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White Label Casino: What Does it Mean?


Today, gambling is considered to be a very promising area. Many businessmen want to know an answer to the question “How to create a casino?” At first glance, this process looks like a long and very demanding one. If we are talking about a website from scratch, it will definitely mean big financial costs, and also, it requires a lot of time. As a very good alternative, you can purchase a white label online casino.

White Label online casino

Businessmen can order this service and find out about the range of white label gaming solutions and the most loyal conditions from Smart Money.

White Label Casino: A Little bit of Theory

This type of partnership is based on the fact that partners deal with completely different sorts of activities. One firm creates a product, and another one sells it under its own name. Moreover, this scheme allows you to set a different price for the same title, thus saving funds on launching a gambling club.

Initially, this program was used in the music industry. American record corporations have begun to release vinyl records with a “white” label, and merchants have put their own brand on them. Some years later, financial and IT spheres have decided to make use of this approach. Thus, there were issued white label cards for small banking institutions (this service is provided by major banks in Australia and the United States) to cut corners on the creation of a personal product.

If we are talking about the gambling field, with a white label, it is possible to launch a casino with a small initial capital.

How Does the White Label Solution Work?

This affiliate program is almost like a turnkey gaming platform. It gives you a business, which can be started immediately. Operators only have to sign a contract and start making money.

Development of a website, installation of software products, selection of popular games, integration of payment processors, and such issues as technical support and feedback falls on the shoulders of the firm that provides services.

Such type of cooperation has many advantages and benefits for both parties. Operators who use it, have access to all tools for the launch, advertising, and profit-making, and a senior partner gets a stable percentage of the profit.

The Most Important Components of a White Label Scheme

This format provides many services and products offered to those beginning entrepreneurs who would like to run a casino:

  1. Permit. Beginning businessmen are free from the duty to personally obtain a permit for the provision of gambling services, and it is very good because usually, an independent acquisition of a permit is quite expensive, and also, you will need competent legal support.
  2. Website and a platform. You will get a basic set of white label gambling software, including all tools that are necessary for managing the website.
  3. Games. A white label gaming platform is filled with software from the parent company. Businessmen do not need to sign contracts with other developers.
  4. Server. A gaming club is a priori placed on a server with a high-level and multi-structured security system. White label casino providers care about their reputation and use all existing methods to ensure that a website works smoothly.
  5. Payment processors. White label online casinos are equipped with a set of in-demand payment methods that provide the security of gamblers and operators and an acceptable speed of transactions.
  6. Technical support. Operators receive a competent piece of advice on any business issues and can count on a prompt resolution of various problems that may arise with the resource.

About the Price List and Revenues

The cost depends on numerous settings that operators select on an individual basis (payment systems, the type of a permit, the game content, etc.). For example, if the supplier offers about two thousand slots — there is no need to buy all of them at once.

As a rule, the price of such a casino starts from ten thousand dollars. Nevertheless, the modern market contains white label gaming solutions that are provided in advance and paid off thanks to future revenues.

An initial price for the white label gaming platform may be higher thanks to additional services (provision of marketing tools, creation of exclusive design, etc.).

The purchase of this kind of business will bring its owner income in the amount of 40–60% of total revenues.

Positive Aspects of This Solution

A business of this format has the following advantages:

  1. Quick and easy entrance to the market. The casino can be launched almost immediately after the agreement is signed. Clients will not have to waste their time on the purchase of a permit, development of software, and drawing up a strategy. They can focus only on the creation of a brand and an exclusive design of a website.
  2. Minimum of costs. A white label casino is much cheaper than an independent launch since games and betting products are already chosen for them, and payment methods are already integrated.
  3. No risks of big winnings. A contract has a mandatory condition that jackpots are paid out by the senior partner. Operators need to pay out only bonuses and prize funds (their sizes are initially indicated in the agreement).
  4. High-quality white label software. According to experts, big companies prefer not to sign contracts with an unknown brand or those that have just appeared on the market. Accordingly, those who prefer to buy the software independently can face some problems. The white label online casino is a well-thought-out set of gambling solutions, in which each game will definitely bring a good income.
  5. Professional technical support. All the issues related to the maintenance of a platform fall on the shoulders of a parent company. Operators can just relax and earn money.

White Label Casino: Disadvantages of the Program

Before opening a casino with the use of an affiliate program, entrepreneurs have to think about all negative aspects.

In the first place, everyone has to remember that a white label club is a subsidiary that completely depends on the policy of the parent company. A provider selects payment processors, slot games, and promotional tools. Such an approach is very good for the beginning businessmen but after some years, you may want to stop being under “total control” and start providing services independently.

Subsidiaries have no right to change the offered package or ask for some additional options. The same can be said about the set of games and payment methods and advertising (unless otherwise specified in the contract), technical support and the number of languages.

A firm, which has obtained a permit, remains the white label casino supplier. Accordingly, when the document is somehow changed, operators will also have to obey new rules.

Another feature that some people consider as the disadvantage is the need to invent your own design and brand (more money should be spent on the work of developers and designers).

Possible Alternatives

Today, the industry gives startuppers a lot of opportunities.

Ways of the launching of a gaming site are:

Creation of a Gambling Establishment From Scratch

This option requires the biggest amount of energy and money. Only very wealthy people with a lot of specialised knowledge can afford to open a gambling club from scratch.

Each of the stages requires big investments, starting with the generation of a step-by-step business strategy and analysis of the area, and ending with the invention of a large-scale advertising campaign. As a rule, it takes about six months and more than one hundred thousand dollars to make a site and fill the gaming platform. Also, there are other stages as the registration of a legal entity, acquisition of a permit, hiring staff, payouts of jackpots, advertising of the project, interest contribution for the use of the software, etc.

Purchase of a Script

At first glance, this is the cheapest way to open a new business. However, everything is not as wonderful as it may seem at the beginning. No one will give a guarantee that the purchased code will work without a comprehensive update. And, again, you should buy games, integrate payment processors, and create the design of a website.

A Casino or a Bookmaker’s Office Franchise

This scheme can be called an analogue of the white label option but operators, with almost the same costs, get even less freedom. A franchise makes you work under an already existing brand — personal name or exclusive design are out of the question. This form is really suitable for the beginning entrepreneurs but if operators decide to tear up the contract, they will lose everything they had, while the white label casino can be opened under a unique company name, which can be used and promoted even after the partnership is over.

Business on a Turnkey Basis

By using this service, entrepreneurs can independently select the games, make up the list of payment methods, order an exclusive website design, etc.

Technical and legal support, in this case, will be provided by an intermediary. At Smart Money, you can find more data on the features and advantages of turnkey online casinos. An additional advantage is a right to have exclusive content on the website. The same company can also possible to order HTML5 games based on individual projects.

Purchase of White Label Software Products: the Main Recommendations

White Label software products

This in-demand solution is offered by many suppliers, which means that chances to reach an unfair provider are very high.

To avoid possible problems, always pay attention to several nuances:

  1. Feedback. When you choose a partner, check if it is popular and find out about its reputation and feedback from previous customers.
  2. Permit. A permit received from a well-known and respected authority significantly increases the reliability and reputation of a casino in the eyes of clients.
  3. Games. An offer of the supplier should include products from such world’s leading developers as Novomatic, Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, and others.

You should also be very careful with the design of your website since it can make it stand out against the background of similar sites and increase its recognition ratio among the audience.

Some words also need to be said about a marketing strategy. Many suppliers offer the promotion of a website but if it is not indicated in the contract, operators will have to deal with it on their own.

White Label Casino With Smart Money

A reputation of the firm is unblemished, and experience is vast. We cooperate with the most famous suppliers, so we know exactly what you need to make your project successful.

Cooperation with us guarantees you security, loyal terms of cooperation, and only the licensed software. Our specialists will give you access to all the necessary data on the white label solution, the turnkey format, the acquisition of licenses, advertising campaigns, and tell you how to select games. Moreover, each client receives our professional technical and legal support.

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