Aleksey Evchenko will speak at Ukrainian Gaming Congress

Within his speech at Ukrainian Gaming Congress, the expert will talk about the structure of the Ukrainian gaming industry after its legalization, expectations from the new law and its effect on the tourist image of the country. In particular, Aleksey Evchenko will talk about the possibility to attract tourists and players to Ukraine from all over the world and factors that can repackage the image of the country and as well as about the chance to turn the country into an interesting investment project in the terms of gambling and other spheres.

It is worth noting that Aleksey Evchenko gladly agreed to give an interview to Ukrainian Gaming Congress' website. The full version of his interview can be found by clicking on this link. 

Aleksey Evchenko will speak at Ukrainian Gaming Congress

In his interview, Aleksey Evchenko points to the fact that the legalization of gambling across the country will benefit the tourism industry. The expert has explained that this will ensure the flow of a certain category of tourists who visited the Ukrainian gambling establishments before their prohibition in 2009.

According to Evchenko, the provisions being prescribed in the draft law, such as a requirement to locate casinos in 4-5 star hotels, are not final, because the regulatory legal act is being finalized. He has also said that the possibility of permission to open casinos in separate buildings outside the hotels is also considering. However, requirements to such premises can be very tough.

It is difficult to predict the amount of income to the budget of Ukraine from gambling before the industry legalization, according to the expert. Everything depends on the taxation schemes and licensing. These factors will affect the number of casinos that will open during the first year after the legalization of casinos and, consequently, the amount of tax revenue for the period.

According to Evchenko, there will be up to 100 casinos. With regard to replenishment of the treasury by means of taxes in the gaming sector, the state's task is to receive about UAH 3 million within the first year of the casino operation.

At Ukrainian Gaming Congress, Aleksey Evchenko will inform the participants about the details of the provisions, which are currently contained in the draft law, and about the progress of work on them, as well as will announce the expectations of the tourism industry representatives from the legalization of casinos. 

Event Ukrainian Gaming Congress

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