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Configuration of Efficient Affiliate Campaigns with Pro Marketers from Smart Money

Updated 18.01.2024

The importance of online casino marketing is self-explanatory — the more your internet gambling establishment is popular, the more profit you receive. While digital marketing means are becoming more profound, operators from all over the world largely rely on affiliate programs. This promotional method is popular and efficient in both regulated and unregulated markets due to its straightforward advertising nature.

Smart Money keeps up with the latest casino marketing trends all the time. Our proficient advertising department has already successfully developed dozens of promotional strategies. Our profound experience and extensive database of affiliates allow approaching each advertising campaign with individual development. 

Order effective advertising assistance from Smart Money and popularize your gambling establishment with affiliates all over the world.

Affiliates: Basic Notions

Affiliates: basic notions

These content-based websites with dense traffic rates offer advertising services to operators by sharing articles, banners, video information with the reference to a promoted resource. The visitors of these websites get interested in the product and click on the ad. Then, considering that this person completes an action agreed between an affiliate and an operator, a webmaster of the site receives remuneration for the attracted player.

Type of Engaged Audience

The main reason why affiliate strategies are so popular is that they attract a high-targeted audience. These websites are partially or completely related to gambling. Therefore, the possibility to obtain a new casino visitor from a person who clicked on an ad is particularly high.


The core that makes all affiliate programs work is a traceable backlink. It is generated automatically for each user who clicks on the ad. The main function of this link is to tell an operator who brought the casino visitor in case of a successful action. Apart from that, these backlinks help create reports to understand which affiliate brought the most traffic.

Remuneration Models

Each player that was brought by an affiliate makes an operator pay the compensation. The type of a fee and the way of payment is defined in the agreement made by the sides.

The most widely used remuneration types:

  1. RevShare. An affiliate receives a percentage from all winnings of a redirected player. Online casino operators resort to this model if they require quality traffic that is capable of making big deposits.
  2. Cost per acquisition. A platform manager pays for each agreed action conducted by a redirected player. It is a one-time payment, and the rest of the profit made by a casino from this user is kept by an operator. It is a quantity-based model that encourages affiliates to attract as many users as possible.
  3. Mixed. This model combines the advantages of both remuneration types. It is used to receive both quality and quantity traffic to the gambling website.

Market circumstances also influence the choice of the compensation model that the sides agree on. Some webmasters generate only a particular type of traffic and accept only CPA or revenue share payments (either of them). Apart from these factors, an operator’s budget is another aspect that defines the final choice of the model.

Smart Money has been working with hundreds of affiliate websites. Their traffic flow is substantial and the advertising possibilities are great. Our marketers will help you pick the right websites and design perfect ads to attract as many new leads as possible. Order Smart Money advertising assistance and become the owner of a popular online casino in the area.

Benefits of Relying on Affiliates

Affiliate marketing for a casino

Online casino operators always strive to boost player acquisition levels. Affiliate marketing is one of the best methods of doing this, considering the setup is conducted according to market peculiarities.

Therefore, we can point out the key advantages of working with webmasters:

  • no risk to the budget (operators always receive more than they pay out);
  • players’ trust to the affiliates that increases the chance to receive natural traffic;
  • constantly expanding audience;
  • the authenticity of the involved traffic (people willingly follow the links);
  • content-relevant platforms that always have interested users.

Online gambling utilizes the possibilities of this promotional method at their fullest. No wonder so many successful operators focus on finding the best affiliates with the highest flow of traffic and conclude affiliate agreements.

The benefits of working with Smart Money when developing an affiliate program are also obvious. Our experts will provide an insightful guide into the most effective strategies and will help you configure the promotional campaign according to your target audience and content. Order proficient affiliate assistance at Smart Money.

Choosing an Efficient Affiliate Platform

The success of a gambling affiliate program largely depends on the software and a webmaster’s portal.

The key opportunities that a professional affiliate should provide an operator with are the abilities to:

  • diversify traffic;
  • target the desired group;
  • analyze campaign performance;
  • adjust settings during advertising campaigns;
  • accurately calculate advertising budgets and fit into it.

Apart from that, the portal owner should ensure the operator in:

  • flexible data transfer process that allows you to move from one portal to another;
  • complete control over your budget with the ability to work according to the PPC scheme;
  • responsive 24/7 technical support;
  • free trial period to decide the optimal tariffs for the company;
  • high redirecting speed and detailed targeting.

The self-respected operator should be able to create his own affiliate program and have full control over all processes. A casino manager should set regulations and manage advertising campaigns, following the rules through a control panel. 

The functionality for managing advertising campaigns should include:

  • customizable panels;
  • advanced targeting options;
  • configuration of conversion limits;
  • advertising budgets;
  • the ability to select currencies.

Just like the owner of the program, the webmaster should provide the right to control user access, opening or restricting admission to information following the person’s position in the affiliate program. Smart Money provides such tools and treats every new operator with respect and determination to help. Order the best affiliate services at our company to popularize your gambling website among the target audience and beyond.

The Main Things about Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs for a gambling business

The importance of efficient advertising for an online casino defines the profitability of such an establishment. Affiliate marketing became a revelation for some operators in this issue. The cooperation with different gambling-related resources increases the lead generation significantly as well as improves the income rates.

Smart Money offers its clients the best possibilities for organizing efficient affiliate programs. Apart from that, our experts provide an in-depth theoretical background of this type of promotion that includes:

  • the role of backlinks in the affiliate campaigns;
  • peculiarities of the acquired narrow audience;
  • the description of main remuneration models: RevShare, CPA, hybrid;
  • benefits of affiliates, mainly focusing on no-risk operation, players’ trust, and expanding audience;
  • the particular details to notice when choosing an affiliate partner (flexible data transfers, complete control over your budget, etc.).

New operators especially require professional assistance from experienced marketers to ensure the profitability of the online casino. Order a complete setup of advertising campaigns that include the configuration of efficient affiliate programs from Smart Money.

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Hans Adrian

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