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  • Significance of Players’ Loyalty: Explanatory Guide by Smart Money Experts

Significance of Players’ Loyalty: Explanatory Guide by Smart Money Experts

Updated 11.05.2022

The popularity of an online casino brand on the Internet is an important thing on the road to a stable profit. But players’ loyalty is much more essential to a successful gambling environment. An online casino can have a thousand players that spend a dollar a day or two-three loyal clients that do not mind depositing two-three thousands daily.

The owner of a gambling platform has to understand how to acquire players and ensure their loyalty to the project. This is the only way to a lucrative business and a significant income.

Players’ loyalty: explanatory guide

Smart Money analyzed the peculiarities that influence the platform’s attraction to a player. Our specialists will gladly share valuable research results and discuss methods of optimizing existing platforms.

Order professional assistance at Smart Money to boost your acquisition rates and keep the player retention high.

Significance of Players’ Loyalty

The player’s loyalty to a casino can be explained by the ultimate convenience of the entertainment environment and rejection of any new alternatives.

There are two main types of loyalty:

  1. Rational. It is based on financial benefit. A player is convinced that the particular online casino offers the best playing and earning options.
  2. Emotional. It is based on the psychological comfort of the player on the website. Visual appeal, games’ availability, and operator’s care in a form of personal offers.

The online gambling sphere is constantly expanding. It means that new online casinos appear in different regions while players usually remain the same. Statistically, it is much cheaper to retain a contributing player than to acquire a new and loyal one. That is why online gambling establishments compete for clients who are capable of depositing regularly and largely.

The analysis of advertising expenses indicated that an average online casino needs 10 times more resources for acquiring new players than satisfying the needs of existing ones. The main task of loyalty programs is to form a stable database of clients who would be satisfied with your gambling website.

Order reliable configuration of loyalty systems at Smart Money and become a caring casino operator in the eyes of your established clients.

Target Audience and Loyalty Influence

Target audience and loyalty influence

It is no secret that very few casino visitors access the website for the second time. Moreover, fewer do it after that. But online casinos are still lucrative, and operators spend immense sums of promotion. The peculiar feature here is that online gambling is closely related to Pareto’s law. It states that 20% of clients make up 80% of the profit.

Smart operators are aware of this statistic and focus their loyalty programs on the potential casino contributors. Surprisingly, it is not only about obvious means that still play a crucial role in casino marketing:

  • free spins;
  • giveaways;
  • registration bonuses;
  • deposit bonuses;
  • prize draws.

According to Maritz Loyalty Marketing research, low prices and free stuff are no longer so effective as they have been before. Surely, these means do attract a lot of new clients. However, these are usually people who look for quick money and bonuses. Hardly any of them remain on the website for long.

Online casinos had to come up with something more influential to earn players’ trust. Therefore, today, professional elaboration of loyalty programs includes much more than just free money.

These are the main levers of influence on the gambling website:

License display

Players’ trust in a licensed establishment is statistically much higher. The regulators of the jurisdictions oblige such operators to elaborate reliable protective systems and anti-money-laundering measures.

Moreover, casino managers always pay the players’ attention to operational permits. The information about a license is displayed in most visible places to earn visitors’ trust

Reasonable RTP

Apart from the operational license, online casino managers should ensure their gaming software is also certified and appeal to players with its possibilities.

By clarifying the return to player rates, an operator underlines that his platform is committed to honest gaming. This way their loyalty to such online casino will be on a decent level

Quick withdrawal

Most operators pay a lot of attention to fast and convenient depositing processes. But players care much more about withdrawing their won funds rather than spending them.

Also, the withdrawing commission should be as low as possible. Ideally, they must be completely absent for players to receive their winnings without any deductions

Live support

Another common problem that scares away a lot of players is bots in chats. Surely, it is impossible to answer all queries simultaneously for a single person. But a complete absence of live communication does not add up to loyalty rates.

First of all, live chats must be working 24/7, featuring knowledgeable specialists. Also, these people must be able to answer in several languages that are spread in the area of operation

Casino reputation

A successful online casino needs to be recognizable from the positive side. Negative reputation will distract potential players and will not contribute to profit at all.

Players care about their image. By playing in prestigious online casinos, they boost their self-esteem and stay loyal to that gambling establishment until it is recognized from a positive side

Bonuses and promos

It is a standard addition to any successful loyalty programs that operators should remember about. Players will still want to receive their registration and first-deposit bonuses to show their dedication to the casino.

Different VIP tournaments, special leaderboards, statuses are integral for completing a successful loyalty program

Regular updates

New games have to appear on the website regularly as players want to see the casino changes for the better. Fresh offers, discounts, bonuses, and new promos are also obligatory to keep retention levels high.

Security system updates are also necessary. Operators should notify users when their software has been changed and what exactly improved. This way players will feel the care and stay loyal to your platform

It is complicated to earn players’ loyalty without much effort. If an operator knows what to do, he will work towards improving his casino website for the better. Smart Money has already helped dozens of platform owners set up their loyalty programs. Order our professional services and ensure your players are satisfied with your care and ready to show their dedication.

Bonuses Types and Their Application

Bonuses types and their application

Without any doubts, a wisely configured bonus system will secure high acquisition levels for your online casino. For an efficient elaboration, an operator must understand what bonuses are better to use in what situation. Smart Money experts eagerly share the most common classification to understand the difference between the types.

These are the most used bonuses among casino operators:

  1. Match. The type of money remuneration when a player doubles his deposit (or receives even more). Usually, a casino indicates a minimum amount to spend and the maximum allowed sum to get the bonus.
  2. Fixed. Regardless of the amount deposited (usually there is a minimum), a player receives a fixed remuneration sum. This type is particularly popular among new operators to gather their first audience.
  3. Spins. A money-equivalent bonus when a player receives a certain amount of free spins on a particular game. Usually, these spins are distributed for a few days to ensure a player continues accessing the platform.
  4. Registration bonus. While all previous remuneration packages required the first deposit, this type provides a player with a small amount of in-game credits immediately after registration.
  5. Cashback. This type has recently become popular among operators. Players claim for return of their funds once in a certain period.

Beginning operators may be confused with the profitability to give away free money to users. Here, the main goal is player acquisition and not income. Casino visitors can not withdraw the bonus money immediately. They have to wager a certain amount before these funds become available for withdrawing.

Order professional loyalty configuration form Smart Money and our experts will elaborate efficient bonus systems to your online casino.

The Main Things about Players’ Loyalty

Gamblers' loyalty: key notions

Online casino marketing is essential for keeping the project popular and demanded. But without proper loyalty preparations, no contributing players will ever appear on such a website. Operators have to perceive this as important as the legality part to ensure substantial profit.

Smart Money specialists have extensive experience in setting up efficient loyalty programs. Our clients constantly come back for regular updates and improvements, as they understand the importance of customers’ trust.

The main notions of players’ loyalty are:

  • the division to rational and emotional benefit from visiting a particular online gambling platform;
  • the implication of Pareto’s law stating that 20% of customers make up 80% of the business profit;
  • main levers of operators’ influence that include license display, reasonable RTP, quick withdrawal, live support, casino reputation, bonuses, promos, and regular updates;
  • the necessity to differentiate among match, fixed, registration bonuses, cashbacks, free spins and their correct implication.

Smart Money always cares about our clients. We provide the latest assistance possible with the consideration of all updates in the industry.

Order professional loyalty program configuration to ensure high acquisition and retention rates for your online casino.

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