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Free-to-Play Content: Effective Solutions for the Betting Business


The market of online wagers is characterised by high competition. An operator entering the industry must have an effective project plan and develop a strong popularisation strategy. This includes various promotion methods to attract a large audience, the fastest and most famous of which is free-to-play (F2P) betting.

Free-to-play sports betting: basic info

This content is an effective marketing instrument for entrepreneurs to engage more customers, without reducing profits.

There are many benefits and features of F2P betting and the specialists from Smart Money provide a detailed explanation. The aggregator has many years of experience in selling quality wagering solutions.

Free-to-Play Sports Betting: General Facts

This approach brings something new and unique to the gambling market. The F2P sector is where punters do not deposit funds.

Sports betting agents also get a benefit — they can familiarise new users with their entertainment portfolio. Punters can learn about functionality, event lines, teams, and the company's style without spending money.

The most popular free sportsbook entertainment are:

  • pick ‘ems;
  • live betting;
  • trivia quizzes;
  • social games, etc.

For example, in the US, sports betting was recently legalised. Mobile bidding apps, especially those featuring F2P content, are the most famous in the local gambling market. They have no direct call to action and apply to all states.

F2P entertainment also remains in demand in Canada and some Asian countries.

Free-to-Play Wagering: Benefits and Drawbacks

Free-to-play wagering: benefits and drawbacks

Such content is a modern tendency for attracting and retaining customers on betting sites. Free-to-play bidding helps build brand awareness and user loyalty.

The solution is different from betting for real funds. Most often, F2P games have fewer bidding methods and odds.

Let us review the key advantages and disadvantages of free wagers for businessmen and punters:

Side Benefits Drawbacks
For entrepreneurs
  • Improving brand recognition;
  • high loyalty from regular clients;
  • expanding the audience;
  • easier advertising
  • No direct sales;
  • a chance that users can leave the site without registration
For punters
  • No money expenses;
  • beginner player education;
  • cross-platform environment;
  • quick access without registration;
  • generous bonuses
  • No real-money prizes;
  • less content;
  • lower expectations of winning than in ordinary gambling

Another big advantage is the wide availability of F2P products even in the regions where wagering activities are not yet legalised.

How to Use Free Solutions in Betting Projects

Free-to-play betting software: usage tips

F2P content helps an operator promote branded products and encourages the regulation of the sportsbook business.

Its correct use requires the following actions from the entrepreneur:

  1. Following the trends. New operators of betting agencies must explore the main tendencies among players. The F2P entertainment should be attractive, bright, with a simple design and popular among gamblers at the specific moment.
  2. Adaptation of the platform. The field of sports bids requires a certain level of adjustment to technological changes in the wagering segment. It is constantly expanding and being filled with innovations.
  3. Smart promotion. Free betting is available everywhere despite the bans in many countries. They are easy-to-play options without direct calls to action, earnings and real money deposits, which help build the brand image.
  4. Collection of user data. This advantage of the F2P betting sector allows for analysing the behaviour, preferences and habits of players. In the future, it helps create personalised promotions, offers and incentive bonuses.
  5. Provision of mobile capabilities. Among sports bettors, there are many users of smartphones and tablets. The amusement process does not differ from activities via computers and allows remote use.
  6. Focusing on low-frequency bettors. F2P activities are most popular among beginner gamblers who spend minimum funds on deposits. These are low-frequency bettors who are easier to attract.

The Main Things about the Proper Usage of F2P Entertainment

In the modern field of sports wagers, the F2P sector is characterised by significant growth. Many new punters are willing to try free bidding programs for fun or practice. Users enjoy their favourite online activities without the risk of losing money, or the need to register or download.

Marketing opportunities for wagering operators are becoming more limited. Meanwhile, F2P content remains a free and accessible branding tool for bookmakers and affiliate marketers. They help stand out and encourage many new players.

With the Smart Money aggregator, you can launch a successful betting platform. It may include an exciting event line, reliable administration modules, and F2P mobile offerings.

Contact our consultants to learn more about opening a lucrative and trendy sportsbook.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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