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Bitcoin Casino: Nuances of Using Blockchain Technologies in 2023

Updated 12.08.2022

In recent years, entrepreneurs are thinking a lot about how to start a Bitcoin casino. Decentralised technologies have become an integral part of the global economy and the IT sector. Cryptocurrency is already recognised as an official means of payment in Japan, several regions of the USA, Australia, Argentina, Germany, and some other countries.

Bitcoin casino: Blockchain technology nuances

Smart Money experts will tell you why it is beneficial to start a crypto casino and how to establish a successful gambling business in the new legal realities.

The Main Types of Cryptocurrency Gambling Projects

One of the key features of a cryptocurrency casino script is the ability to accept bets and pay out winnings in digital money. Moreover, operators can launch their start-ups in different ways:

Gambling Platform Based on Blockchain Technology

In this case, the website with slot machines is created using smart contracts and special program codes that work according to several algorithms.

The Blockchain platform automatically performs several administrative options, including calculation and analysis of deposits, distribution of profits, user payments, etc. Besides, intermediaries are not involved in the system, which significantly increases the response speed of the gaming site and the level of security of financial transactions.

Features and technical capabilities of a turnkey Bitcoin casino:

  • work without a control server (information on the operations performed within the system is stored by network users);
  • multi-level data protection using cryptographic encryption technologies and personal programs the access to which is provided via key passwords;
  • simultaneous transactions and storage of project operational data (smart contracts can contain any internal information about the work of the platform);
  • absolute confidentiality of participants without the possibility of identifying casino visitors by any third party;
  • completely transparent operation of the system with an ability to check whether the outcome of the session and the history of payments match or not;
  • reliable financial protection (transfers within the system cannot be interrupted or cancelled, just as it is impossible to freeze the player's wallet).

Online Casino with a Cryptocurrency Payment System

The Bitcoin gambling script can be written without the use of Blockchain technology. In fact, this is a traditional website with slot machines where instead of betting in fiat money, users make deposits and receive winnings in electronic coins.

The system is not designed to support traditional monetary units but in a technical aspect, it practically does not differ from typical casino platforms.

Gaming Sites with Hybrid Payment Modules

You can start a Bitcoin casino with support for digital currency wallets and traditional fiat services. This approach allows operators to greatly expand sales markets and audience coverage.

Moreover, entrepreneurs can choose payment modules that support several banknotes at the same time, including electronic coins.

Top 5 multicurrency payment systems in 2023 according to Smart Money experts


The service is not identified by the state financial regulators as a financial instrument because it uses special monetary units, which are not fiat currencies.

Since 2019, the platform has been cooperating with the INDX crypto exchange and supporting transfers in electronic coins.

The features and benefits of the solution include:

  • built-in currency converter with favourable rates;
  • the ability to create wallets for each type of banknotes;
  • the absence of commissions for transactions conducted within the system;
  • availability of the program for storing digital assets with the mandatory payment of dividends


The program is used by more than 26 million people all over the world. In 2020, the company began to support cryptocurrency transactions, allowing customers to buy/sell coins, use them as digital assets, and pay for goods and services using electronic money


Cryptocurrency transactions have been available within the system since 2018. Moreover, the corporation provided an opportunity to issue plastic cards for everyday payments in 178 countries.

A feature of the system is that coins are automatically converted into euros at the internal rate


The financial system is designed as an intermediary between the owner of an electronic account and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users have access to a built-in currency conversion program and the ability to conduct transactions within the system without any commission.

An additional advantage is the opportunity to participate in the brand’s referral program with several levels of payments


One of the most popular and recognisable financial services in the CIS market.

Support for cryptocurrency transactions based on this system began in 2020. To date, the company offers a conversion program and direct transfers only in Bitcoins but new digital units will be added to the system in the near future

How Security of Cryptocurrency Projects Is Ensured

Cryptocurrency casino: security assurances

The reliability and transparency of the crypto casino script are ensured by the following factors:

Operation under the Licence

Casino owners can legally enter the market only after purchasing a special permit.

The document is issued by local or international authorities and gives entrepreneurs:

  • possibility of cooperation with banks and other financial institutions;
  • legal protection in case of various disputable issues;
  • various tax breaks and benefits;
  • cooperation with rating vendors of gambling software;
  • ability to improve the brand's reputation in the eyes of potential customers;
  • access to the largest sales markets.

From the Smart Money studio, you can buy a Bitcoin casino with licences issued by the most respected regulators in the world.

It is worth paying attention to the following jurisdictions:

  1. Switzerland. The first attempts to legalise the cryptocurrency market were made back in 2013. The government confirmed the legitimacy of the use of electronic money but did not indicate its clear status. Since 2016, Bitcoins have been accepted to pay public services and taxes, and in 2017, the state introduced several bills and amendments the purpose of which was the full-scale development of cryptocurrency projects of any format. Moreover, companies with an annual turnover of more than 1 million dollars a year are allowed to operate without a special business licence.
  2. Singapore. In this country, the status of the digital currency fluctuates between an exchange-traded asset and a conventional means of payment. The activities of Blockchain projects are subject to a standard annual fee of 7% and private and long-term investments are not subject to taxation. Since 2017, the government has been actively developing a program aimed at transferring the national currency to the Ethereum-based Blockchain platform.
  3. Denmark. Cryptocurrency transactions here are not regulated by the state and are exempt from taxes. To enter the local market, it is enough for operators to obtain a standard gambling permit and timely declare income from the turnover of fiat money.
  4. Estonia. The regulator issues licences that allow entrepreneurs to accept any type of bet and guarantee loyal conditions for the development of the cryptocurrency business. More than 500 Blockchain projects have already been registered in the country. The decision to start a crypto casino with an Estonian permit not only guarantees operators comprehensive legal support but also exempts them from paying VAT.
  5. Belarus. Cryptocurrency projects of any format have been legalised here: from mining farms to Blockchain casinos. Coins have the status of a digital asset, while they can legally be used to pay for goods and services. The state is not only loyal to the cryptocurrency market but also makes every effort for its further development. Until 2023, all enterprises related to the gambling industry may not pay taxes.

An Open Balance of a Gaming Site

The honesty and security of projects that accept payments in digital monetary units are ensured not only by the legal framework but also by the technological features of Blockchain tools.

Smart contracts store data on all the operating processes of the casino. Moreover, each closed block has a personal Blockchain address, with the help of which entrepreneurs can get complete information about:

  • the number of conducted transactions;
  • the volume of deposits made by users;
  • the amount of winnings that were paid out;
  • the sum of compensations to members of the affiliate network;
  • the general financial balance of the gambling establishment.

Provable-Honesty Program

One of the unique features of decentralised technologies is the ability to independently evaluate the integrity of a gaming session.

The Bitcoin casino solution saves the size of bets and the history of combinations. After the end of the session, players can compare the game positions with the final result. Moreover, for this, it is possible to use any external resource.

Cryptographic Data Protection

The information base from which smart contracts are generated is automatically encrypted by the system and cannot be adjusted. All blocks are located in the public domain for viewing but they cannot be changed by any of the participants in the transaction or a third party.

Any attempt to change the data leads to a complete deformation of the chain, so it is instantly detected and blocked by the system.

Another interesting feature of Blockchain tools is instant action. The program can process thousands of requests per second, “preserving” incoming data almost instantly. All transfers within the system have an irreversible effect: they cannot be cancelled or interrupted.

The Main Things about the Features of Cryptocurrency iGaming Projects

Blockchain casino: key features

Decentralised technologies are a promising trend in 2023. The use of Blockchain tools gives operators a lot of benefits — from a multiple increase in sales markets to a guarantee of absolute confidentiality of participants.

  • The most economically developed countries have recognised cryptocurrency as a legal payment instrument. This approach allowed gambling operators to legally conduct transactions in electronic tokens without losing the ability to interact with traditional financial structures.
  • The Blockchain industry has received legal status in 111 countries all over the world. To work in the cryptocurrency sector, investors only need to obtain a special permit. Moreover, in several jurisdictions offering Bitcoin casinos for sale, it is enough to buy a standard gambling licence (for example, in Curacao, Belarus, Estonia, and Denmark).
  • The security of crypto casinos is ensured by the technical features of smart contracts. Information blocks are formed in a matter of seconds. It is impossible to interrupt or cancel a transfer within the system. Visitors to the gambling platform receive a guarantee of complete anonymity: to place a bet and withdraw winnings, it is enough to indicate the wallet number.

The Smart Money catalogue contains Bitcoin casino software in several formats. We will be glad to help you with the launch of cross-platform gaming sites and the development of mobile applications.

Our product range includes:

We guarantee comprehensive support and record launch speed. Our experts can develop a full-fledged gambling start-up in just a few weeks. Contact us to learn more.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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