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The Loyalty of Gamblers to Online Casinos: How to Gain the Confidence of the Audience

Updated 23.07.2021

The digital gambling industry is growing rapidly. In the first month of 2020, the volume of the global market increased by 3%.

Despite the large-scale development of the online segment and the rapid increase in new customers, many users continue to worry about the security of slot machines.

Online casino: players' loyalty

Specialists of Smart Money will tell you everything about turnkey casino marketing in the competitive environment and gain the confidence of gamblers.

Casino Reputation: the Opinion of Users

The audience survey about the popularity of specific casino platforms was conducted using an anonymous questionnaire.

Experienced users who are familiar with the nuances and opportunities of the market participated in this research. Therefore, the answers were as honest as possible, and they deserve the closest attention of operators.

Let us take a closer look at the poll results:

Information Content

The majority of online users choose a platform on the basis of its information content. The broader the coverage of capabilities of the resource, the better.

We are not talking about the wide product range and the rules of games. Users are interested in:

  1. Availability of thematic data. This can be the news section, expert opinions, descriptions of the most popular game strategies, streaming links, etc.
  2. A simple description of the gameplay. Casino visitors are interested in the data on the number of available moves and free spins, odds of the bets, description of individual settings, and much more.
  3. A clear scheme for wagering bonuses. The more accessible the description, the more likely that gamblers will start playing in your turnkey online casino.
  4. Public information on the licence. Typically, the certificate number and period of validity is published at the bottom of the page of the website so that customers can verify its authenticity.
  5. Detailed privacy policy. Rules of the game should be described in the most simple and understandable language so that gamblers do not think that operators want to confuse them.
  6. Complete financial information. Descriptions of all available payment instruments, time for the withdrawal of funds, available limits, etc.

Quality of the Customer Service

The result of the survey only confirms the statistics of the Google Research Centre ― more than 70% of network users prefer to communicate with the support staff rather than search for the necessary information all by themselves.

Moreover, it is important for gamblers to be able to contact specialists at any time of the day and get the most prompt response.

Having decided to buy online casino solutions, operators should take care of the optimisation of the support service in advance. They will need to:

  • regularly update the skills of employees (from the Smart Money studio, it is possible to order training materials or make use of the service of transferring the project administration to outsourcing);
  • optimise the FAQ section for voice search;
  • integrate a dialogue box with a chatbot into the platform (AI technologies make it possible for gamblers to quickly perform typical tasks and turn to operators only in the most difficult cases).

Website Design and Specifications

According to Google research, users manage to assess the quality of a website in the first 3–5 seconds. This time is enough to form the first opinion of the platform and concentrate on studying the necessary information.

Our advice is to choose a laconic design without too much advertising, pop-ups, animations, and other components that can slow down the load performance of the page.

The main parameters for assessing the quality of such an offer as the turnkey casino website for sale:

  • well-developed structure;
  • convenient navigation;
  • regular updating of the information content;
  • simple catalogue with customisable search filters;
  • availability of fast communication channels with the administration office (chat, telephone lines, instant messengers, and e-mail);
  • convenient profile;
  • quick access to the account and payment instruments;
  • availability of widgets for the simplified identification through social networks.

Wide Product Range

One of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and the flow of new customers is to offer users innovative online casino software solutions.

Fruit-themed “one-armed bandits” are rapidly going out of style. The trend of 2021 is the maximum approach of casino slots to the standards of multiplayer computer games.

Top 5 casino solutions that can help entrepreneurs to gain the confidence of the audience

Gamified content

In new games, the outcome depends not only on luck but also on the skills of users. Slots of the latest generation give gamblers enhanced gaming capabilities. For example:

  • character selection;
  • access to side quests;
  • several levels of complexity;
  • power levelling of the game character;
  • games in the PVP battles mode, etc.

Live solutions

According to the analysis conducted by H2 Gambling Capital, in 2021, 23–25% of the total market volume is accounted for by the development of turnkey casino software with live games.

The rapid growth in the popularity of live content started at the beginning of 2020. Due to the cancellation of all mass events, games with live dealers have become one of the few alternatives to sports betting

Games in the VR format

More than 80% of the capacity of the virtual industry is concentrated in the gambling segment.

Innovative technologies make the game sessions as realistic as possible. The latest developments from Microgaming and NetEnt allow casino visitors not only to enjoy playing the solutions with the feeling of immersion but also interact with the following non-game items:

  • change profile pictures of characters;
  • walk around the gambling hall with a 360-degree view of the interiors;
  • communicate with other participants using chats and voice commands;
  • communicate with dealers and other staff of the casino;
  • buy and taste different drinks;
  • throw furniture and other items at opponents.

Multiplayer sessions

This format of the game allows participants to communicate in informal surroundings, look for like-minded people, and develop the most effective strategies.

Additional features include:

  • power levelling of the character;
  • increase in the rating table of players;
  • PVP battles mode;
  • an opportunity to side against other users, etc.

Social games

The establishment of the turnkey casino business with social content is practically the same as the process of traditional gaming sites formation. But the principle of project monetisation is completely different, and in such enterprises, there are no cash payments of winnings.

All the prizes that users receive motivate them to keep playing. It can be:

  • new attributes for the customisation of characters;
  • access to closed levels;
  • side quests;
  • boosters for winning the round more quickly, and much more

The Most Effective Ways to Gain the Confidence of Gamblers

Confidence of gamblers: effective ways to gain it

An anonymous survey of users showed the following result: first of all, customers pay attention to the information component, the functionality of a gaming site, and the range of content.

But there are also other aspects that can greatly affect the attendance of the casino platform. Among them, we can name:

Payment Instruments

Most experienced gamblers visit casinos to have a pleasant time but the audience is also interested in the quantity and quality of the ways to withdraw funds. The more payment instruments there are on the website, the wider is its geography and the market coverage.

There are several most recognisable payment systems for gambling platforms:

  1. Visa/MasterCard. These are the largest banking systems in the world that are available in more than 200 countries. Customers are offered all types of online transactions and physical payments with plastic cards (including credit cards). Moreover, since 2020, corporations have started supporting cryptocurrency transfers.
  2. PayPal. It is a large-scale digital service with a millionth audience in Europe and the USA. With the help of this system, you can conduct any financial transactions on the Web. In early 2021, the company announced the launch of a new service that supports cryptocurrency payments.
  3. WebMoney. The project does not have the status of the instrument of payment since for settlements within the system, special characters are used. For each type of currency, gamblers should open a new wallet and transfer funds using a special automatic converter.
  4. Maestro. A subsidiary product of MasterCard, which has gained worldwide popularity in the CIS countries. The system pleases users with wide functionality and a large number of bonuses, including regular cashback programs and special limits for VIP clients.
  5. Yandex.Money. The most recognisable financial service in the Russian market. The program works only with the Russian ruble, automatically converting any foreign currency in accordance with the internally generated rate. The system has gained popularity due to various loyalty programs and a high level of data protection.

Mobile Support

One of the most significant trends in the digital industry is the Mobile First phenomenon. All new products are first developed for mobile platforms and then adapted to other types of traffic.

Because of the fact that games on mobile devices were extremely in-demand at the beginning of 2021, the share of the mobile market for the first time exceeded the volume of desktop platforms, amounting to 52.8%. According to analysts of H2 Gambling Capital, by 2025, more than 58.4% of the revenue of the gambling industry will be accounted for by the mobile audience.

Against the background of the global popularisation of mobile technologies in the gambling sector, another trend has emerged ― the active development of the turnkey casino solution in Telegram.

Advantages of working with the messenger:

  • a large selection of the built-in free tools for the creation and optimisation of projects;
  • a good set of marketing services with the ability to combine them with advertising in social media and other ways of promotion;
  • complete absence of advertising in the messenger channels;
  • the ability to directly communicate with the interested audience;
  • quick access to payment instruments;
  • uninterrupted play regardless of the quality of Internet connection;
  • the ability to launch slots in the familiar interface of the messenger;
  • open access to the international market, including those regions where gambling is strictly prohibited at the country level.


Money rewards and other formats of loyalty programs not only affect the level of confidence of users but also maximise customer lifetime value.

A variety of bonuses has a positive effect on the company's image, motivates gamblers to stay on the website, and can return those customers who have stopped visiting the platform.

Among the most popular bonus programs, there are:

  • welcome bonuses for the registration and first deposition of funds;
  • cashback programs;
  • awards for the participation in special offers and events;
  • in-game bonuses in the form of free spins, increased multipliers, short-term access to new levels, etc .;
  • priority access to the latest releases for VIP clients;
  • increased betting limits, and much more.

The Main Things about the Factors that Affect the Level of Trust of Casino Users

Casino users' trust: affecting factors

Considering the current trends and prospects of the gambling market, the decision to buy an online casino in 2021 is the most profitable investment. The industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and will continue to actively gain traction in the coming years.

  • According to an anonymous survey on the Web, the key factor in favour of choosing a platform is its content. When evaluating the quality of a gaming site, users pay attention to the availability of news reports, expert opinions, provisions of the privacy policy, and an explanation of the bonus wagering scheme.
  • The level of trust of the audience depends on the quality of work of the support team. To optimise the customer service, operators can add a dialogue box with a chatbot, optimise the FAQ section for voice search or outsource the establishment of the best turnkey online business and its management.
  • You can increase the loyalty of users via bonus options. Among the most popular bonuses, there are welcome payments, cashbacks, special offers and tournaments, increased limits, free spins, multipliers, etc. A high-quality loyalty program not only beefs up the brand's reputation but also guarantees the growth of customer lifetime value indicators.
With the Smart Money studio, the question of how to open an online casino can be solved in a matter of hours. It is enough to contact our managers, describe your wishes, and choose one of the proposed types of cooperation.

We offer:

Leave an application and become the owner of a gambling project of your dreams already today!

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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