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HTML5 Casino: A New Era in the Global Gambling Industry

Updated 29.04.2020

For many years, Adobe’s brainchild, the Flash technology, was considered one of the most promising and popular tools for the creation of the content of online casinos. The solution has become a real breakthrough, and fans of gambling got an opportunity not to download software to their personal devices.

HTML5 online casino

However, technologies do not rest on their laurels, and the next version of the standards for displaying the content has significantly expanded the horizons of opportunities for the developers of gambling projects. A new programming language has managed to adapt gambling content for mobile gadgets. As a result, the HTML5 game development has almost instantly surpassed sales of games in the Flash format.

According to experts, HTML5 casino is all a product that combines the best offers from previous versions, is supplemented by unique tags, semantic elements, and relevant markup methods.

The outdated Flash format is not able to cope with modern practices and ideas related to the design. An HTML5 casino has replaced it and allowed developers to bring to life the most unusual ideas. You can get detailed advice on a new programming language, order the cost calculation of an HTML5 casino or buy exclusive HTML5 casino games at Smart Money.

HTML5 Casino Games: General Information on the Technology

Initially, this language was created as a tool for website design. But providers of the entertainment content were among the first to consider the potential of the technology by integrating the language into gambling products.

In fact, the programming tool is a combination of three languages:

  1. HTML ― the basic formation, structuring of the page.
  2. CSS ― the visual design of an online resource.
  3. JavaScript ― the “driving force” that brings the entire system into action.

HTML5 Casino: Forecasts and Statistics of the Technology Development

One of the main advantages of a programming language is that it supports the normal operation of any device. The only requirement for HTML5 casino games is access to the Internet.

According to statistics, the mobile content occupies leading positions, gradually replacing the classic online locations. Only in the United States, 101% of the population use mobile services. It means that every American has at least one electronic device. And if we remember that modern gadgets are much more powerful than some stationary computers, the growth of mobile gambling becomes irreversible.

An interesting fact is that by the end of 2016, the total size of revenues of the United States gambling market has reached twenty-four billion dollars ― this sum is two times more than the sum received from the releases of new movies (the budget of the film industry was ten billion dollars).

If we are talking about global figures, then it will be necessary to mention that revenues from online gambling (for September of the last year) have reached forty-six billion two million euro. If we take the total number of gambling establishments as 100%, the share of the mobile market and HTML5 casinos is 46–49%. And this is about ten billion euro of the total profit.

HTML5 Casino Games: About the Advantages of the Content

The HTML5 language is considered to be a perfect technology for the creation of gambling software.

The main advantages of the HTML5 casino are:

  • Support for any platforms. HTML5 game creation allows you to avoid any restrictions on the used browsers. The only exception is that slots are not launched on outdated versions of software that developers no longer support (about 18% of the total number of types of software).
  • HTML5 casinos can be launched on mobile devices.
  • Coverage of 70% of the global gambling market. The language has gained popularity both in professional spheres and among ordinary users, having turned from a convenient tool into a kind of trend, the popularity of which is growing day by day.
  • High download speed on any device.
  • HTML5 casino games do not require the installation of additional software and can be placed on completely different web resources.
  • Low level of energy consumption. Compared to Flash games, HTML5 casino does not consume much battery power and takes up minimal space in the device’s memory.
  • Programming tools are at free access. HTML5 casinos are related to open source software and can be improved at the discretion of users.
  • The HTML5 game creation is fast. The process requires much less time without losing the quality of the final solution.
  • An ability to use SVG and Canvas technologies. The first one is a vector graphics system that performs the function of scaling images. The image remains high-quality and clear regardless of the size of the screen. The second tool is a function with the ability to integrate elements of 3D graphics into games.

HTML5 Casino: the Best Choice of Ready-Made Solutions From Smart Money

Smart Money has a vast working experience in the gambling industry and cooperates with the world's leading providers. Its product range includes the best solutions from suppliers with an unblemished reputation.


Everyone who has ever visited online gambling resources knows about the games from this company. Today, HTML5 game creation is one of the main tasks implemented by the brand. It not only offers original products with unusual storylines but also regularly updates the released versions.

In addition to the impressive product range, Novomatic gaming solutions please users with simple and fast integration, excellent speed of the launch, and a set of interesting and attractive offers (free spins, jackpots, promotions, and much more).


This company has reached a huge audience due to a contract with Marvel. Today, its assortment consists of exclusive browser solutions with recognisable characters of world-famous comics.

Among the most popular gaming products, we can name Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and many others.


Under this provider’s belt, there are already about one thousand video slots. Each of the solutions combines an intuitive interface, excellent graphics, and quite ample opportunities for winning big prizes.

First of all, HTML5 technology was used by the company to re-release the branded content that has already gained global popularity. Today, each new product of the brand is not only an interesting storyline but also an amazing atmosphere of the gameplay.


HTML5 game creation from NetEnt can be compared to an alternative reality. Any product of the brand is a unique world with well-thought-out unique characters, pleasant payouts, and a progressive jackpot system.

The most famous slot, which was created with the use of the new technology, is Guns N ’Roses. Experts have called it one of the most successful releases that can fully demonstrate all the advantages and possibilities of HTML5.

For any questions related to the HTML5 casino development and purchase or rent of the ready-made gaming content, you can contact Smart Money. We are ready to offer you both interesting sets of licensed solutions and such a service as “the development of an HTML5 game on the basis of an exclusive sketch”.

HTML5 game development

HTML5 Games: Development of the Unique Content

The HTML5 game creation service from Smart Money involves the following actions:

  • Work on the theme of the project. The idea proposed by the client is complemented and structured by our specialists.
  • Preparation of the script. HTML5 game development can include a storyline that is similar to scenarios of movies with high budgets. This feature allows you to attract users and make them launch a new slot over and over again.
  • Creation of graphic material. The implementation of the design is one of the key aspects, a key to the success of the entire project.
  • Programming. This is the basis of the future product ― experts from Smart Money prescribe every detail of the slot: successful and unsuccessful combinations, the calculation of the percentage of return, the introduction of user settings, and much more.
  • Integration into the platform of a gambling club.

The HTML5 game creation from Smart Money is an up-to-date solution, which is consistent with all algorithms and systems of classic slot machines. In each of our games, there is a very complicated control algorithm that takes into account the accumulated and paid out sums of money, the number of game sessions, the size of deposits, and some other nuances. Slots independently form game events based on information from the terms of reference.

The development of HTML5 games is the future of the world’s gambling. And the introduction of unique content will not only increase brand recognition but also significantly expand the audience of the gaming site.

HTML5 Game Creation: Why is it a Good Idea to Order the Software From Smart Money?

One of our main advantages is the use of the latest technologies and high-quality tools for software development. Each of our products is a combination of quality, usability, functionality, and an attractive price.

Smart Money is a diversified company. We offer not only an HTML5 casino but also a large selection of software for bookmaker’s offices, products for the launch of a live casino, and the integration of payment systems. You can also order a turnkey online casino and get up-to-date information on affiliate programs and the nuances of the purchase of licenses in foreign jurisdictions.

At the time of order a package of services for the development of a gambling project, we provide our clients not only with technical support but also with full legal support of the startup.


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