AMATIC Industries

AMATIC Industries is a family-owned gaming company that has created a name for itself by bringing innovative and complete solutions to the market. Whether gaming machines, games, multiplayers or online and moble gaming – all this and more is developed by the AMATIC team that has over two decades of experience. The AMATIC slogan of Stay individual, select AMATIC well explains AMATIC’s position in the industry.

The Performer Grand Arc (PGA) slant-top gaming machine is a great example of this innovative prowess. It the hit at last year’s ICE with its curved design. Available last year with two or three screens, the Performer Grand Arc truly attracted the attention to visitors to the AMATIC stand. In particular, the Performer Grand Arc with three monitors perpetuated the exquisite design.

Performer Grand Arc (PGA)

Another AMATIC prominent gaming machine – the C24, is the upright brother of the PGA slant top will be at ICE. The C24 brings the famous AMATIC curved design to the upright slot design world. The AMATIC team has further optimised the design of the C24, making it stand out even more, and this version will be on show at the ICE for the first time.  


Further new games include titles such as Billy’s Game, Flying Dutchman, Fruit Box, Grand Tiger, La Gran Aventura and Vampires.

Billy’s Game is the latest addition to the popular theme based around the gangster called Billy. Indeed Billy’s Gang retains its popularity with AMATIC fans throughout the globe. The mix of fruit-based and feature-based games – all designed 100% in-house by the AMATIC team – is the strength of AMATIC. It is this power that has made AMATIC what it is today – namely the master of MULTI GAME.

AMATIC Industries is also a true force in the automated multiplayer market with its Roulette Grand Jeu range. These electronic roulette machines offer a full spectrum of possibilities – with one or two roulette wheels with the positions are built in to one unit. The Roulette Grand Jeu WS22 is available in the racing colours red and yellow alongside the traditional brown.

The Roulette Grand Jeu Double has the two integrated roulette wheels and four large-screen monitors above it as the top-of-the-range version from AMATIC Industries. Depending on local legislation, players can bet on either or indeed both of the roulette wheels at the same time. All this is rounded off with the Roulette Grand Jeu Solitaire. This is the stand-alone alternative, the flexible and modular solution that can be combined with any number of Terminals.

AMATIC Industries offer complete solutions. For land-based operators, the Casino Online System includes clever features like Player Tracking and Cash Card and enables operators to link together all AMATIC’S solutions into their complete machine park. AMATIC Industries offers a wide range of Jackpot Systems – something that is set to gain in importance when operating the four-screen version of the Performer Grand Arc.

Online gaming is another speciality of AMATIC Industries. AMATIC Industries knows how important the casino feeling is for roulette players. This has been embodied in Real Roulette at Live Roulette can be played online at a real casino. The online solutions naturally also include numerous slots games from AMATIC Industries. 

The large stand at S3-350 team will house the complete gaming solutions of AMATIC Industries. Stay individual, select AMATIC.

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