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Rating of Providers for Land-Based Casinos: Pick Yours

Updated 31.08.2022

Despite the global economic crisis and quarantine restrictions, the land-based gambling business is gradually regaining its position. In many countries, the industry works closely with the tourism sector and continues to be one of the most stable sources of replenishment of the treasury.

Land-based casino: general info

Smart Money experts will tell you how to open a land-based casino in the new realities, as well as which games will receive the greatest response from the audience in 2022.

Complete Set of Floor Slot Machines of the New Generation

A classic slot is a large body with mechanical reels and a control lever. Today, such models are used as museum exhibits in major casinos in Las Vegas and Macau.

Modern equipment for offline establishments has undergone a lot of changes: both compact portable models and real giants up to 3 meters high with curved frameless screens and other features found on the market.

Components of gambling equipment for a land-based casino

Primary monitor

A screen that demonstrates the reels and other elements of the game. It can be:

  • classic displays;
  • touch panels with control keys;
  • curved frameless structures, etc.

Additional monitors

Often, machines are equipped with two or more additional screens that exceed the volume of the main gaming area. Such designs make the session more lively and realistic.

The technique can be used for:

  • the simultaneous launch of several slots;
  • advertising broadcasts;
  • branding

Control panel

Conventional buttons have been replaced by LCD touch panels with a built-in TFT display. The system can be used stand-alone or combined with traditional mechanical elements

Game board

The main working program of the machine is recorded on the board.

Modern providers use industrial motherboards and interface boards, controlling not only the session but also peripheral processes.

Land-based casino software instantly saves and archives the state of the game in case of power outages

Bill acceptor

Electromechanical product for semi-autonomous machines.

The equipment accepts cash and puts it in special cassettes. The volume of a standard cassette is 500 banknotes


A hardware for paying out winnings. In some slots, the system comes in conjunction with coin acceptors and acoustic sensors, which allow you to distinguish coin denominations by the sound of their hitting the bottom of the acceptor

Receipt printer

The component is installed optionally at the request of the customer: instead of winning in banknotes or coins, the user receives a check that can be converted at the cashier of the establishment

Card reader

Equipment for reading bank cards. Additional system option is user identification

Electromechanical counter

The security system that duplicates financial information in case of hacking or damage to electronic media

Slot Machine Design Options

Slot machine design: features

The developers of gambling equipment use a variety of approaches to provide the customers of the establishment with maximum comfort.

For example, you can buy a land-based casino with multi-game rooms. Such a solution includes not only hardware but also branded seats with an ergonomic design, surround acoustics, lighting and other interesting features.

Suppliers pay special attention to screens. Among the most popular ones, there are:

  1. Models with curved displays. Such monitors support HD quality, are equipped with LED backlighting, and their diagonal can reach 55 inches.
  2. With two multi-part screens. The main monitor is designed to display the mechanics, while the second one is for multimedia information. The total height of the structure can reach 2.5 meters or more.
  3. With integral monitors. The machine can include displays of different configurations and reach a height of 3 meters. Equipment can be utilised stand-alone or set up in groups to organise multi-user sessions.
  4. Cars with portrait monitors. The image on the screen is not displayed in landscape format, but vertically. Such machines allow organising a stationary gaming business in small areas — the width of the product is only 62.4 cm.

Top 5 Gambling Brands for Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casino providers: top brands

For the offline project launch to give the maximum response to the target audience and bring in a good income, the hall equipment must be of the highest quality and reliability.

The Smart Money team has prepared a list of the best land-based casino software developers in 2022.


The Austrian brand has been known on the market since 1993.

The company is considered one of the most recognisable European providers and offers:

  1. Satellite Slant Top. Compact machines with one display. The products are designed for installation in small spaces.
  2. Amarox X400. Universal models with two monitors. The secondary screen can be used to run multiple games or stream media at the same time.
  3. Performer Grand Arc. Interactive development with three displays. The machine is suitable for organising multiuser entertainment, branding and broadcasting a variety of sessions at the same time.

The provider does not use huge monitors and prefers to design cars in a minimalist style. At the same time, the design of the equipment looks attractive from any distance, and the branded software is compatible with most casino management systems.


The developer began work in the late 60s of the last century and gained popularity among gamers and operators thanks to a rich line of premium high-tech equipment.

Here are some of the most interesting new releases:

  1. Helix+. It has a 27-inch frameless display and a surround LED backlight.
  2. Arc. A series of machines with curved 4K monitors.
  3. MARSX. Automatic with a double frameless 4K display.
  4. Behemoth. One of the largest gaming apparatuses in the world. It is equipped with an 84-inch monitor and has impressive graphics capabilities, including support for 3D and VR content.
  5. Flame 55. The original design development does not have clear forms. Visually, the machine resembles flames with a volumetric glow and interesting sound effects.


The slots from the Bulgarian supplier can be seen in gambling establishments all over the world. The brand has an extensive partner network, and its products are perfect for opening a gambling business in Ukraine, Western Europe and the CIS.

The company offers:

  • models with curved monitors;
  • products with frameless touch panels up to 75 inches;
  • equipment with optional seats;
  • multi-user machines;
  • interactive developments for VIP zones.


The company with Italian roots has become famous for its interesting design solutions.

The provider is widely known for its ultra-modern machines with a patented autostereoscopic system. It tracks the user's eye movement and creates three-dimensional effects without the aid of glasses.

Some of the additions in the developer line are:

  • models with two monitors;
  • products with 4K touch panels;
  • retro cars in the style of classic "one-armed bandits".


The Austrian brand offers one of the most technically advanced ranges of ground equipment:

  • Funmaster Dominator models, aimed at lovers of fruity classics;
  • Panthera series with curved 4K monitors and side LED backlight;
  • premium line of VIP Lounge Curve with 43-inch screens, ergonomic chairs and surround acoustics.

The Main Things about Offline Casino Equipment Developers in 2022

Slot machines are the most popular entertainment in gaming halls. The share of hardware equipment accounts for up to 80% of the institution's revenue.

Land-based slots for a new generation of casinos must combine the following characteristics:

  • Card readers. More users are opting for cashless payments. Therefore, we recommend choosing products equipped with a reliable bank card reader. Such a system allows not only making online payments but also serves as an additional tool for identifying users.
  • 4K monitors. Image quality plays a decisive role in attracting and retaining gamblers. A bright novelty on the market is equipment from IGT that creates 3D effects without the use of glasses.
  • The number of screens. The most common option is the machines with 2 or more monitors. They can perform several functions at the same time: broadcast a few sessions, display advertising materials, and support a multiuser game.

The catalogue of the Smart Money studio contains industry novelties.

We cooperate with sphere leaders and offer a wide range of solutions for businesses of any size. There are compact models for halls with a small area and unique slot machines up to 3 meters high.

To order equipment from rated suppliers, please contact our manager.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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