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What is Special about BetGames TV Casino Software in Kazakhstan — Smart Money Defines

Updated 11.10.2020

Operator’s path to a successful online gambling business in Kazakhstan is now possible with the professional assistance from Smart Money. We are a long-standing service provider, helping establish lucrative gambling projects in the chosen countries. A proficient casino platform requires the finest software from the best manufacturer. The BetGames gaming provider is our trustworthy partner that has been operating in Kazakhstan since 2012.

BetGames TV casino software in Kazakhstan

The company is well known for its innovative type of gambling — live dealer betting games. Increased demand for this gambling activity makes a lot of platform managers resort to this company for BetGames TV casino software in Kazakhstan. Numerous positive feedback from contented operators underlines the popularity of these games in the country. So, feel free to order software for casinos in Kazakhstan from BetGames TV at Smart Money.

BetGames TV Operation in Kazakhstan Gambling Environment

The online gambling legislation in Kazakhstan is favourable for operators who plan to work here. It is a country with limitless gaming potential. The reason for this is the residents of Almaty, Taraz, Karaganda, and other metropolises. They are thirsty for this type of entertainment.

Consequently, when an operator wants to start an online casino with BetGames in Kazakhstan, he should keep in mind a few peculiarities of the local legislation:

  1. The local government regulates online gambling in almost all of its manifestations. Platform operators can apply for local licenses if they want to engage in sports betting, virtual poker tables, and online lottery.
  2. Operators who plan to launch an online gambling business in Kazakhstan in a form of a casino can receive operational licenses in foreign jurisdictions. This type of gambling project includes such games as online slots, roulette, blackjack, and local variations of card games.
  3. The BetGames gaming provider develops all these types of gambling activities. The company has all its software certified by the correspondent commissions. On top of that, all game engineers are licensed specialists that work with the company for a long time.
  4. Operators who provide online casino services from abroad can not be influenced by the local authorities of Kazakhstan. It means that platform owners who work with the BetGames gaming provider can not receive bans or any other form of restriction on their operation.

Stay Unique — What is Behind the Company’s Motto?

The BetGames software provider in Kazakhstan was founded as a supplier of live betting casino content in 2012. The rapid development of the company was marked by increased demand for this unique entertainment in the country. Besides live betting activities, the BetGames casino provider in Kazakhstan supplies fixed-odds wagering software as well as sweepstakes systems.

The dominant peculiarities of the organization’s product are:

  • round-the-clock streaming of all games from technologically advanced studios without any breaks or days off;
  • cloud storage for all information for convenient and swift access to the necessary gaming or administrative data;
  • classy BetGames slot machines for sale that distinguish from other software of this type with one-of-the-kind animations and visuals;
  • straightforward interface and understandable settings for all live casino games for a fast-playing process;
  • a complete adaptation of the visual effects and animations for every order with the consideration of Kazakhstan up-to-date realities;
  • presence of all necessary certificates from the gambling authorities of the countries that an operator desires to target;
  • numerous prestigious nominees in the gambling sphere as well as the victory in SBC 2019 Awards in “Rising Star in Casino Innovation” category.

The particular features of the BetGames casino provider in Kazakhstan shaped up in a unique product that is now highly demanded on the market. The company’s studios were established for a convenient gaming process and effortless access from cities of Shymkent, Almaty, Taraz, and others.

Impactful Inclusions in BetGames Assortment

The major reason for the success of BetGames TV casino software in Kazakhstan is an increased diversity of live gaming content. The presence of knowledgeable and charming presenters attract even more players to these innovative gambling methods.

These games are much sought after among the Kazakhstan website visitors:

Lucky Five

Players receive a chance to guess 5 out of 36 numbers to win a thousand times more than their bet. The draws are simultaneous for all visitors and last round-the-clock every 4 minutes

Lucky Six

Another game in the series, where players guess 6 numbers out of 60. Different betting combinations offer different winning chances every 4 minutes

Lucky Seven

The last game in the series with 42 balls to guess among. 7 winning numbers are chosen by a player and then compared to another 7 drawn from the pool

Poker Wagering

Poker is among the most popular activities within the online gambling business in Kazakhstan. BetGames TV offers an opportunity to wager on the outcome of poker draws without actually playing it

Baccarat Wagering

Similar to the previous game, Baccarat Wagering is another absorbing activity from the BetGames software provider in Kazakhstan. The original rules of the card game are supplemented with the necessity to make odds on the possible outcomes

Betting Battle

It is a straightforward game that involves a player and a dealer. The side with the highest card wins the round. Such simplicity of Kazakhstan casino software from BetGames makes it popular among the players from Almaty, Shymkent, Nur-Sultan, and other towns

Speedy Seven

One more simple game from BetGames has conquered the local players. Only two outcomes — black or red; only two bonus multipliers — for 4 and 7 correct guesses. Quick, enjoyable, and efficient gambling entertainment

Wheel of Fortune

Wagering on a wheel of fortune made a lot of operators choose Kazakhstan casino software from BetGames. A variety of possible outcomes and complete randomness that only depends on presenter’s spins

Duel of the Dice

The pace of the gaming process makes this game particularly exciting for players. Just two dice (red and blue) to bet on and a single winner

The Most Essential Notions about BetGames TV in Kazakhstan

Turnkey casino with BetGames in Kazakhstan

Smart Money wants to stress the importance of being innovative on the market. BetGames TV casino software in Kazakhstan has no comparable counterparts in the country. That is why the most effective way to launch an online gambling platform with their software will be to order a ready-made casino.

This convenient solution includes not only the development of BetGames slot machines for sale and other gaming software but also essential administrative systems for a smooth operational process. A turnkey casino with BetGames in Kazakhstan is a direct path to a successful gambling business for new operators.

For an efficient start, an operator needs to be aware of the country’s gambling peculiarities:

  • It is possible to start an online casino in the country either with a local license (internet betting, lottery) or with a foreign operational permit (online casino games).
  • BetGames TV software manufacturer is a trustworthy service supplier in Kazakhstan that provides round-the-clock streaming, cloud storage for all information, classy slot machines, straightforward interface, understandable settings, and other offers.
  • The most popular casino wagering games from BetGames are Lucky Seven, Speedy Seven, Duel of the Dice, Lucky Six, Baccarat Wagering, Wheel of Fortune, Lucky Five, Betting Battle, Poker Wagering.
  • A Kazakhstan turnkey casino is a straightforward way to obtain a lucrative gambling portal in the country with the finest software from BetGames and complete knowledge of the market from Smart Money.

New operators no longer have to struggle how to buy a BetGames casino in Kazakhstan. Smart Money offers long-term cooperation with this provider on favourable conditions. Innovative wagering on casino games will attract a lot of new clients for your gambling platforms. Order software from BetGames TV at Smart Money and enjoy live gaming content on your portal.

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Hans Adrian

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