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The Game of Bingo: Learning How to Interact with Players

Updated 15.11.2022

Online bingo is a fun game of numbers that gained enormous popularity during the pandemic. The demand for this entertainment has grown significantly due to the exciting atmosphere and increased attention to the web format from gamblers.

Online bingo games: general info

Bingo is a game with fast rounds, simple rules, bright visuals and great opportunities for the social interaction of punters.

At Smart Money, you can order a turnkey online casino with dynamic bingo games. Contact our manager and get an individual solution with a licence and powerful financial aggregators.

Internet Bingo: History of Game

This is an exciting wagering entertainment, which is classified as a lottery draw. It is based on a random number generator.

A certified random program selects a combination of numbers. If it matches the figures on the gambler's virtual card, the user has won.

In the first land-based versions of the game, the winners enthusiastically shouted "Bingo!". Modern online casinos delight punters with bright fireworks and generous bonuses.

Interesting facts from the history of bingo:

  • Italy is the birthplace of the game. In the 1530s, the local public played Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia by drawing odds with numbers. A little later, in the early 1800s, the game moved to France and Germany. The Germans used bingo cards for educational purposes to help students memorise the multiplication table faster.
  • The classic 75-number bingo cards were invented by Edwin S. Lowe, a New York toy salesman. Mr Edwin worked together with Carl Loeffler, the professor of mathematics at Columbia University. Together they created over 6000 combinations currently modelled in RNG.
  • By 1940, bingo had become an excellent tool for raising funds for charity. Catholic and Protestant parishes in America organised raffles among visitors, collecting huge money for the needs of the church. Moreover, the income from the game was not taxed.
  • Bingo is a popular treatment used in nursing homes in the US for wellness therapy and socialisation.
  • The biggest jackpot in internet bingo was recorded in Great Britain: the winner received 430.9 thousand pounds sterling.

Reasons to Connect Bingo Software

Bingo gambling software: main benefits

This game is rarely the only type of entertainment on a gambling site. It perfectly complements the casino site with slot machines and lottery draws.

The main benefits of installing online bingo software are as follows:

Good customer reviews

Players love the easy and fun entertainment since there is no need to build strategies and complex combinations of steps.

The game is interesting to both the millennial and aged gamblers

Entering new markets

In many countries where wagering activities are prohibited (for example, in India or China), bingo is considered legal entertainment.

In the United Kingdom, users can play the game from the age of 16. The age limit is reduced for participants in Germany, the Netherlands and other developed countries

Variety of amusement

Draws for 30, 75, 80, and 90 balls are available to users.

Speed-up versions of bingo and entertainment with improved game conditions are also gaining popularity. Punters need to pass all the fields, draw out all the tickets or complete other simple tasks

Effective socialisation tools

Bingo is a great solution for online player interaction. Clients participate in multiuser tournaments and share successful results with friends

Traditional Bingo: What Content to Install

The popularity of entertainment has stimulated the emergence of various derivatives of the classic 75-ball game. Gamblers play the exciting rounds with an increased number of balls and non-standard rules.

These are popular forms of bingo:

  1. 75-ball game. This is called an American type of entertainment because it is very popular among residents of the US and Canada. Standard 5x5 cards consist of 25 cells: 24 with numbers and 1 blank with the slogan "Bingo". The gambler needs 3 cards: during each round, he can choose 5 numbers from the 25 offered.
  2. 30-ball game. This is an accelerated version of classic entertainment. Punters use 3x3 cards with 9 cells and the word "Bingo" in the middle.
  3. 90-ball game. This type of entertainment is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. In addition to the increased number of prize lines, the version is enhanced with additional bets on 2 lines, 4 corners and full house combinations.
  4. 80-ball game. The highlight feature of the development is the ability to form prize lines horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

There are several variations of bingo depending on the additional conditions:

  1. U-Pick-Em (gamblers choose their numbers instead of getting a pre-printed card);
  2. Bonanza (in addition to the main prize, gamers have a chance to hit the progressive jackpot);
  3. Blackout (to get the award, users need to go through all the conditional fields on the cards);
  4. Death (an exciting round in which the winner is the last person to collect a winning combination).

Effective Interaction with Players

Connecting bingo content is a great way to attract a solvent audience to an online casino site. People like to play the game in groups, which always increases the operator's profit.

Let us review the methods of successful interaction with bingo admirers:

  1. Chat integration. Participants love to communicate with each other during draws and share successes and predictions for upcoming rounds. The connection of multilingual hosting will definitely attract the target audience to the gambling site.
  2. Installation of useful functions. As a rule, these are options for the automatic application of strokes (to mark numbers that have already fallen out), accelerated sorting of cards, and selecting cards in the nearest corner to the playing field.
  3. Live format connection. Communication support with a live dealer is an integral attribute of a modern online casino. In live bingo, the croupier spins the reel and draws out winning numbers. Gamblers can be sure of the absolute integrity of the wagering process because all the action takes place before their eyes.
  4. Actuation of in-game tools. These are extra points for activity, welcome bonuses, tournament sessions, leaderboards, progressive jackpots and other options to increase player enthusiasm.
  5. Development of an elaborate game lobby. Users will appreciate the bright design and convenient functions for controlling entertainment.

Verified Suppliers of Online Bingo Software

Online bingo software: verified providers

Smart Money offers gaming programs from the following trusted developers:

Evolution Gaming

Mega Ball is the most famous bingo entertainment in the manufacturer's catalogue. The product is suitable for integration into live casinos.

In the game, a charming female dealer organises quick rounds and takes out winning balls with numbers.

A total of 20 numbers are drawn, followed by 21 numbers with a random multiplier from x5 to x100


The company offers a quick 80-ball Extra Bingo game. The solution includes the option to double the money balance, for which the user needs to complete all the challenges in the risk round.

The Wazdan software is licensed in Curacao and Malta, so the operators will have no problems integrating the product into their online casino

Pragmatic Play

The premium provider of iGaming solutions offers 9 lottery options, including the stylish new Reels room, as well as traditional Bingo Blast rounds.

Bingo by Pragmatic Play supports the free spins feature. It is activated during the main game and in a special rotation room

Red Rake Gaming

The studio has 6 variations of lottery entertainment. The developer offers an accelerated version of the game (Extra Money), football-themed rounds (World Football), and a development with high multipliers (The Gold of Poseidon).

Products are distinguished by realistic graphics and non-standard plots

The Main Things about Bingo Software Connection

Smart Money offers you to order a turnkey online casino with built-in bingo games.

We provide a completely ready-to-launch product. The solution contains a payment module, a CRM system, and a service for generating reports and managing player accounts.

  • The main advantages of installing bingo software are a good response among gamblers, expanding the geography of customers, and a variety of game options. This online casino entertainment is available for every taste: players can participate in exciting drawings for 30, 75, 80 and 90 balls.
  • To improve the interaction with gamers, the manufacturers of bingo software integrate additional features. This is the connection of site hosting, live communication with dealers, the activation of management options, and the installation of in-system tools.
  • The Smart Money team recommends bingo software from Evolution Gaming, Wazdan, Pragmatic Play and other trusted providers. You can see the full list of developers on our official site.

Contact the manager of Smart Money and get a free demo version of the online casino.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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