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Impact of COVID-19 on the Gambling Sphere

Such ground-based industries as the casino directly felt the influence of the Coronavirus pandemic. Due to severe restrictions on close interpersonal contact, many establishments had to pause their operation. Luckily, sensible entrepreneurs have timely noticed the online sphere, implemented the needed corrections, and successfully continued their operation.

Smart Money analysed the changes that touched the biggest casino brands. Since a lot of punters were deprived of their favourite entertainment, the virtual industry received a huge addition to the audience.

So, novice operators searched for ways to create new or update the existing platforms. Smart Money gladly provides such opportunities.

Consequences of Coronavirus on the Retail Sphere

Retail gambling business: consequences of Coronavirus

After the introduction of COVID-19 limitations, all ground gaming establishments had to alter their operational process. As a result, the statistics were formed on the most common implemented changes in halls.

Adjustments with slot machines:

Turned off


Changed the location


Installed barriers


Organised regular cleaning


Turned off until cleaned


Did nothing


It was surprising to see that more than a third of all respondent casino brands were not able to assure the safe operation of slot entertainment. Luckily, the rest managed to organise adequate adjustments to continue offering gambling amusement to their clients.

Adjustments with table games:

Decreased the number of players


Changed the location


Refused from table games


Decreased the number of staff


Did nothing


answer “Did nothing” implied that the layout of table games met the requirements of new limitations. At the same time, almost a third of responders were unable to secure an entertainment environment in their halls.

Adjustments with commodities:

Closed restaurants


Limited guests


Closed bars


No self-service


Only self-service


Stopped all F&B


Did nothing


Decreasing the number of visitors was the most common solution in gaming establishments that had F&B venues. Restaurants and bars are integral parts of gambling entertainment, so the lack of any of these commodities affected casinos.

Adjustments with promotions:

Excluded all promos


Refused from big offers


Focused on targeted promos


Focused on loyalties


Did nothing


It is hard to believe that a quarter of all respondent brands refused all promotions. The expenses on them were spent on covering other necessities that were caused by the Coronavirus impact.

General adjustments:

Limited working hours


Minimised the number of visitors


Allowed only regular guests


Forced personnel to wear masks


Forced visitors to wear masks


, the general tendency of the Coronavirus influence made it obligatory to adhere to preventative measures. The majority of gaming halls managed to accustom themselves to the new realities.

As of the middle of 2021, a lot of these restrictions were cancelled, and casinos can return to their regular (almost) working pace. Smart Money continues monitoring the situation with the pandemic and its impact on the niche.

Influence of Coronavirus on the Internet Industry

Online gambling business: influence of Coronavirus

Unlike the land-based gambling clubs, gaming sites have not stopped operating. Moreover, people’s interest in virtual platforms has grown rapidly. This is because many visitors of gambling halls found themselves in conditions of movement restrictions and started to seek entertainment at home.

Changes in iGaming amidst the Global Lockdown

It is possible to sum up an incredibly active development of the iGaming industry. Today, top-rated online casinos offer their visitors a wide range of licensed entertainment from trusted developers.

Security and privacy became the driving factors for players that smart operators gladly satisfied. This generated a steady inflow of potential customers. As a result, site managers successfully adapted their operation to the rapidly changing audience.

Biggest adaptations of gaming sites:

  1. Live casinos help preserve the atmosphere of the real-life hall. It allowed acquiring those players who missed the gameplay with dealers but were unable to visit venues due to the Coronavirus.
  2. VR technologies made it possible for ground casino punters to emerge into the same visual environment they were used to visiting. Thanks to rapidly developing technologies, the necessary equipment is easy to purchase.
  3. The biggest casinos had or quickly opened their representatives on the Internet. Those players who visited only particular halls were able to continue to enjoy their beloved entertainment after the closure.

Advantages of Gaming Sites in the Pandemic

Quick access to the gambling world, a huge variety of slot machines from proven world software developers, the availability of lucrative bonuses, and many other features make virtual clubs extremely attractive to visitors.

Statistically, after the beginning of COVID-19 lockdown, punters began particularly appreciating:

  • live round-the-clock user support instead of chat-bots and FAQ pages;
  • individually designed games that match the cultural peculiarities of the region;
  • instant payments with cryptocurrency by convenient methods.

Another significant advantage of online clubs is the inability to contract a Coronavirus infection. Since players do not have to contact each other, this means they can enjoy their favourite entertainment without risk to health.

The Main Things about the Impact of COVID-19 on the Gaming Industry

Impact of COVID-19 on casinos: key notions

There was no devastating impact on either of the spheres. Both web and ground gaming areas managed to withstand the difficulties of the Coronavirus pandemic decently. While some retail establishments were forced to pause their operation, the majority adjusted to the lockdown requirements well.

The biggest adjustments made by gaming clubs:

  • limited working hours, minimised number of visitors, regular guests only, forced masks for personnel and visitors;
  • changed location of slots, installed barriers, regular cleaning of machines, turned off terminals until cleaned;
  • decreased number of players and staff at tables during poker, roulette, and similar entertainment;
  • live round-the-clock user support, individually designed games, instant payments with cryptocurrency for gaming sites.

The experts at Smart Money constantly monitor the changes in the gaming industry. If you are looking for reliable assistance in launching a business in the area, we will gladly offer high-quality assistance.

Turnkey solutions, a White Label platform, casino scripts, a Blockchain system, and many other propositions make up an extensive assortment of services. Reach us out via official communication channels and order the desired products.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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