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How to Start a Casino Business in Armenia?

Updated 29.04.2020

Armenia is a beautiful country with ancient traditions, a modern view on technologies, and a progressive attitude towards gambling. This is an amazing place in Western Asia, which combines oriental wealth and European needs. And where there is money, there is a space for a casino.

If you are searching for new markets for the promotion of your business, Armenia can be a great option. The casino market in Armenia is rapidly growing and developing, and here, it will definitely be possible to find a place for another successful project. The easiest way is to buy turnkey online casinos in Armenia.

For more information, please contact the managers of Smart Money for an individual consultation. Specialists of the company will help you to estimate the prospects of the new direction, deal with legal aspects, and choose slot games that Armenian players will like the most.

How to Start an Online Casino in Armenia and How Does it Work

Starting an online casino in Armenia

In 1991, with the collapse of the USSR, Armenia gained independence and the government, along with other laws, adopted the necessary changes related to the acquisition of a license to open a casino. This is how gambling laws in Armenia were created. It is incredible but since 1992, the casino industry has given the country about 70% of profit in the form of taxes.

Mandatory payments appeared only in 1998. Casinos, sweepstakes, and slot machines now pay a fixed tax depending on the location of the establishment and some other factors. Thus, a casino near Yerevan transfers 10 million dollars to the state budget, and a gambling club in Tsakhkadzor — only 300 thousand dollars.

This was followed by several more draft bills that made the acquisition of a license more complicated. Nevertheless, today, gambling in Armenia continues to grow and develop.

There are 4 entertaining zones in the country where it is allowed to run a gambling business:

  1. Sevan — a city next to the lake of the same name where tourists like to come.
  2. Tsakhkadzor — a resort town with ski slopes and a great climate.
  3. Jermuk — a popular city with modern infrastructure.
  4. Meghri — a city in the south of Armenia that has many historical monuments.

When we are talking about gambling in Armenia, it is obvious that each gaming zone is oriented more towards the flow of foreigners than locals. Such a distribution fits into the general concept of the development of the tourism industry in the country.

In Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, there are no casinos. Mostly, they are located along the road from the airport, and among them, you can find truly luxurious gambling establishments.

Interestingly, in Armenian casinos, it is customary to conduct so-called junket tours for tourists. Clients can make a deposit of a certain amount and receive a transfer, a hotel room or gambling chips as a bonus.

We strongly believe this will positively affect the development of the industry in the future and attract players not only from neighbouring countries but also more promising areas, such as Asia, America, and Australia.

The Register and Other Restrictions for Players in Armenia

Restrictions for players in Armenia: procedure of identification

Armenia is one of the few countries where there is a special register with data of gamblers that like to place high rates, otherwise known as high rollers. Such rules have been established to prevent money laundering.

For those players who place bets over 2,000 dollars, it is mandatory to prove their identity and always keep receipts, bank statements, and other conformations of financial transactions.

People under 21 years old must not be allowed to enter casinos in Armenia. Visitors may be asked to produce identification. The rule entered into force on August 28, 2018. Moreover, those who are addicted to gambling and people who laid down at stake the financial condition of their families are also not allowed to enter any casino.

Online Gambling in Armenia

According to the gambling laws in Armenia, online casinos are considered legal but it is mandatory for them to obtain a license. With foreign gambling projects, the situation is a little more complicated since such documents have not yet been issued by the jurisdiction.

However, they are rarely blocked because the regulations of the activity of international casinos in Armenia are still under development. It is expected that in a couple of years, the condition of online gambling in Armenia will stabilize.

As for the preferences of local players, they are mostly similar to the choice of gamblers from other parts of the world: slot machines with classic and heroic plots are extremely popular. Therefore, when you are planning to launch Armenian online casinos, it will be wise to rely on the global experience.

It is extremely important for gamblers that the casino has all grounds for running a betting business in Armenia: licenses, permits, high-quality software, and excellent slots. Users expect high-quality services so it makes sense to think through a powerful marketing campaign and adhere to the high service standards from the first day of work.

How to Open Online Casino in Armenia

Online gambling in Armenia

This country can surprise you, and it is really trying to provide a good background for the growth of the legal casino business in Armenia. For those who are expecting to have long-term and high-quality work, the government is ready to make advances.

The Armenians are happy to visit betting shops and gambling halls with slot machines, which means that you will have no problems with the attendance: the betting business in Armenia has always been popular. It is also worth mentioning that there is always such an option as turnkey online casinos in Armenia.

However, for being able to deal with all the necessary paperwork, you will need a reliable partner who understands the specifics of the local market and will take upon himself the solution of problems that may arise. Indeed, each country has its own rules.

The Smart Money company can become such a partner for you. Our employees have intimate knowledge of the international gambling law and gambling laws in Armenia, as well as an impressive experience in launching casinos all over the world.

Besides, with us, you can do the following:

  • buy high-quality software for online casinos, the latest slot games with wonderful graphics, payment modules, and security systems;
  • order the development of a gaming site and its promotion on the Internet;
  • get an opinion on the most confusing and complex legal issues;
  • rent a casino and then make a well-considered decision of whether you should purchase a casino or not (remember that you can buy turnkey online casinos in Armenia)!

Smart Money provides a full range of services and products that are necessary for the launch of a successful gambling business.

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Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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