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Legitimate Work on the Gambling Market: Features of the Industry

Updated 08.07.2021

Online casinos are an honest and profitable business. The Smart Money company has prepared a brief guide for you on how a casino administrator can work legally and profitably in the conditions of modern legislation.

Legal online casinos: features of the industry

Smart Money offers you to buy an online casino with up-to-date equipment. We deliver a profitable iGaming project along with a prestigious licence, security systems and proven entertainment software.

Registration of a Licence in a Prestigious Jurisdiction

Creating a turnkey online casino begins with obtaining permission. Much depends on the choice of jurisdiction for licensing — from the coverage of the target audience and the amount of profit to the relationship with regulatory authorities.

Offshore jurisdictions that operators most often choose for issuing permits:


The island state is a member of the European Union, providing additional privileges for business:

  • you can issue a single B2C document to manage an iGaming resource with slots, roulette, poker, lotteries, bets;
  • entrepreneurs have access to a sublicence, as well as B2B permission for the development and distribution of gambling software;
  • regardless of the type of document chosen, managers pay a single tax of 5% on annual profits
Isle of Man

Operators often register gambling businesses on the Isle of Man and note the thoughtfulness and loyalty of local legislation.

The main reasons to apply for a permit in the Isle of Man:

  • long term of the licence — 5 years;
  • developed telecommunication system (you can rent a reliable physical server or virtual cloud storage);
  • there is no currency control — transactions are available in both fiat and digital money

The overseas territory of the Netherlands, although it is part of the EU, offers more favourable conditions for starting a turnkey casino business:


The local regulator offers documents for various types of games, including online casinos, betting and lottery draw.

Benefits of licensing in Gibraltar:

  • low gambling tax — 0.15% of revenue;
  • absolute transparency of local legislation;
  • powerful IT infrastructure and communication network

Entrepreneurs who do not know how to open an online casino legally should also pay attention to prestigious European countries. Good conditions for operators are offered by Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Germany. Recently, online gambling was legalised in Ukraine.

A significant advantage of licensing in offshores is the ability to manage an entertainment site in the .com domain zone. As for European countries, resources that operate under local domains are considered legal: .eu (EU public domain), .de (address for sites in Germany), .ee (Estonian address), etc.

Operators that offer casino services in the European internet space get access to solvent web traffic. In the EU, sports betting, lottery draws, card games, and slot machines are very popular. You can look for a turnkey casino website for sale if you want to establish your brand in this business.

Connecting Software for Security and Customer Identification

Casino security and customer identification software

Entrepreneurs who open a turnkey casino or other iGaming project are required to comply with international AML and KYC policies. These are generally accepted practices in combating the financing of terrorism and money laundering, which are used in all legal states.

Installing security software is an excellent solution for protecting a casino site from fraudsters, timely customer identification and compliance with AML / KYC procedures.

Security software supports the legitimate work of casino operators by performing the following tasks:

  1. Analysis of all payments. A powerful risk system checks all transactions for the correctness of details, the likelihood of returns, the relationship with countries that indirectly finance terrorism (Afghanistan, Iraq). All this helps to weed out illegal or controversial transfers, minimising the financial and regulatory risks of the operator.
  2. Gamer verification. The module helps to reveal hidden associations between gamblers, to identify players who abuse bonuses. The system checks the IP addresses of gamers, levelling the possibility of playing from countries with an ambiguous attitude towards gambling. In addition, the verification service is a reliable way to check the real age of users.
  3. Perimeter protection. Turnkey casino software prevents hacker attacks and technical failures in different iGaming projects. All data of the operator and the client are securely protected, which saves the business entrepreneurs from problems with the law and additional checks by regulatory authorities.

Creation of a Reliable Mirror for a Casino Site

Developing an online casino from scratch often includes installing a site mirror. The widespread opinion that the mirror is used for the illegal activities of the entertainment portal is fundamentally wrong.

Connecting a mirror site solves a wide range of tasks related to:

  • timely updating of the site (you can carry out technical work without worrying about losing customers because they are instantly redirected to another site);
  • improving the performance of the iGaming project (with an increased number of visitors, the program evenly distributes them among several interconnected casino portals);
  • instant troubleshooting (the presence of a site mirror helps to quickly restore the work of the portal after natural disasters or deliberate hacker attacks).

An additional mirror site is a guarantee of the technical power and security of any iGaming project.

The operator instantly pays winnings, quickly responds to DDoS attacks, and reports to regulatory authorities on time. All this minimises problems with the law, guarantees the honesty and transparency of the casino site.

Legal Advertising of Gambling

Legal advertising of gambling businesses

In order to buy an online casino with good profitability, it is important for operators to take care of the competent marketing promotion of the iGaming portal.

Business entrepreneurs have access to various promotion methods, including SMM and SEO tools, and publication in the media. In order to avoid problems with the law, it is necessary to take into account the rules for marketing promotion in a particular jurisdiction.

We propose to consider the main approaches to the regulation of gambling advertising:

  1. Promotion of gaming projects is allowed. The creation of a web casino with its subsequent popularisation is allowed in Georgia, Austria, Spain, France, Montenegro, Greece. The only restriction is that advertising must not be directed at minors.
  2. Partial ban. In Germany, for example, in order to launch a marketing campaign on the Web, operators need to obtain additional permission. A similar approach is used in Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Italy and other European Union countries. Legislation often restricts gambling advertising on television from 11:00 pm to 06:00 am.
  3. Complete ban. It is not allowed to promote gaming in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and other Muslim countries. In China, for example, the marketing of gambling projects is available only in the special zone of Macau.

The Main Things about the Legal Work of iGaming Projects

At Smart Money, you can buy a profitable ready-made platform. We will supply you with a modern package of the turnkey casino solution, including a catalogue of video games, a payment system, a CRM service and other useful components.

  • The legal operation of the casino begins with the issuance of a licence. Most often, entrepreneurs open gambling projects in prestigious offshore zones — in Malta and the Isle of Man, in Curacao and Gibraltar.
  • To protect the gaming resource from the actions of scammers and technical failures, entrepreneurs can connect online casino software solutions for security, as well as additional website mirrors.
  • In almost all countries of the European Union, gambling advertising is partially allowed. Restrictions are related to the broadcast time of marketing videos and advertising for minors.

To get a demo version of the internet casino and start the best turnkey online business, contact the Smart Money manager.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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