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  • How to Configure an Effective Payment System and Keep the Casino Retention High

How to Configure an Effective Payment System and Keep the Casino Retention High

Updated 02.03.2024

Visitors of gaming sites value their convenience (also known as user experience) the most. It is achieved with the help of numerous components, but one of the essential ones is payment opportunity. Understandable transaction methods incentivise visitors of such sites to continue gambling due to quick and effortless ways to make deposits and receive withdrawals.

Payment systems in online casinos

The Smart Money aggregator has been monitoring the possibilities to optimise payment systems of web casinos since our emergence on the market. While international gateways provide ubiquitous replenishments regardless of the destination, local transferring means ensure additional points of trust from players.

Order our assistance in payment optimisation and get your retention levels on the top level.

Improvement Strategy

The integration of reliable ways of depositing and withdrawing is only the first step towards configuring a steadily working payment system. The presence of various supporting means increases the efficiency of analysis and boosts user experience a lot.

Major functions for maximum optimisation of the casino payment system:

  • financial reporting management;
  • AI risk analysis;
  • fraud-prevention means;
  • money-laundering protection;
  • security procedures.

The safety of online payments is a core of successful operation for any web gaming establishment. It makes the platform a trustworthy resource, ready to store and secure the financial capacities of clients.

No payment system functions adequately without coherent security insurance. A casino administrator has to pick a solution that is capable of effective risk management. The instruments for forecasting punters’ activity are integral here as well.

Today, the most widely used protection module is a Risk Management Tool for Behavioural Modelling and Player Profiling. Such a wisely configured security environment makes it possible for a site owner to monitor users’ activities from the perspective of financial performance. With a subsequent setup of the payment interface, the site manager matches the players’ demand with the most beneficial layout of the available resources.

Essential Data

A lot of factors influence the visitors’ mood during financial operations. Recently, players have become less patient when it comes to depositing or withdrawing. The safety demands have also grown since the technical literacy of players became higher.

A well-configured security system for transactions considers the following data:

  1. Players’ behaviour on the gaming site.
  2. Presence and activity in social networks (if connected).
  3. Geographical location and IP address.
  4. Type of the device (desktop, tablet, mobile).
  5. Preferred methods of payment.
  6. Deposit control (how much and when).
  7. Reasons for card rejection.
  8. 3D safety.
  9. Second-factor authentication.

This information makes it easier for the site operator to offer visitors methods of payments that suit the correspondent data. It improves the relationship with the establishment and boosts retention rates.

Types of Transaction Means

Payment services for casinos: main types

Technological progress proposes various payment possibilities for web casinos. It is of utmost importance for an operator to integrate as many means as possible that would match visitors’ preferences.

Most popular transaction methods:



Real-time bank transfer

It is one of the most popular payment options in Europe and the US. Bank transfers exclude the chance of hacking or stealing


A convenient method of payment if there are retailers in the area. However, it bears the chance of money-laundering


An incredibly fast and efficient type of payment that does not allow players to go in a negative balance in case of insufficient funds


Minimal commission of this method makes it popular among numerous visitors of gaming sites


A modern approach to retail receipts conquered a lot of users, especially when it is possible to buy it on a sale or with a discount

Mobile transactions

A convenient type of payment that can not withstand the rivalry for now due to high commission rates installed by communications provider

Statistically, players resort to payment cards most often while making a deposit. Since almost all solvent gaming site visitors have them, this method is considered on the top of popularity. At the same time, not all transactions are successful. Here, the monitoring system helps to distinguish the type of mistake and report the reasons to the user and operator.

Common rejection causes:

  • insufficient balance;
  • disallowed transaction by the service provider;
  • failed 3D security authentication;
  • incorrect card number;
  • wrong PIN;
  • expired or blocked payment card.

After the reasons were distinguished, the technical support team of the web casino helps eradicate the problem or suggest other ways of depositing funds. Such immediate contact with a client allows keeping the player aware of the operator’s care. As a result, a quick solution to the problem leaves the gambler satisfied.

The Main Things about Optimisation of Payment Systems

Optimisation of payment systems: key notions

Players always worry about their funds, regardless of whether they deposited $1,000 or $10. It pushes the operator of the gaming site towards maximising the match of clients’ demand and the availability of secured and reliable payment means.

The key notions to keep in mind while integrating the corresponding software:

  • the payment system has to be completed with reporting functionality, risk avoidance tools, fraud-prevention, and anti-money-laundering insurance;
  • the security measures of the web gaming establishment must work tightly with the transactional means and collect the necessary data;
  • real-time bank transfer, voucher, Visa/Maestro/MasterCard, e-wallets, e-vouchers, and mobile transactions are the most common means for depositing.

The Smart Money aggregator has established functional payment systems at dozens of gaming establishments. The innovative technologies we use help in matching the requests of the demanding audience perfectly well.

You can order the integration of a payment system, security tools, and many other services (mobile casino development, White Label possibilities, Bitcoin platform, etc.) at our company.

Reach us out through the official communication channels.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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