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  • CPA Affiliate Marketing as an Efficient Way to Promote Your Online Casino

CPA Affiliate Marketing as an Efficient Way to Promote Your Online Casino

Updated 10.11.2020

The promotion of an online gambling platform is the most important stage of the entire development process. Regardless of how functional and attractive an internet casino can be, it will bring no profit unless enough people know about it. This is where digital marketing becomes handy. Among all possible advertising possibilities available, affiliate programs are the most efficient in this sphere.

Smart Money marketing department offers extensive affiliate planning with an individual selection of portals according to the peculiarities of your establishment. Our promotional advisors work towards maximizing player acquisition as well as keeping retention levels high. Order Smart Money advertising services to ensure people are aware of your gambling platform.

CPA Marketing: Basics

CPA marketing: basics

Affiliate marketing became so popular and efficient due to its straightforward nature for all participants of the process. The CPA (cost per acquisition) strategy implies remunerating affiliates for each successful action of their website visitors towards the promoted online casino.

The most popular actions of this kind are:

  • form fill-out;
  • subscription to a mailout;
  • registration;
  • first deposit.

This term has another interpretation and in other businesses can mean cost per action. But in online gambling, it is often related to acquiring new clients who register or make their first deposits. Different affiliate agreements have distinct terms, and these are the most efficient ones for operators.

The usage of CPA systems alleviates the promotion of online casinos. A smart selection of partners that can supply the right audience to your establishments, increases the traffic significantly and maximizes the acquisition rates.

Smart Money marketers have been developing efficient affiliate strategies for more than five years. All of them were successful, and our clients-operators remained contented with our assistance. Order reliable affiliate configuration at Smart Money and popularize your online gambling platform to receive huge profits.

Affiliate Programs: Operational Process

This type of advertising builds contacts between casino operators and portal owners. While the first ones look for obtaining new traffic, the second try to find where to direct their visitors. Considering the audience of the portal, online casino managers pick the ones that are related to their ideal customer profile.

When such a platform is found, a casino operator supplies the promotional material to a webmaster. The advertisement itself can be conducted in a form of banners, articles, videos, images, and any other digital source of information. The only requirement for it is a clickable nature.

Behind every promotional material lies a backlink that redirects a customer to the operator’s casino. In case such a person successfully finished a certain action agreed in the contract between a webmaster and an operator (fills the form, subscribes, registers on the site, or makes a deposit), a portal owner receives his remuneration.

The entire scenario of a viable affiliate program includes the following stages:

  1. The sides agree on the action that must be performed by a redirected customer.
  2. Webmasters start designating their traffic to online casinos.
  3. The increased flow of new users popularizes the online casino.
  4. A webmaster receives remuneration for each completed action.
  5. The casino owner adjusts the affiliate program to make it acquire even more clients.

A lot of new operators ask what the best webmasters are. What resources can supply the biggest amount of potential players to online casinos?

The most profitable affiliates for operators are:

  • bloggers with a significant number of subscribers;
  • gambling-related forum boards;
  • daily online magazines with related articles;
  • target specialists.

It does not mean that a new operator should look for particularly these resources. The key requirement for an efficient affiliate program is the wide audience and a steady flow of potential players.

Apart from that, it is essential for casino operators to utilize different analytical tools. Such software will provide an in-depth insight into the most valuable traffic sources and focus on the strategies towards improving the fixtures.

Key Advantages of Affiliate Programs with CPA

Affiliate programs with CPA: key advantages

CPA affiliate strategies are capable of bringing a lot of new players to online casinos. It is possible thanks to numerous opportunities that can only be achieved through this marketing method:

Multiple promotional channels

Experienced webmasters offer operators a wide range of possible popularization channels including context ads, social networks, mailouts, video ads, pop-up notifications, mobile apps, etc

Remuneration clarity

Proficient tracking software shows what actions have been completed and remunerates only those instances. Such a system encourages webmasters to make the promotion as efficient and attractive to potential users as possible

Analytical services

Besides the tracking software, an efficient affiliate program has profound analytical tools. Here, an operator can see where a player came from and focus on the most efficient sources of acquisition

High levels of performance

An affiliate program will be beneficial to all participants of the process only in case they all work to their fullest. The less attractive a webmaster makes the ad, the less profit he will eventually receive

Precise payments

An operator pays only for the action performed by the acquired player. As the brought client continues his activity on the platform, all profit from him is kept at a casino

Configuration Parameters of an Affiliate Program

The first thing that an operator should indicate during the setup of an affiliate program is the targeted action. Beginning platform owners would want as many new players as possible, so it would be wise to pay for each registration. At the same time, platforms with a steady flow of players need quality traffic that brings deposit to the website.

Next, an operator indicates a few other parameters:

  • remuneration to an affiliate for each action performed by a client;
  • targeted geo for attracting the desired audience;
  • the list of preferred channels;
  • the index of forbidden key phrases, images, and links that should not be used while attracting players.

A lot of former experienced players tend to start online affiliate blogs with gambling-related articles. Such resources are extremely popular among potential players as they find a lot of useful info about the beginning of their casino career.

Smart Money can easily navigate new operators to such blogs as our list of affiliate partners is very extensive. Order high-quality assistance from our company and start acquiring new players as soon as the agreement is concluded.

Other Affiliate Models

Affiliate models: other marketing options

Even though the cost per acquisition model is the most used in the online gambling sphere, some operators also resort to other payment methods for performed actions. The revenue share is also a popular way of remunerating affiliates for the brought traffic. It involves receiving commissions from the general income that the casino receives from each acquired player.

Online casinos reward the affiliate not immediately. The payment in a revenue share model is conducted from NGR (net gaming revenue) instead of GGR (gross gaming revenue). It means that all taxes, bonuses, and jackpot deductions are excluded before an operator pays off the amount to the affiliate.

The reason some operators resort to this particular payment model is the result. While CPA focuses on the quantity of the traffic, the revenue share cares more about its quality. The remuneration is paid out in the percentage of players’ winnings and can reach up to 50–60%. This motivates affiliates, and they try their best to direct high-quality traffic to online casinos.

The revenue share and CPA models are not the only existing ones. Some casino operators prefer mixing both methods and come up with a hybrid variant. It combines the advantages of two models and orients on the quantity and quality of the traffic.

The Main Things about Online Casino Affiliate Marketing

The profitability of your internet gambling platform depends on how well you popularize your resource. Affiliate marketing, particularly on a CPA basis, ensures a steady stream of new website visitors and potential players. With the wise selection of partners, it is pretty easy to gather an enormous audience for your online casino.

Smart Money offers a great assortment of different promotion services. Moreover, our marketing experts can provide an in-depth guide on the main peculiarities on the CPA affiliate model for beginning operators:

  • Cost per acquisition is a popular affiliate model in online gambling that remunerates partners for each action (mainly first deposit) by a redirected user.
  • Popular bloggers, gambling-related forum boards, and daily online magazines with related articles are widely used channels among casino operators.
  • The main advantages of resorting to CPA marketing are numerous channels, remuneration clarity, analytical services, high levels of performance, and precise payments.
  • Another available gambling affiliate model is a revenue share that focuses on the quality of the traffic, while a hybrid promotion combines the best features of the two forms.

The marketing experts at Smart Money constantly monitor the latest changes in the world of casino promotion and adjust them to each order. We aim to make our clients’ platforms popular and demanded all over the world. Order best affiliate services at Smart Money and make your online casino a renowned gambling resource.

Reach us out for any additional information via:

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  • e-mail:
  • the feedback form.
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