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SEO Promotion Trends in 2024: Voice Search, Podcasts, and Much More

Updated 31.05.2022

Smart Money experts will tell you about the latest trends and effective SEO optimisation tools. We will familiarise you with the principles of work of search engines, the features of ranking services, and alternative channels for driving solvent SEO traffic.

Nuances of the Promotion of iGambling Projects

iGaming business promotion: nuances

SEO optimisation is an effective way to promote gaming systems on the Web. This is a long process that brings good results: operators can drive traffic and retain customers.

The actions of specialists are aimed at improving the position of the gambling platform in search results. Most often, marketers are guided by Google and Yandex ranking services. For the Asian market, the Baidu search engine is considered the most relevant, and for the North American market — Yahoo!

SEO promotion consists of 2 components:

  • internal optimisation (works on the improvement of the usability and technical characteristics of the website, filling it with useful content);
  • external optimisation (by building the reference mass and posting information materials on specialised resources).

Key Benefits of SEO

Let us consider the main advantages of the solution:

Driving organic traffic

These are users who have independently switched to a gaming site (without an artificial increase in customers).

About 80% of organic online traffic comes from SEO. Operators get a new audience, which is happy to register on the gambling platform and make their first deposits

Conversion increase

SEO has decent performance in terms of conversion growth, which is achieved thanks to internal optimisation of gaming sites.

Users not only visit an online casino but also test a demo version, pass the verification procedure, and deposit money for being able to spin the reels

The durability of the results

An iGaming project can take high positions in search results for a long time. Specialists need to turn on the necessary settings only once, and then they can simply carry out routine maintenance to support the conversion.

SEO compares is different from other advertising channels where performance indicators are usually reduced when funding stops

Affordable prices

The cost of a click in search engine optimisation will cost a few cents, while similar actions in SMM or contextual advertising require about 10 dollars more.

Most tools for launching and monitoring the SEO campaign are open-source, and there is no need for project owners to purchase expensive software

How Search Engines Work

The software in Google or Yandex operates based on built-in ranking algorithms. They evaluate the gaming site by taking into account its technical parameters, content, interaction with gamblers, and other characteristics.

Specialists of global search engines are constantly improving the rules of search engine optimisation. The main goal is to provide users with the most relevant pages in response to their queries.

In 2024, the following algorithms will be the most in-demand:

  1. Mobile-First Indexing Explained. In this case, the emphasis is laid on the mobile version of the website: from the creation of a fully functional application to the introduction of amendments first to the mobile casino, and then to the traditional platform. Since 2021, Google has been evaluating first the mobile and then the desktop version of the iGaming project.
  2. Page Experience. A new update on the ranking of materials on the casino platform. Any piece of text can get into the search results, and not just the first paragraphs of the article, as it was before.
  3. Core Web Vitals. Evaluation of the convenience of interaction between a user and a gaming site.
  4. Passage Indexing. A system for better page indexing by search bots. The solution increases the relevance of resources with interesting but poorly structured content.

Emphasis on the Technical Condition of the Site: the Trend of 2024

Online casino technical condition: features

An assessment of the technical state of an iGaming project begins with a complex audit.

Most often, online casino owners face the following problems:

  • low-quality micro-marking — 29.5%;
  • lack of meta tags — 21.6%;
  • low download speed of the page — 20.4%;
  • security problems — 17.4%;
  • low-quality internal linking — 11.1%.

Let us consider how you can increase the position of a gaming site in search results by improving its technical characteristics.

The Use of Micro-Marking

The correct data structuring helps Googlebot to thoroughly scan the content, instantly determine its type, and rank the page for the most relevant queries.

Resources with high-quality micro-marking automatically receive an expanded snippet and are often included in Zero-click results.

In the gambling niche, 3 types of micro-marking are used:

  1. The common standard for presenting a structure.
  2. Open Graph. The display of the announcement of information from the website on social networks and other services.
  3. Twitter Card. Correct display of content for the article’s snippet on Twitter.

There are several ways to implement the correct micro-format. Most often, specialists use data markers and special marking generators. Operators also have access to such tools as Google AdWords or Serpstat.

Installation of Meta Tags

Meta tags are used to correctly structure the accompanying data on a page. It helps search bots to correctly read and transform the presented information and, as a result, classify the resource in a better way.

Basic meta tags for Google services:

  • Title — the maximum length is 55 symbols;
  • Description — up to 175 symbols for the desktop search and up to 120 for mobile casinos;
  • Keywords;
  • Robots (it permits or prohibits the website’s indexing);
  • Content-language (information on the language of entertainment).

Increasing the Page Loading Speed

This parameter is closely related to the technical state of the iGaming project.

Marketers are guided by the PageSpeed ​​Insights data where:

  • 0.5–1 second is an excellent page loading time;
  • 2–3 seconds is a valid value;
  • more than 4 seconds — a low value, which directly affects the indexing of online casinos.

It is possible to improve the download speed by:

  • correctly setting the caching;
  • optimising the program code and images on the website;
  • increasing the capacity of server hardware.

Improvement of Online Casino Security

A high level of security on a gambling platform is very important. Projects with XSS vulnerabilities, viruses, and no HTTPS connection are poorly indexed by search engines and do not bring the expected conversion and profit.

How to improve the security of a gaming site:

  • switch the project to the HTTPS international data transfer protocol;
  • check the resource for viruses and XSS vulnerabilities;
  • analyse domains to see if they are connected to malicious donors;
  • install security software.

The Use of Internal Linking

This tool correctly distributes the static and dynamic weight of the page. Thanks to this, the gambling portal is better ranked by the search engine and can drive solvent traffic.

Basic rules for internal linking:

  1. Convenient navigation. Gamblers can visit any page of an online casino in just 3 clicks.
  2. Publication of end-to-end links in the menu. This improves the usability of the website and the speed of indexing additional pages.
  3. Minimum end-around links. It is undesirable to place links from the selected page on this exact page.

Focus on Excellent User Experience

Comfortable interaction with the website is an important parameter for good indexing of an iGaming resource.

In 2024, Google will rank online casinos according to 2 algorithms:

Core Web Vitals

The assessment of the interaction of a casino visitor with a gambling platform is based on 3 metrics:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) — loading time of the largest element on the page (images, texts, and videos);
  • First Input Delay (FID) — the time from the first request to the launch of a gaming website in the selected browser;
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) — the maximum permitted element offset during the loading process.

You can improve your CWV by using the analytics tools in Google Search Console.

On the “Basic Internet Options” tab, there is a clear separation between desktop and mobile traffic. The task of operators is to minimise the number of pages in the “red” zone

Page Experience

A list of requirements for internet platforms:

  • a modern mobile version of the online casino;
  • high performance of the site according to Core Web Vitals metrics;
  • security (taking into account SSL encryption and data transfer via HTTPS protocols);
  • a minimum of ads, pop-ups, and advertising banners.

To optimise a platform for Page Experience, entrepreneurs should work on the UX design. The page should be as convenient, informative, and useful as possible

High-Quality Online Casino Content in 2024

Online casino content: quality requirements

One of the main trends of the coming year is special attention to the quality of published materials. These are texts, videos, graphics, audio recordings, and other content that helps gaming sites to reach the top of search results.

Passage Ranking

The algorithm ranks individual parts of the text pages, and not the entire article, as it was before. When going to the website, users can immediately read the selected fragment, and not scroll through the whole page.

Passage Ranking improves the indexing of projects with long texts. The blog can contain useful information about the types of games, bonus options, verification methods, and other news on the iGambling market. Players will be happy to read the published materials, and entrepreneurs will be able to drive solvent traffic.

Optimisation rules for Passage Ranking:

  • division of the text into small semantic blocks;
  • the use of headings H1, H2, and H3;
  • placement of keywords and LSI queries in the first paragraph.

Google E-A-T

The search bot evaluates materials according to 3 parameters:

  • Expertise;
  • Authoritativeness;
  • Trustworthiness.

The algorithm is mandatory for resources that cover such topics as socialised and private health care, legal and financial consulting, and insurance. For the gambling sector, E-A-T is advisory in nature but its use significantly improves the page indexing.

Features of optimisation for the requirements of E-A-T:

  • creation of the “About us” page with information about the company's activities, its founders, registration, licence, and awards;
  • stimulation of regular quoting of the website;
  • removal of toxic links;
  • increase in the number of reviews in online casinos and on thematic platforms.

Rich Snippets

The decision to optimise your iGaming project for Google responses is a good way to increase its relevance and raise it to Zero-click results. The answer block is displayed on top of traditional search results, which guarantees an increase in solvent customers.

Nuances of optimisation for Rich Snippets:

  • use of analytical resources to search for extended snippets (for example, Semrush or Serpstat);
  • placement of answers to several questions at once in snippet texts;
  • use of headings, high-quality pictures, and videos;
  • writing texts the length of which does not exceed 150 symbols on average;
  • addition of the FAQ section to the online casino.

Alternative Ways to Drive SEO Traffic

SEO traffic: alternative attraction methods

In 2024, specialists use the following channels of promotion:


Such a trend as podcasts is rapidly gaining momentum: 80% of Americans have listened to at least one audio material. The topics of the stories are very different: from politics and the social situation to the gambling industry.

Podcasts are distributed on thematic platforms. You can make textual transcriptions to the blog, conduct internal linking, and drive additional online traffic from the search engine

Integration with YouTube

In 2024, YouTube bots are actively integrated into Google. The functionality of global systems is so synchronised that it is almost impossible to ignore this option for SEO promotion.

By 2024, more than 80 of traffic will come from video hosting. The predicted percentage is relevant for many business areas, including the iGaming niche.

To improve the indexing of the website, you need to correctly combine the text and video parts of the page. Short questionnaires, reviews of new entertainment, as well as announcements of seasonal campaigns and multiplayer tournaments are always a good idea

Optimisation for Voice, Visual, and Local Search

Let us consider the most in-demand SEO tools in 2024:

  1. Google Lens. This is a proprietary solution based on artificial intelligence. It scans an object in front of you (or through the tablet’s monitor) and offers different actions: to purchase, order, or make a deposit. To start indexing on Google Lens, you need to create a mobile version of the website and traditional SEO for images. The text materials also need to be improved.
  2. Google Near Me. This product for land-based casinos allows operators to drive high-quality traffic. Marketers set up geolocation using Google My Business so that as many visitors as possible learn about the location of the gambling hall. The tool also increases the relevance of online casino pages: it is necessary just to provide information on the location of the company, its licences, and certificates.
  3. Voice search. AI technology is developing rapidly: 60% of Americans search for information using their voice. To optimise the content, you need to convert headings to Google answers (for example, where to play at low stakes). The goal is to use keywords and complete the FAQ page.

The Main Things about SEO Trends in the iGaming Industry

SEO marketing is an effective way to promote online casinos and attract solvent customers.

  • In 2024, marketers are focused on several Google algorithms. These are Mobile-First Indexing (the presence of a mobile version), Page Experience (ranking of individual page fragments), and Passage Indexing (indexing websites with poorly structured content).
  • Specialists need to pay attention to the technical condition of the iGaming project. This is the use of micro-marking, customization of meta tags, safety improvement, etc.
  • Comfortable interaction with the site is evaluated by 2 key algorithms: Core Web Vitals and Page Experience. The system checks the playback speed of pages, the absence of annoying advertising banners, and the security of confidential data.
  • Podcasting and integration with YouTube can be named among the alternative ways to drive SEO traffic. It is important to optimise the gambling platform for voice, visual, and local search in order to achieve better indexing.

You can order digital casino marketing services from Smart Money. We use different promotional methods, including SEO, SMM, targeted and native advertising, and e-mail newsletters.

Our studio offers such profitable gambling solutions as:

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