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Casino Promotion on Instagram: An Effective Traffic Increasing Tool

Updated 29.04.2020

A successful marketing strategy is impossible without interacting with social networks. The Instagram platform is an ideal option for those who want to build a profitable online casino advertising campaign.

Casino Advertising on Instagram

Benefits of online casino promotion on Instagram

The audience of social media, including Instagram, consists of millions of users. This is an active group of people aged 20-55 who are interested in modern methods of communication. Unlike Facebook, where the focus is on text content, the Instagram app is primarily a social network of “clicks”.

Users view photos, stories, get acquainted with short but informative posts, and follow the recommended links. The Direct option is also present here. However, users prefer to chat using Facebook or Telegram.

Casino promotion on Instagram is an ideal tool for effective CPA marketing. This technique implies that the customer is paid for specific targeted actions (the number of clicks, visiting an online casino website, including the subsequent registration).

The CPA model is one of the most transparent methods of paying for advertising, which serves as the main instrument for all affiliate programs. The operator can be sure of the desirability of expending on marketing actions. At the same time, the contractor will always receive a decent reward for the work he or she has done.

The Main Advantages

Casino promotion on Instagram has several undeniable advantages:

  • Creativity is needed to attract the target audience. Instagram for a casino is an ideal platform for creators of unique and interesting content. In contrast to retail, where marketers often copy each other, Instagram casino ads are always characterized by novelty and freshness of ideas.
  • Fast promotion. Gambling promotion does not require significant time expenses. The increase in popularity and creation of the subscriber base is performed using the principle of a snowball. It is enough to collaborate with a useful community several times or to deal with promoted profiles, and the network will provide decent traffic to the gaming website.
  • Powerful recommendation network. The collaboration with popular accounts is essential here. Even 2-3 likes from such profiles will help you raise your page to the first place of the social network top list (at least in a particular region). The main thing is to catch the emerging interest in your company in time and use this fact further.
  • Different search methods. Pages of promoted casinos appear in the recommended stream automatically. The possibility to search for a necessary account by a word or a hashtag is available to users too. 
  • Huge popularity. This social media is extremely popular in CIS countries and Europe. If you develop the advertising strategy correctly, you will get a good result.

Work with Gambling Offers

Gambling offers: features of work

Instagram casino advertising should be performed in several stages.

The Launch of the Account

Create one or more accounts that will become your sources of user traffic in the future. It is better to start from scratch, since previously used pages may fall under the administration ban.

Subscriber Base Extension

  1. The attraction of the target audience on your own. To do this, you need to add some interesting and catchy posts to your profile. The main emphasis should be made on video materials. Video files can show the actual number of views, while texts and photos present only an approximate amount of traffic.
  2. The use of account promotion services. A few years ago, it was a fairly effective method for a sharp increase in the target audience. Today, pages promoted with the help of such services are banned. Therefore, the main thing here is not to overdo it and use the mass-following tool very carefully.
  3. Collaboration with popular pages. This is a much safer method. Casino advertising on Instagram for a casino involves the purchase of likes from promoted users. Thanks to the recommendations of influential bloggers, your page will receive many new subscribers 

It is essential to add relevant hashtags to all your posts. This is necessary for the correct formation of the query kernel. The site itself makes hints, helping to choose the appropriate hashtags that will provide the posted materials with increased clickability (CTR parameter).

The Purchase of User Traffic

When your page has acquired high-quality information materials and loyal subscribers, you can proceed to the purchase of user traffic. Many gambling companies prefer to develop their profiles on their own. Given the high competition in the gaming area, this approach is unlikely to bring the expected result.

It is better to use the services of professional communities or individual affiliates who are well versed in the iGaming sphere. Highly specialized content marketplaces will create vivid and catchy content that will provide a massive influx of solvent gamblers who like to rest and relax during the game session.

An excellent solution is to interact with influencers (opinion leaders). Instagram casino ads imply work with famous bloggers and high rollers (gamers who play different games at a professional level).

Cooperation with Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract and retain an online casino audience. Instagram is ideal for gaining traffic through affiliates.

To make the cooperation beneficial for both parties to the agreement, it is crucial to adhere to several simple principles when creating your publications:

  • Convenience above all else. Any advertising post must have a well-thought-out structure and hashtag cloud. Moreover, it should be displayed in the search bar correctly. Cross-referencing is needed to keep people moving from one useful publication to another.
  • Call to action. The purpose of the promotion is to encourage the user to go to the casino website, register there, and make the first deposit. It is important not to overdo it, using too banal phrases and sentences. It is better to describe the real stories of people who won big jackpots while playing their favorite casino games. You can find lots of such examples on the Internet.
  • Continuous data updating. Many gambling services hold different promotions, launch new tournaments, and expand the range of available slots. Instagram posts should contain up-to-date information on current events and promotions.
  • Focus on the news. A lot of things are continually happening in the iGaming world. Regulatory acts are changing, thematic tournaments are held, and users win big prizes. Even if the large jackpot was not received at your institution, it is still worth mentioning this precedent. Someone will likely find your resource when searching for a place to win a big prize.

The Legislative Side of the Issue

The law does not prevent the promotion of casinos on Instagram.

Advertising rules are quite strict:

  1. Active links can be published only in your account. Otherwise, the profile that violates the regulation will be subject to sanctions by the administration.
  2. Advertising may be targeted only to persons who have reached the age of majority.
  3. You cannot interact with the audience located in those states where iGaming activities are officially prohibited. Such an interaction can be tracked by analyzing active IP addresses.
  4. The promotion of irresponsible attitude to gambling activities is punishable by law. The same applies to profiles that show entertainment as an alternative to real work.


The use of tools for casino promotion on Instagram is one of the most effective ways to attract a new audience and retain regular customers. Different strategies are used for this purpose. The most popular of them is working with content marketplaces, affiliates, and high rollers. At the same time, you can promote your casino independently.

Advertising should be truthful and objective. It must be aimed at adults. Only in this case, you will avoid the ban by the administration of the platform and problems with law enforcement agencies.

Smart Money will offer you the perfect strategy for promoting your gaming project. We work with all popular social networks, including Instagram.

You can order such turnkey ready-made products as online casinos, bookmakers, as well as live casinos from us. 

Cooperation with us will provide a decent profit for your resource and bring your brand to a new level. 

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Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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