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FAQ: Listed Questions and Answers about Building a Casino Site

Updated 29.09.2023

Even the most experienced operators might have issues with assembling and configuring their gaming portals. Common answers to most asked questions save a lot of time for such managers. Novice operators will find the list even more informative and helpful.

Smart Money experts decided to gather the top 10 commonly asked questions during the preparation for the web casino launch and offer them to our clients. If you need additional information, you can always contact our customer support services and inquire about the necessary details or place an order.

How Much Does the Average Online Gaming Platform Cost?

Gaming platform: cost

Depending on the variant of the business you want to run, the price can fluctuate from $10,000 to $300,000.

Casino franchise

In case you conclude a franchise agreement, you will be simply keeping up with the site’s smooth functional operation. It implies spending practically no personal funds — around $10,000–$15,000

Meanwhile, you will get not high since the greatest part of the revenue will be sent to your parent organisation

White Label platform

In case you settle on the White Label business, the costs will be around $20,000–$30,000.

It will predominantly incorporate the promotional commitments and will ensure 25–30% of total income

Casino from scratch

If you are planning to dispatch your portal on a turnkey basis, you ought to have a starting budget of around $300,000 for a smooth beginning.

For this situation, you will be independently accountable for all income that you will get

Which Country Has the Most Favourable Opportunities to Start a Gaming Platform?

Generally, for maximising the most efficient price/quality ratio, new administrators are prescribed to contact foreign-based gaming commissions. This is beneficial for them due to low licencing costs and appealing working conditions:

  • the Isle of Man (authorising cost — $36,000);
  • Alderney (authorising cost — $95,000);
  • Kahnawake (authorising cost — $43,000);
  • Costa Rica (authorising cost — $17,000);
  • Gibraltar (authorising cost — $135,000);
  • Malta (authorising cost — $18,000–$660,000);
  • Curacao (authorising cost — $7,000).

Is a US Operating Permit Worth Investments?

In this market, the most renowned area for acquiring a permit is New Jersey. An operator has to meet several requirements as well as be ready for an above-average cost of services. It might reach as much as $1,000,000. As a result, a manager will get admittance to the world’s most respectable software suppliers and a solvent audience.

Different states additionally offer you enticing licences, yet in contrast with the offshore locales, the cost is a lot higher. Considering your business aims, the US permit can be both productive and inefficient.

How Might Registration in Europe Alter as the COVID-19 Pandemic Ends?

The most serious issue here is the monetary circumstance. Since most nations have experienced extensive misfortunes due to the lockdown, they will look for sped up recuperation.

That is the reason the permitting costs may go up significantly in certain destinations. As a result, administrators should settle on a complicated decision of which operating zone they should pick.

What Are the Aggregator Firms, and What Is Their Difference from Software Manufacturers?

Casino aggregators and software manufacturers

Normally, when a manager contacts a product vendor, it will ask what is needed in the particular case. Scarcely any supplier will give you a proposal over what programming is better for you, which games will be gainful to introduce to the audience, and so on.

Aggregators collaborate with the suppliers and administrators straightforwardly. It means managers can rely on them and ask whatever they may require help about. This organisation will offer you broad guidance and assistance that the portal might need for smooth activity. Then, an aggregator contacts the product creator and requests vital goods from them.

Which Benefits Are There When Working on a Network alongside Other Managers?

When an administrator launches a web-based casino, he probably will not have an enormous database of customers. Simultaneously, they need to guarantee their guests are happy with the gaming interaction.

That is the reason working with different administrators on a network permits your customers to play with others while you are still low on traffic. The most well-known entertainment types here are poker, Blackjack, bingo, roulette, and other gaming activities.

What Benefit Can Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Bring to the Project?

The web-based gaming sphere uses digital money at Blockchain gambling clubs. They ensure the complete anonymity of deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, transactions from one e-wallet to another are conducted in a split second.

There are administrators who configure their portals around digital money, while others incorporate it as one of the conceivable instalment techniques. The decision should be made relying upon your intended interest group and their inclinations.

What Is the Reason to Stick to the Responsible Gaming Regulations?

If the commission obliges an administrator to adhere to the gambling guidelines, he has no other decision. Meanwhile, if there is no such order from the authoritative bodies, it is about personal choice. Making a benefit is each administrator’s definitive objective. However, efforts might be excessively obsessive sometimes.

Gaming sites’ visitors can develop serious health problems, connected with ludomania. To acquire the trust of players, a manager can introduce individual guidelines to avoid upsetting circumstances with the visitors and their health condition. By introducing distinctive restriction instruments, an operator will give clients a decision: to utilise them or not.

Which Bonuses Are the Most Effective for Promoting a Gaming Site?

The best strategy is a combining all accessible rewards to guarantee visitors get what they need:

  1. Match Bonus (deposit $50, get 100% bonus). It is used as an incentive to entice a customer to generate more expenditures for the casino.
  2. Fixed Bonus (deposit $50 or more, get $30 bonus). It is used to offer a player a set amount based on a required minimum deposit.
  3. Free Spins/Bets. They are awarded as a direct prize in a particular game. Winnings derived from free bets may carry additional conditions applied or may be granted as real money.
  4. No Deposit (get free $10 upon signup). They are primarily used to acquire new players and are awarded to them for registering a new account.
  5. Cashback/Rebate (up to $25 rebate on losses). These bonuses entice players by offering them a return on their losses and are a good way to acquire first-time depositors as well as retain existing players.

How Should You Act In Case of Not Enough Managerial Experience to Build a Casino?

Online casino launch: professional assistance

It is the most common issue that a lot of novice administrators face. The information available on the Internet can be insufficient due to constantly altering regulations and trends. In this case, a new operator can resort to a professional aggregator company.

Smart Money offers turnkey solutions that imply a complete elaboration of the project.

Also, it is possible to order separate services, such as advertising, live casino, VR implementation, and mobile platform integration. Contact us via official communication details to find out more about our propositions.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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