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Impactful Position of the iGaming Industry on the World’s Economy

Updated 28.09.2022

The devotion to online casino platforms remained high even after the alleviation of the Coronavirus lockdown. People resumed their attendance at gambling halls, but the convenience of playing on gaming sites made a lot of them combine or even switch to web-based entertainment completely.

Higher access rates increased the profitability of such projects. As a result, in regulated markets, the contribution to the global economy was boosted as well. The social and financial benefits of such industry enhancements are obvious.

iGaming and the global economy: impact

Smart Money wants to present a detailed overview of economic influence with the possibility to become a market participant and join the lucrative iGaming sphere.

Substantial Gross Gaming Revenue Increase

The gambling industry is still extremely young in comparison to some other international businesses. Nevertheless, it has already managed to expand across the globe and gather a substantial market size. Experts predict that the future of the iGaming sphere is even more promising.

The gross gaming revenue of the last few years and the estimated annual value until the next decade:

  • 2019 — $49 billion;
  • 2020 — $62 billion;
  • 2021 — $85 billion;
  • 2026 — $100 billion;
  • 2030 — $172 billion.

The main reason for the steady growth of the GGR is an increase in the number of market participants. Novice operators launch new online casinos; game developers appear due to an increase in demand for innovative content; advertising studios accept more requests for promoting both. As a result, the industry expands extremely quickly.

Fast technological development is the key trigger in this case. More people have access to the Internet as well as compatible devices. The higher number of clients, the bigger the profit casinos have. Consequently, taxes and contributions to global economic growth are also increasing.

Social Improvements from Casino Deductions

Casino deductions: social improvements

The gambling sphere typically has the biggest taxes imposed on its operators and their platforms out of all possible business directions. Some governments have installed this threshold at 85% and more. Considering the nature of the gambling business, this is still fine for entrepreneurs as it allows for keeping their projects lucrative.

The deducted costs are usually spent on social and economic boosts for the community or an entire country:

  1. To combat gambling issues. Even though casino operators are obliged to stick to certain obsession-prevention measures, local governments spend resources on this as well. This also includes underage gambling and mental assistance.
  2. To improve health initiatives. Regardless of how developed the country is, there are never enough resources for the medical sphere. Directing casino deductions to healthcare improvement is a common strategy for the majority of countries.
  3. To boost youth sports. In some parts of the world, online gambling is not necessarily associated with casinos. Sports betting often prevails in the number of fans. So, local authorities tend to distribute taxes from gambling projects to develop youth programs.

These are only the most popular destinations for tax money. Each country is entitled to decide how to spend the obtained funds.

Other than these options, authorities direct gambling deductions on:

  • implementing new educational advancements;
  • boosting small businesses in the region;
  • facilitating touristic appeal of the area;
  • improving the infrastructure of the problematic zones;
  • upgrading state-based facilities.

The better the iGaming industry is developed, the higher tax contributions are going to be. With the lack of black or even grey markets, such regions will receive maximum profit from operational deductions and direct them towards the necessary cause.

Further Influence of the Online Casino Sphere on the Economy

Ground-based gambling facilities provide an obvious boost to the social and industrial development of the country. A substantial infrastructure expansion usually happens around them. These are eating destinations, residential places, shopping centres, etc. Casino entertainment attracts a substantial number of players that require additional services. As a result, all participants in the process are satisfied.

Online casinos might lack such a direct economic influence. At the same time, the gambling sphere is still populous in terms of client acquisition. So, related industries tend to develop alongside the demand increase.

Which niches receive a substantial boost from online casino expansion:


The importance of this sphere development is underrated. New ways of sending money appear regularly, and implementing them in the gambling industry as quickly as possible is essential. This concerns both, fiat and crypto funds

Digital marketing

New advertising studios can start as narrowly-directed companies, promoting only online casinos. As they gain more experience, their clients’ scope increases.

So, digital marketing studios owe much to gambling platforms

Software development

Online casinos are nothing without quality content. And since the demand for gambling activities grows exponentially, operators always look for innovative games for their clients.

Similarly to advertising studios, software developers can soon expand their capacities

Affiliate partnership

This type of marketing has become extremely effective and profitable. Webmasters use quality content to attract traffic to their sites and then direct these people to an advertised portal. In the case of a gambling sphere, these are online casinos

The result of the economic influence of gaming sites is obvious in some regions. The development is visible in Latin America and several African states. The countries of the third world benefit particularly well from the received deductions by casino operators. These costs help boost the social and industrial advancement of the region.

The Main Things about the Impact of the iGaming Sphere on the Economy

Casinos' economic impact: key notions

Online casinos are businesses in the first place. However, the industry has adapted so well and quickly to the peculiarities of the people around the world that it contributes substantially to the economic influence of particular regions.

The key notions of online gambling's impact on social and industrial improvements include:

  • A quick and efficient rise in gross gaming revenue underlines the popularity of the entertainment industry across the globe.
  • The gambling sphere typically has the biggest taxes imposed on its operators and their platforms out of all possible business directions (up to 85% of the income).
  • The most popular destinations for the tax money are gambling issues prevention, healthcare improvements, and youth sports development.
  • Directing money to educational purposes, business advancement, improvement of touristic appeal, and other community needs is also common.
  • The development of online casinos also facilitates the boost in the fintech niche, digital marketing, software development, and affiliate partnership.

The possibility to join the industry, launch a gambling platform, and contribute to local or global economic development are sufficient. An entrepreneur can resort to a special guide studio and receive all the necessary assistance in starting the project.

Order a turnkey casino from an acclaimed brand Smart Money. Contact our support team to negotiate terms and discuss individual services.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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