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Virtual Casino Profit: Advantageous Investment for Prosperity

Updated 30.04.2020

The digital gambling market has been rapidly growing lately. In concordance with H2 Gambling Capital, the rentability of virtual casinos increased from $17 billion to $45 billion between 2009 and 2018. In the current year, the industry's turnover will exceed $56.8 billion.

Following the trends, one may notice that the gaming industry makes huge profits and is a great option for investment. Certainly, online operators are concerned about how to make more money in games.

Casino profits: advantageous investment

The team of Smart Money has published an overview of the main evaluation criteria for the gaming business and the relevant tips to increase casino profits.

Read this article for a piece of comprehensive advice on running a game business start-up. We will also undertake full technical, legal, and marketing support for your project.

Casino Profit Basics: the Calculation of Prospect in Gambling Project

These indicators are useful to assess the payback of the gaming site and create an efficient business strategy:

Basic calculation parameters for casino profits

Financial metrics

Gross earnings

This point demonstrates the aggregate proceeds of casinos before the internal financial costs are subtracted

Net proceeds

The scale of the project turnover after paying the commission charges such as licensing expenses, remission to the affiliate network, wages to software providers, monthly salaries, etc.

Net profit of virtual casinos to deposits

The metric displays the profit level of the site in relation to the total quantity of played bets

Played bets to the deposit size

This pointer reflects the complex casino profitability.

The progress indicates the high spending on game bonuses

Human values


The value represents the practical profitability of casino slots, helps to estimate the efficacy of promotional materials, distribute bonuses, and calculate location traffic pointers

Lifetime importance

This measurement demonstrates the profit of the institution from every user for the overall online activity

Churn rate

The lower number — the higher profitability of the site. This particular indicator fixes the correlation of a loyal public to the number of potential clients, not engaged in the offered services

"Mixed" indicators

The cost of engaging a gambler

The best option: the burnt bids of new customers completely cover the cost of advertising materials to attract an audience

The ordinary revenue per player

The operator estimates the digital casino profit using the scheme — collective turnover, which is separated by the number of active visitors

It is quite difficult trying to calculate the casino profitability without a particularised set of tools. For a fortunate gambling project, a manager needs to have professional software.

Making a quality assessment of the profitability of your business is possible using Smart Money software solutions.

Our main benefits and features:

  • 24/7 streaming data processing;
  • full automation of the internal processes of the system (elimination of errors of live operators);
  • communication support with the partner network;
  • reports services by the specified parameters (analytical records on user groups, information for certain periods, etc.)

Valid Techniques to Enhance Business Profits: How to Earn More in a Casino

Casino business profits: new trends

In terms of fierce competition, it is becoming more difficult to make money in web gambling. To increase casino profits, operators have to constantly monitor the market and offer new solutions to the audience. Their aim is more about offering a unique gaming experience, rather than the opportunity to win jackpots.

New trends in the web gaming industry include:

  1. Mobile market. From 2012 to 2018, there was a 117% increase in the number of users visiting online locations.
  2. Blockchain technology. For gamblers, it’s important not only to win but also to quickly withdraw money. With a cryptocurrency wallet, players can conduct transactions in a matter of minutes, avoid commission charges and maintain incognito status. Also, gamers can play for bitcoins without limits.
  3. VR solutions. The illusion of total immersion guarantees a unique experience in online casino profit.
  4. Live broadcasts. A conventional casino fruit machine is constantly losing ground to atmospheric live dealer entertainment. Moreover, with modern technology, the user has the opportunity to get connected with the croupier and the neighbours at the table too.
  5. Trustworthy client assistance. It is possible to increase casino profit not only due to the variety of content. Prompt response to customers’ requests is a key success factor for the project. The operator’s task is to ensure reliable and comfortable ways of communication (for example, chat on the website, e-mail, messaging, and thematic groups on social networking pages).

What is more, when thinking about how to increase the profitability of online casinos, it is worthy to consider the legitimacy of the business. By getting a gambling licence and certified software, any entrepreneur learns how to earn more in a casino, improves the level of audience loyalty, and finds more reliable partners.

After purchasing a licence, the investor may ask “Do casinos pay income tax?” The answer is that there is no unified fiscal system for regulating the business industry of wagering. The level of commission recoupment and relationship format with regulatory authorities relies mainly on chosen jurisdiction and the region of distribution of gambling facilities.

What to Know about Casino Income Tax: Fees around the World

Casino income tax: fees around the world

Despite the rapid growth of the online market, internet gambling is still banned in many countries. The European sector looks the most encouraging today: EU representatives are working on the creation of uniform fiscal norms for the casino industry.

In other countries, the virtual casino income tax is as follows:

  • Russia — 2.5–3 million rubles annually;
  • Ukraine — a 10% fixed rate for any size of online business;
  • the Republic of Belarus — 1500–7140 Belarusian rubles per piece of gambling equipment;
  • the UK — a fixed payment of 15% of gross earnings;
  • the US — a rate of commission charges varies between the states (30–55% annually);
  • Australia — a rate of 15% (relevant only for local operators, the provision of online gambling services by non-residents is prohibited);
  • South Africa — 29% of annual turnover (relevant for country residents only);
  • Argentina, Mexico — 30% for operators and 12% of the winnings for players.

The Main Things about Casino Profits

In order to earn in virtual gambling, an entrepreneur needs the most careful consideration and the collaboration of competent specialists. Formulating a strategy for developing and managing gambling site promotion all alone is difficult.

We suggest applying for the services of Smart Money. The administrators will earn how to increase casino profits at the minimum investment and how to enter the international market avoiding "pitfalls".

Our team is ready to start working on the project at any stage of its realisation. In addition, we ensure to provide full technical and marketing support with a money-back guarantee for 2–6 months.

Make profits with your project now!

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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