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Crash Games: How the Casino Industry Meets New Requirements of the Audience

Updated 28.11.2022

The BBC published an outstanding fact: over the past 22 years, the concentration of our attention has decreased from 12 to 8 seconds.

Given the declining level of customer engagement and the ever-growing competition in the online gambling environment, operators are forced to look for new ways and tools to retain clients.

The solution to the problem was the maximum simplification of everything that surrounds the users of the Network. As a result, a completely new type of entertainment has become available to players — crash games.

Crash games: general info

Smart Money experts will tell you everything about this type of content, as well as its features and advantages.

What Is Crash Gambling Entertainment

The concept of these products is based on the operation principle of cryptocurrency exchanges. In fact, any genre entertainment is a quote chart which makes it possible to monitor the moves of a valuable asset and manage to withdraw funds before its fall.

There are only 2 main components on the screen: the growth line and the object that runs along it. Anyone or anything can be the key character. Most often, it is a rocket, a racing car, a superman, or just a coloured dot.

Users have only 2 control keys:

  • “place a bet”;
  • “withdraw winnings”.

The interface is simplified as much as possible. There are no small details, including story inserts (in the video format) and other visual effects.

This approach to design allows players to focus on the process and significantly increases the average time spent on the gaming site.

Unlike card entertainment, such as poker or blackjack where success depends on the experience and skills of participants, crash solutions are based on decentralised technologies and RNG algorithms.

This type of content attracts an audience of many thousands due to its absolute randomness and the simplest management possible. At the same time, many genre products promise unlimited payout potential.

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The Principle of Crash Games

Before the session starts, casino visitors place a bet. As a rule, the size of the initial deposit is practically unlimited. This approach attracts both beginning gamblers who do not want to risk losing large sums of money and professional high rollers.

As soon as the bid is placed, the object starts moving along the line, gradually increasing the multiplier (usually, it starts at x1).

The reward increases throughout the round. Many developers promise unlimited payout potential and set no limits on the size of the prize pool.

The task of users is to withdraw the winnings until the quote line will sag. As soon as the object on the screen falls, the bet is cancelled and the round is launched again. This can happen at any time, often, within a couple of seconds after the start of the game.

Since the duration of a draw is set by the RNG, it is impossible to predict the moment of zeroing. The absolute randomness of the outcome makes players feel a constant tension, thus warming up interest. Participants want to test their strengths time and again.

Modes and Types of Crash Games

Given the growing popularity of this content, developers of gambling solutions offer a rather wide variety of genre products.

As a rule, the main difference lies in the visual design but operators can also find several types of such draws that have various wagers and levels of complexity.

Betting Formats

Crash content, like any other variant of gambling product, is available in 2 modes: a free test run and participation with the bids placed using real money.

The paid version is presented in the following formats:

  • bets in traditional currency;
  • deposits in crypto assets, including NFTs;
  • mixed mode with non-monetary CS:GO winnings (loot boxes, skins, and other components that are used to improve the main character and extend the time of the game session).

Types of Crash Content by the Level of Complexity

Even though developments in this genre are characterised by simplicity and elementary control, players have access to some functional diversity.

Providers usually offer the following levels of complexity:

  1. Standard. In this mode, the increasing multiplier is always consecutive and equal to x1.
  2. Green Trenball. The object moves in leaps and bounds, and the level of bets with each new move can increase in the range from x2 to x10.
  3. Moon Trenball. There is a random set of multipliers and a system limitation on the withdrawal of prize money. Gamblers can collect a reward only when one of the peak values ​​with a coefficient of x10 is reached.

Auto Mode

One of the features of crash games is the ability for punters to fully automate the session.

Users can set a fixed rate, which will be paid directly from their accounts at the beginning of each new round. This option allows players to concentrate on the movement of game quotations as much as possible.

The developers of genre solutions have provided for the possibility of automatic winnings withdrawal. As soon as the multiplier reaches the specified value, the round is interrupted and the prize pool is credited to the user account.

Features of the Gameplay and Advantages of Crash Content

Crash content: features and advantages

Entertainment of this type combines tons of benefits and unique options that are aimed at maximising customer retention.

Among the features of crash products, we can name:

  1. Simple mechanics. Such solutions are developed based on RNG and do not require gamblers to acquire special skills, for example, successfully playing poker or blackjack.
  2. Intuitive mechanics. Crash content has a very understandable user interface. In fact, 2 buttons are enough to manage the session: Account Replenishment and Withdrawal of Funds, and even these options can be launched automatically.
  3. Thematic diversity. Despite the mechanics that are common for all genre products, providers of gambling services offer a wide range of plots: a rocket flies along the line, a racing car rides, a cat or pony runs, characters of famous memes move, etc.
  4. Dynamics of draws. They are made very quickly, and often, the session ends just a couple of seconds after the start, so players must stay focused all the time.
  5. The atmosphere of anticipation. The maximum concentration of attention, combined with the expectation of huge winnings, creates the perfect atmosphere of excitement, which is not available at the card table or while spinning the reels in online slots.
  6. Unique RTP indicators. The development of the basic level includes the minimum possible advantage of a casino. Besides, many providers deliberately do not set the maximum limit of the prize pool. Crash content is characterised by endless winning potential.
  7. Social aspect. All genre products are multiplayer by default and are designed for the simultaneous participation of an unlimited number of gamblers. Each of the users can track the actions of opponents and fight for the first place in the leaderboards.
  8. Cross-platform environment. Due to the simplicity of the gameplay and elementary mechanics based on RNG, crash content is focused mostly on the mobile audience. Draws are characterised by dynamism and high download speed, which allows players to continue the session regardless of the quality of the internet connection.

Popular Versions of Crash Games

Gambling providers have highly appreciated the potential and prospects of cross-platform multiplayer solutions in this entertainment niche. So, they offer a wide range of thematic products.

The most famous projects in the crash format



Brief description



The game is aimed at the American market.

Its feature is the use of deliberately outdated graphics, resembling the art of arcade entertainment of the 1980s.

The project has a fixed maximum reward of 100 thousand dollars



The development is extremely popular in the Middle East and North Asia.

Its design is a fly tracker and a line of motion of an aircraft.

The game attracts players with the absence of limits on the size of the maximum prize and the presence of a live chat that is used for communicating with other participants in the session


SmartSoft Gaming

It is a fantastic space project with no limits on the amount of remuneration.

Depending on the duration of the round, the multipliers also grow. Besides, the developers have provided 3 levels of progressive jackpots. Their size increases as the aircraft gains altitude and goes beyond the Earth's atmosphere

High Striker


For the first time, the studio showed interest in the creation of crash content back in 2017.

High Striker is the most famous project of the company, which is characterised by the most laconic design and focus on the mobile audience.

A fixed jackpot limit is 90 thousand dollars

Strategies for Casino Crash Games

Crash casino games: strategies

Since all such content is developed based on RNG algorithms and decentralised technologies, there is no totally winning strategy in this entertainment.

The result of the session is completely random, it is impossible to predict it. However, it is common for users to develop various theories that can potentially help them hit a big jackpot.

The most popular crash strategies are:

  • small stakes at the initial stages, which allow participants to quickly navigate the nuances of the gameplay and not risk large sums of money during the primary acquaintance with the product;
  • regular breaks in the session in case of several consistent failures allow gamblers to reduce the level of involvement and choose a more effective strategy;
  • reduction of rates after a victory allows players to “fix” a positive result and minimise the risk of a major defeat;
  • automatic session without changing the initially set parameters of bets and the frequency of the withdrawal of rewards.

The Main Things about Casino Crash Games

Entertainment of this type perfectly keeps up with the global trend of simplifying UX and delivering high payout potential.

  • Genre products are developed in the format of multi-user applications and are distinguished by the presence of a strong social factor. Some solutions provide special chats for communication between participants, various ratings, and leaderboards that make the session even more fun.
  • Despite the simple and typical mechanics, the gambling market has many versions of crash games with different levels of complexity. Players have access to interesting thematic products and projects with increased odds, unlimited prizes, and various wagering conditions.
  • Crash developments are a perfect way to attract a mobile audience. Due to the most simplified interface and the fully automated gameplay, casino content of this category guarantees a stable response and fast payouts, regardless of the quality of the network connection.

You can learn more about the latest iGaming trends and order a turnkey site with slot machines from the Smart Money studio.

We closely monitor all changes in the industry and offer the most effective solutions for local and international markets.

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