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How Blockchain, AI, and Cloud Technologies Change Gaming Projects

Updated 15.09.2022

The successful development of the gambling field is closely related to modern technologies. They improve the user experience, attract generous investors, and make iGaming projects more profitable and interesting.

Gambling technologies: general information

Smart Money experts want to familiarise you with the current IT areas that have found application in the highly profitable gaming industry.

Blockchain Solutions in the Modern Gambling Sphere

Blockchain is a peer-to-peer decentralised network consisting of billions of interconnected blocks. They store information about various operations — from prize game combinations to the launch of bonus features.

The data inside the cells is securely protected from hacking and theft. Users and operators can view information. However, changing or deleting it is impossible even theoretically. The information is encrypted using cryptographic means.

Blockchain and the gambling industry are closely related. Analysts from SBCB Fintech Lawyers claim that about 50% of cryptocurrency transactions are performed in the iGaming field today. By 2025, this figure will become more than 80%.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Most often, Blockchain is used as a money transfer method. Modern online casinos support operations in Bitcoin, Altcoin, Ethereum, and other promising tokens.

Gambling sites can accept only cryptocurrencies or conduct transactions in both fiat (US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, etc.) and digital monetary units.

The key advantages of cryptocurrency payments:

  1. High transaction speed. The work of the decentralised network does not depend on the government, local authorities, and other regulatory bodies. To transfer funds, you do not need to wait several hours for approval from the acquiring bank and other financial institutions.
  2. The support for micro and macro wagers. You can bet from 0.01 BTC to 1,000 BTC or more per spin.
  3. The rotation of slot reels in incognito mode. To start the game, it is enough to indicate the number of the BTC wallet. Withdrawing and depositing virtual money occur instantly.
  4. Excellent security. Client data is protected from theft, disclosure, and other unauthorised actions. The information is automatically converted into a unique computer code that is impossible to change even theoretically.
  5. Loyal rates. Transactions are carried out without intermediaries and additional commission fees.

Blockchain Game Development

This is modern content with a built-in random number generator. The RNG uses Blockchain instead of traditional mathematical algorithms. Therefore, session outcomes cannot be faked or deleted.

The main advantages of Blockchain games are as follows:

Proven honesty of results

Compliance with the principles of Provably Fair increases user confidence in a gambling site. Punters are happy to place bets in online casinos and spin slot reels at higher limits.

Game statistics are published in open registries. Everyone can get acquainted with the information and compare the outcome of a session with the declared RTP level

The diversity of genres

The most popular solutions are Blockchain-based video slots and card simulators. The technology is also used in the development of other products, such as fishing or arcade games.

The active implementation of Blockchain has given rise to a new type of content — crash slots. Such multiplayer entertainment solutions are characterised by simplified plots and high payouts.

Punters watch an object moving along a parabola (rocket, airplane) and bet on its fall (explode, crash)

Simplified entry into the market

The development of cryptocurrency games does not require mandatory certification and licensing. This approach speeds up the entry into the market and reduces the cost of content production and testing

NFT Asset Management

Blockchain is at the base of non-fungible tokens. The virtual certificates confirm the ownership of digital assets.

In the iGaming industry, these are:

  • exclusive entertainment content (slots, cards, lotteries);
  • bonus programs;
  • gift certificates;
  • characters;
  • artefacts (clothing, ammunition, weapons, access to more difficult rounds, etc.).

The NFT market is very dynamic and diverse. New virtual objects with unique features and colourful designs appear every day. Most often they are created in the Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain scripting languages.

The use of NFTs has spawned a new genre of casino content — Play to Earn. Gamers invest in digital assets (for example, the features of the main characters or original locations) to resell them and make solid profits.

Operations are carried out on specialised exchanges, for example, OpenSea, SuperRare, or Rarble.

The list of the best NFT entertainment solutions includes:

  • Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games. Punters grow unique characters (ducks, unicorns, kittens), upgrade their skills, participate in multiplayer tournaments, sell them on NFT marketplaces, and get good profits.
  • NBA Top Shot is the most expensive project based on non-fungible tokens. Its capitalisation is estimated at $4.5 million. The price of one NBA card varies from $9 to $999. For example, the item depicting basketball player James LeBron's throw was sold for $390. The authors of the project promise a tenfold increase in the cost of NBA cards by 2025.

Metaverse Creation

The Metaverse is a complete and easily scalable digital world. In the virtual space, you can play, build, and sell real estate, launch business projects, create and collect art, and perform lots of other actions.

Metaverse blurs the line between the virtual and the real. Such a realistic perception is ensured thanks to software developers. The universe is created based on Blockchain. All payments are carried out in cryptocurrency.

Successful Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI gaming technologies in online casinos

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of machines to make smart decisions based on learned concepts. In addition, computer systems continue to study, as humans do. Based on the knowledge gained, they decide what to do in a particular situation.

AI technologies are used in the iGaming industry to solve a wide range of tasks.

The Simulation of a Croupier’s Work

AI programs act as full-fledged participants in the gambling process, repeating the actions of professional dealers and croupiers. The software works on computational game theory and adapts to the actions of opponents (gamblers) to defeat them.

Most often, AI is used in card simulators:

  • The provider DeepStack has introduced comprehensive software for Texas Hold'em tournaments. Virtual dealers easily beat experienced participants using the capabilities of neural networks.
  • The Libratus poker bot earned $1.7 million in a prestigious US session. The solution was created by a group of professors at Carnegie Mellon University. At the moment, the software is adapted for use in military simulators.

Fight against Fraud

Modern programs analyse the actions of gamers and create behavioural patterns. Based on the data received, the software instantly detects and blocks intruders.

The introduction of AI helps to combat:

  • illegal distribution and theft of bonuses;
  • unauthorised access to casinos by minors;
  • hacker attacks;
  • system failures;
  • money laundering, and other fraudulent activities.

For example, the AI-based ​​program B Neuron identifies potential intruders already at the moment of their registration on a gambling site. The service automatically sends a checklist to an entrepreneur with the necessary precautions.

Customer Attraction and Retention

AI chatbots perform functions aimed at increasing internet traffic and keeping the audience:

  • greeting new and regular customers;
  • informing clients about current promotions and bonuses;
  • the creation of personalised offers based on previous punter experience;
  • the playback of entertainment content in different modes (demo, for money);
  • the organisation of multiuser tournaments;
  • help with depositing and withdrawing money, etc.

Chatbots can function as additional gaming platforms, increasing the audience's interest in online casinos. They have the same server and back office components as a gambling site. However, the front-end of bots differs depending on the device used.

Gamers can play on:

  • Windows and Linux desktop PCs;
  • iOS and Android gadgets;
  • tablets.

Combating Gambling Addiction

Artificial intelligence helps operators to maintain a responsible approach to gaming and prevent the emergence of ludomania.

Based on generally accepted patterns, the program detects anomalous actions of gamblers and informs an entrepreneur about them.

A businessman can:

  • restrict access to specific entertainment content;
  • set max/min bet and time limits;
  • block a client's account;
  • send a letter with recommendations to a gamer, etc.

The Development of Cloud Gambling

Cloud Gambling: development

This is a type of cloud computing based on the principle of streaming media.

Operational loads are transferred from a local to a remote facility, which can be either a client's personal computer or a provider's server equipment. Most often, information is stored in virtual clouds. It is instantly transmitted to punters' devices from them.

Experts expect the cloud gambling market to reach $450 million by 2025. Google Stadia, Playstation Now, or Playkey streaming platforms are already delivering resource-intensive gaming content without being tied to hardware capabilities. By 2030, the number of cloud suppliers will increase 10 times.

The development of cloud gambling provides such tangible benefits:

The emergence of a new games class

This innovative content combines elements of video slots, card emulators, arcades, and other entertainment solutions.

Such amusement products are characterised by improved graphics thanks to the use of VR and AR tools. Virtual cities are designed to the smallest detail. It is almost impossible to distinguish them from real settlements

Active social interaction

Cloud gaming is focused mainly on multiplayer entertainment content. Up to 100 users or more can participate in one round, creating and maintaining a unique wagering environment.

Punters communicate with each other, exchange gifts, create teams, participate in mini-tournaments and quests, and share their achievements on Facebook and other platforms

Simplified development

Cloud gambling allows creators to implement more complex and technically flawless entertainment solutions. These are 3D iGaming spaces with appealing mechanics, non-standard plots, and multi-level architecture

Cloud gambling is powered by 5G technology.

The new generation internet connection ensures fast processing of information and its transmission to end-points. Data centres with 5G support are located in the USA, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

The Main Things about Modern IT Solutions in the Gambling Field

The iGaming industry is actively developing due to innovative approaches and technologies.

  • The future of the gambling field is linked to Blockchain. The peer-to-peer decentralised network is used as a payment method and a background for creating entertainment content with original gameplay and bonus options. It is the base of NFT assets (non-fungible tokens) and the metaverse.
  • It is hard to imagine the development of the gambling business without artificial intelligence. AI is used to simulate the work of a croupier, create personal web bots, and combat fraud and gaming addiction.
  • The spread of 5G and cloud technologies has created a new direction in the industry — Cloud Gambling. Punters can enjoy multiuser 3D games with maximum detail and instant playback on different devices.

Smart Money offers profitable web gambling solutions. We fulfil orders of any complexity — from creating traditional HTML5 slots to launching modern Bitcoin casinos.

The Smart Money studio provides comprehensive licensing and certification services, promotes ready-made gambling sites, and solves many other tasks.

Contact our managers to learn more.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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