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Increase the Acquisition Levels with Telegram Bots: A Detailed Guide from Smart Money

Updated 18.11.2020

The rapid development of the online gambling industry was marked by the particular popularity of mobile entertainment of this kind. Surprisingly, Android and iOS applications are not the only means to enjoy casino games. Telegram bots have recently invaded the market, being both extremely convenient and reliable. A lot of renowned internet gambling establishments have already developed their variations of games in this messenger.

Smart Money keeps up with the latest trends. Our game-engineering department actively takes part in creating new content for Telegram entertainment and its interaction with gambling platforms. Our specialists prepare unique offers for each client with the consideration of his audience and area of operation.

Telegram bots: professional development

Order professional development of Telegram bots to supply your players with the trendiest and most convenient way to enjoy gambling content.

Telegram Bots: Basics

The main reason why gambling activities in this messenger became so demanded is the anonymity policy in the messenger. All subscriptions, channels, and used bots can not be tracked by anybody. That is why more people opt for Telegram gambling.

Apart from that, the insane activity levels impress with the number of users. Here is a brief overview of the messenger’s popularity since its foundation:


Million users















2021 (est.)


The functionality of Telegram bots contains utility programs that work according to the coded algorithm. For the convenience of common people, the process of creation does not require profound programming knowledge. Telegram has a convenient working environment that allows configuring simple and complex algorithms.

The functionality of gambling bots allows users to:

  • find and depict the necessary information from the linked website;
  • receive answers to the frequently asked questions;
  • register on the gaming platform;
  • deposit funds to the online casino;
  • play some games;
  • withdraw winnings by a lot of convenient methods;
  • leave feedback about services.

The possibilities of Telegram gambling bots are wide for players. But they are even broader for online casino operators. Smart Money is into all intricacies of this entertainment. We provide the configuration of Telegram bots of any complexity levels. Order a profound elaboration of gambling algorithms in messenger from experienced developers at Smart Money.

Advantages of Bots for the Gambling Business

Bots for the gambling business: advantages

Telegram bots first became available in 2017. Till that time, the messenger has already been popular among more than 130 million people.

The main advantages that make operators create functional gambling bots:

  1. The expansion of new markets. The online gaming industry is legally available only in some countries. But with the total anonymity of Telegram, operators found a perfect way to overcome this restriction in other countries. With the help of bots, a player can participate in gambling entertainment as if he accesses an online casino.
  2. Simplicity. Telegram itself is a straightforward application that has an incomprehensive interface. Users get accustomed to the environment very quickly. No wonder why gambling bots are so popular here. Telegram bots have nothing but the functionality that appeals to a lot of players.
  3. Convenience. The main advantage of Telegram, in general, is the ability to provide a user with everything one might need: news, music, videos, communication, and now — entertainment. A person does not have to log in and log out of a Telegram gambling bot. It is always available after a user dropped a line to a friend and watched a few viral videos. This is why Telegram bots are so demanded.

The comprehension of all advantages of casino bots provided a great success to operators who decided to try them. Smart Money took a direct part in the popularity increase of some brands. Order the configuration of Telegram gambling bots and become the owner of a lucrative environment in a popular messenger.

Operational Process of Telegram Bots

First of all, an operator needs to ensure that his bot is popular among the Telegram audience. Here, a Bot Store will become handy. It includes thousands of user-created algorithms that can be found by keywords.

After that, the operational process does not seem complicated:

  • Once a player initiates the communication with your bot (usually with a command Start), it will offer the main functions for interaction. Operators are highly recommended to predict all desirable functionality that players would like to use in the bot. No manually type commands should be required from users — it makes the interaction complicated and unenjoyable.
  • The set of available options will pop up in a form of a virtual keyboard on the screen. Usually, the intuitive interface does not take long to understand. So, the first thing that a player should do is connect his account (or register a new one) to the existing one on a casino website.
  • The gaming process is very simple. For example, if a player accesses a blackjack room, he receives his first two cards with subsequent options (hit, stand, split, etc.). All games in Telegram bots are based on a random number generator (RNG). So, the program will automatically generate a dealer’s hand and calculate the outcome.
  • The gaming process of a Telegram gambling bot differs very little from the actual casino website. The only significant difference is the interface. Other aspects (mechanics, depositing, withdrawing, etc.) are similar to a fully-functional online gambling platform but with additional advantages.

Smart Money experts eagerly explain the creation process to our clients and develop the working Telegram games at any request. Extensive experience of working with this messenger allows us to avoid common mistakes and approach each operator individually. Order the elaborate bot-development at Smart Money and provide your players with a convenient gambling environment.

Telegram Bot Promotion

The first thing that an operator has to take care of before popularizing this type of entertainment is analytics. The data examination is essential for distinguishing the source of traffic and adjusting the advertising offers accordingly.

The key types of Telegram bots promotions are:

  • pre-paid ad banners;
  • affiliate marketing in various gambling-related resources;
  • advertising in other bots and Telegram channels;
  • top ratings in different lists of Telegram bots.

According to the latest statistics, operators claim that Telegram bots work as a preparation pad for players. A lot of new depositors get acquainted with gambling in this messenger first and then forward to casino websites for a fully-featured experience.

Surprisingly, while affiliate marketing is usually popular and efficient with online gambling websites, it is not the most used type of promotion when it comes to Telegram bots. The environment within the messenger is so developed that the majority of users access this type of entertainment from other channels.

Smart Money constantly strives towards improving available player acquisition channels. While it is still possible to set up a Telegram gambling bot by yourself, resorting to professionals will bear most efficiency. Order proficient bot development from Smart Money specialists to ensure an additional or improve the existing source of additional casino visitors.

Profitability Levels of Bots

The more players access an operator’s gambling environment, the more profit is eventually earned. Telegram bots prove this notion demonstrably with an additional advantage — mobile entertainment. It turns out that statistically, casino users that play from the messenger relate to the gaming process superficially.

Usually, they do not mind spending small sums regularly and perceive it as a reasonable payment for entertainment. It means they are not frustrated upon losing and access back whenever they want as a part of a daily routine.

At the same time, it does not mean that any Telegram bot can be immediately profitable. It is still essential to develop it wisely and profoundly, backing up on elaborate mathematical algorithms. Also, considering that the visualization possibilities are limited in Telegram, it is important to use them to the fullest. Players in the messenger understand that they do not come to see a beautiful interface. But it is definitely pleasant to feel the care from the operator’s side.

The Main Things about Telegram Gambling Bots

Telegram gambling bots: proficient setup

Some operators consider this type of gambling just an additional acquisition channel; others perceive it as an independent affiliation of their casino website. In any case, Telegram bots are a successful addition to any gambling business that will boost profitability if developed accordingly.

Smart Money experts understand the importance of constant upgrading for our clients. That is why we offer proficient setup of Telegram bots keeping in mind:

  • the main functionality of gambling bots (direct link to the website, quick FAQ answers, easy depositing and withdrawing, playing, etc.);
  • all advantages of this innovative entertainment (expansion of new markets, simplicity and convenience of usage);
  • the peculiarities of the gambling process that is based on a random number generator and linked to the main website;
  • importance of bot promotion with the core methods being ad banners, affiliate programs, advertising in other bots and Telegram channels, and ratings;
  • the possibility to boost the casino profit significantly with the correct configuration of the bot itself.

Smart Money works towards the benefit of our clients. We monitor the latest achievements in the industry and update all offers in accordance with modern trends. Order an elaborate Telegram bot development from Smart Money and increase the performance levels of your online gambling establishment with professional assistance.

Contact our support team for any additional queries:

  • Skype:
  • Telegram: @spinwin
  • e-mail:
  • the feedback form.
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