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Ensure Responsible Gambling Principles at Your Web Casino

Updated 04.12.2023

Apart from obligatory licences, the country’s authorities also demand gaming managers adhere to certain principles of trustworthy operation. Responsible gambling is a broad concept that affects punters, business owners, and regulators. This established requirement to comply with current policies ensures that the users’ interests are put first. This includes their safety and a unique entertainment experience.

The Smart Money aggregator stresses the principles of responsible gaming to every client. We provide in-depth assistance with establishing the proper legal background for casino sites. Moreover, the preferences of the operator’s target audience help create a perfect environment for enjoying the entertainment.

You can inquire at our customer support team for additional details about the order of the services.

Responsible Gambling Features

Responsible gambling: core features

Establishing a convenient gaming site is not enough to make the project work. Today, the principles of responsible gambling are one of the most discussed topics in the industry. The established rules govern the behaviour and operation of virtual clubs.

At the same time, there is no single set: each country and even individual casinos adjusts the basic system for responsible gaming independently. Knowing the cultural characteristics of the audience helps portal administrators a lot.

The integral principles are the following:

  1. Forming the correct attitude towards gambling with users. The key to successful interaction with clients is ensuring they perceive your services as an exciting pastime and not as a way to make money.
  2. Focusing attention that a loss is a natural part of any game. Here, operators should constantly warn their visitors against committing large deposits that the latter can not afford to lose.
  3. Offering information about gambling problems. On the separate page of the site, users must be able to find data about issues connected with obsessive playing as well as contact details of venues that help in such situations.
  4. Integrating self-exclusion tools. For maximising convenient user experience, operators should introduce self-restraint instruments. This software can be set up to limit the amount of deposited funds or time played.

Also, there are other helpful programs related to responsible gaming:

  1. External assistance. Special companies provide users with additional software that can block access to gaming sites.
  2. Age limit. Legal requirements prevent teenagers from gambling, so verification on the site is obligatory.
  3. Parental control. Special pages of the casino should contain information for parents of potential underage users. Also, links to dedicated software to track the history of children’s web searches have to be provided.

Responsible gambling is a set of principles and rules that helps casino administrators increase gaming convenience significantly. As a result, it minimises the likelihood of losing regular clients, increasing retention.

That is why every operator needs to follow these requirements carefully and unswervingly while forming the workflow of the establishment. The experts from Smart Money will gladly help you with this and many other issues.

Types of Players and Their Inclination to Gaming Problems

Types of players: inclination to gaming problems

The best way for an operator to deal with the possible gambling obsession that can arise in visitors is to prevent it. First, it is necessary to understand the division of the target audience into key groups. Depending on the percentage of the players, the manager has to conduct appropriate preparation for responsible gaming.

3 most common types of casino visitors:

Clients that play to enjoy

These people bear the minimal risk of developing gambling obsession. Since they perceive such entertainment as a quality pastime, they have no trouble stopping

Time-on-device customers

These people visit gaming websites more often and can bet larger sums. At the same time, their main purpose is to communicate with others about their achievements and not to win money

High-stakes punters

These people have the biggest risk of developing ludomania. The reason is simple — they play to beat the casino. Once lost, these site visitors try to cover the expenses by bigger wagers that can eventually lead to obsession

Therefore, as soon as an operator of the gaming portal understands what types prevail at the casino, he can implement appropriate measures in addition to the generally accepted. The most popular approach is to communicate with the potential target of obsession independently. If an operator sees vivid symptoms of gaming problems, he can limit the client from gambling on the site.

Smart Money can supply the necessary software for such actions. Apart from knowledgeable informational coverage, our services include the integration and configuration of appropriate tools for controlling customers with potential obsession.

The Main Thing about Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming principles: key notions

The reputation of the establishment plays a huge role in the acceptance of the portal by clients. If an operator declares his web casino as a reliable venue that adheres to all responsibility principles, acquisition and retention rates will be at the highest levels possible.

The key notions to keep in mind about conscious gaming:

  • forming the correct attitude towards gambling with users is essential for sticking to the right atmosphere among the audience;
  • focusing attention that a loss is a natural part of any game softens the possible negative reaction and sets players’ mindsets to the right wavelength;
  • offering information about gambling problems rapidly increases the reputation of the operator and his website;
  • integrating comprehensible self-exclusion tools offers the visitors a convenient opportunity to avoid potential gaming issues.
The Smart Money guide studio stresses the necessity to adhere to responsibility principles. If you are looking for reliable expert help in any legality queries, contact our customer support team via official communication means.

Also, you can order other products and services of our company, including turnkey project development, White Label and franchising solutions, Bitcoin platform creation, etc.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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