The Pay per click model pays affiliates a reward every time a potential player clicks on a link in an ad. As a rule, the remuneration in such a program is quite low, since not every click brings benefits to the advertiser.

Viewing Compensation

The CPV scheme assumes a minimum reward for each unit of viewing of advertising material. Money is credited regardless of whether the user has performed a useful action for the casino or not, so payments under such a program are minimal.

Sales Payment

The PPS program is the most expensive type of cooperation. The affiliate receives compensation only if the user clicked on the link and purchased the product (in the case of a casino, they made a deposit and placed a bet).

Income Sharing

The Revshare model pays partners a percentage of the income received by the institution from a new player. Moreover, compensation is accrued all the time while the player is active on the advertiser's site.

This is one of the most promising options for long-term work.

Pay per Action

The CPA program pays affiliates every time the referred client performs a given action. It can be:

  • filling out the registration form;
  • creating an account;
  • making a deposit;
  • participating in a specific game;
  • visiting a certain section on the site, etc.

The system implies a one-time payment for action, so program participants are motivated to attract large volumes of high-quality traffic.

Hybrid Model

The program combines the characteristics of CPA and Revshare when the affiliate receives the following things at the same time:

  • one-time compensation for the desired action;
  • a percentage of casino income received from an attracted user.

The system is flexible and has a good set of personalised filters.

Organisation levels of affiliate programs for gambling


Partner gets rewarded for streaming traffic


The affiliate is compensated for active casino users and new partners who joined the program on their recommendation


Members receive rewards at multiple levels, including:

  • fee for attracted users;
  • the percentage for new partners;
  • payments for promoting the program itself

Benefits of Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs: benefits

Connecting the playground to the affiliate network gives the operator the following benefits:

  1. Stable quality traffic. Program participants themselves are interested in delivering useful traffic since in most systems compensation is awarded for a specific action. Also, some models withhold fines from the affiliate for players who are too “lucky” and often win.
  2. Variety of promotional tools. Most programs offer ready-made templates that can be customised for a specific product. Gambling platform operators have access to banners, videos, contextual advertising, etc.
  3. Long-term perspective. Clients attracted by partners can bring profit to the institution for several years.
  4. Financial control. The site operator pays partners only for a specific result: clicking on a link, registering, replenishing a deposit, etc. This approach allows you to correctly allocate finances, control risks and predict further options for the development of the project.

The Main Things about Affiliate Programs for the iGaming Business

Launching a casino business with a connected affiliate program is a great way to increase brand awareness and get a steady influx of loyal audiences.

Advantages and features of game projects promotion through affiliate networks:

  • Work variability. Operators choose the list of actions for which they will pay: following the link, registration, replenishment of the account, etc.
  • Interaction with the target audience. All program participants are interested in attracting high-quality traffic: the more useful actions a new client performs, the higher the affiliate’s reward.
  • Pay for results. The operator pays only for a specific action of a new user. The program allows you to fully control the advertising budget and filter out non-target audiences.

At the Smart Money studio, you can buy a casino with profitable partner programs. We cooperate with the leading representatives of the market and suggest the best solutions for launching and optimising the gaming business.

We offer:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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