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What are Good Online Bussiness Ideas to Start Today? The Smart Money Expert Answers


Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

Modern technologies seem to be so developed nowadays that it’s almost impossible to avoid using them when doing anything. This also includes implementing your cherished business ideas. The gambling sphere has benefited from the technological progress insanely, so this must be one of the most lucrative fields to start your business. Moreover, according to the experience of the Smart Money studio, there is one more thing that makes this industry so attracting — developing prospects.

Online gambling business ideas

Actually, starting your own gambling platform isn’t that difficult. The number of steps you need to cover until the profitable ending result is relatively small. You will have just to do the following:

  • find a legal jurisdiction for your platform and obtain a license;
  • purchase the necessary software from a reliable gaming provider;
  • design a website to attract the players;
  • install the proper payment systems, enabling back and forth transactions;
  • hire the support team to deal with all kinds of possible issues happening to the clients;
  • start an advertising campaign to promote your brand.

Okay, the process doesn’t seem to be overly complicated indeed. However, how does a new operator benefit from the gambling platform, and what are the main features to start business exactly in this sphere? Let’s break this down as well.

Statistics is an excellent thing when it’s used to compare different things. Thus, by the estimated data, the total market revenue that the gambling business has gathered by the end of 2018 equals $44 billion. Sounds like an impressive number, but it is forecast to be even higher, and increase by 10% in 2 years.

Again, technologies are just like fertilizer for this industry — new upgrades create new opportunities. For example, the latest VR implementation allowed creating virtual poker tables, providing a player with real-life experience. Who knows what insane technologies we will see in the nearest future.

Recently shifted regulations towards mass legalization make it possible for new operators to shape up their business much quicker due to the new markets. Greater accessibility attracts more players, that eventually leads to higher demand.

Apart from that, with such giant gambling tycoons as Smart Money, creating your own online casino or a betting shop doesn’t take any difficulty at all. 



Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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