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How to Open an Online Casino: Pitfalls and Nuances of Starting a Casino Project

Updated 29.04.2020

This industry was always and still is a very promising and successful business area. Not every project can be compared to a gambling one in the level of income, especially, when the website has just been launched.

Gambling as one of the most profitable industries in the world

Despite the constantly growing competition, an idea to launch your own gaming site almost guarantees success and profit. However, everything is not so simple. Experts from Smart Money have gathered all the necessary data on how to create a casino project of any format and promote it. For more information, current news, and to order products for successful business activities, you can contact managers of the firm (the contact details can be found at the end of this article).

How to Open an Online Casino and Reasons for its Popularity

As the main reason the popularity and rapid growth of online casinos, we can name a ban on the launch of land-based gambling establishments. Now, players have a choice: either go to a closed gambling zone (if there is such in their country) or spend some minutes and connect their gadgets to the Internet and choose exciting slots of hundreds and thousands of options.

An interesting feature noted by gamblers is that online casinos minimise risks of the creation of the focusing illusion. An overwhelming majority of gamblers have reported that land-based clubs attract them by their festive atmosphere. Every detail, every element of the interior of an offline casino makes people want to visit it again and try their luck once more. Online casinos do not create such an overwhelming emotional effect.

However, a permanent advantage of online casinos is that you can visit them whenever and wherever you are — just make sure that your gadget is connected to the World Wide Web.

Another reason is the development of new technologies. Only thirty years ago, many things around us that we are used to today were considered something unreal. Now it is possible to download games in several minutes anywhere in the world (on the way to work, during a world tour or in a familiar home environment).

Internet gambling clubs have won the recognition of gamblers because they save time. Thus, land-based clubs can make you spend the whole evening there, and online casino games will take just a few minutes.

Among positive aspects of virtual websites, we can name the possibility of playing free games and quite flexible bonus systems. To visit the online location, there is no need to have a lot of cash. What is more, to register on the website, some “extra money” will be paid not by beginning gamblers but by the gambling club itself.

Casino Player Development: the Background

The first online platform was created twenty-four years ago by the British corporation Microgaming that has set things in motion for the growth of this field. Two years later, fifteen online gaming sites were registered in different parts of the globe.

As for casino licensing, a pioneer in this field was the country Antigua and Barbuda.

And the first online bookmaker’s office has started accepting bets in 1997. This event has revealed the potential of the online gambling market to the largest investors in the world.

Just a year later, another innovation appears — a progressive jackpot. It has literally blown up the market: in 2001, the size of winnings has reached four hundred fifteen thousand dollars, and a year after this, an unidentified lucky guy has hit one million five hundred thousand dollars.

Today, there are over fifteen thousand gambling locations on the World Wide Web, and this number is growing at an exponential rate. The range of the offered types of entertainment several times exceeds the list of services that are provided by land-based casinos.

A Casino From Scratch: Step by Step Instructions

An idea to implement a project without the assistance of professionals always means significant financial risks. It will require a big initial capital and a lot of time.

The main stages of an independent launch of a gambling club:

Analysis of the Competitor’s Activity and a Business Plan

An analytical summary is a piece of basic information, which can help you to find out about the current state of the market and prospects that your project has. The collection and processing of data require a lot of time and special skills. It is always better to order services from experienced professionals.

In a business plan, you need to describe a future project in detail and indicate special features of a site and the scheme of its further promotion. The strategy has to contain financial analytics and all possible scenarios (positive or inert and negative).

Experts from Smart Money can collect the necessary data and create a strategy. Our staff has been successfully working in the international market for many years.

Legal Arrangements and a Purchase of a Permit

First of all, you have to register a legal entity. This procedure consists of several steps: registration of a company in a foreign jurisdiction, opening an account with the mandatory payment of a certain amount of money to cover possible risks of the enterprise, conclusion of agreements with casino software developers.

A license is a mandatory document that makes a business legal. The most popular jurisdictions where operators prefer to obtain permits are:

  • the Isle of Man;
  • Malta;
  • Costa Rica;
  • Curacao, and others.

More information on tax systems in offshore zones and the details of the acquisition of permits can be found out from Smart Money, which will provide professional advice and full legal support for your project.

Online Casino Gaming Software

The purchase of the casino software is a basic stage of the opening of a gambling club. Its online platform should combine the following aspects: high levels of functionality, simple interaction, multilingual support of the mobile format, security of visitors, and competent technical support.

A Website, Domain, and Hosting

A gaming site will create an image of the casino and form the opinion of users. A visual comprehension affects a person’s subconscious, creates a good mood, and increases the level of trust of the customers. However, it can also create negative associations if it is made in the wrong way.

The domain name also plays an important role. According to experts, a domain should have a short, sonorous name that will definitely be remembered by users and cause a clear association with your company.

The independent creation of a gaming site without special knowledge is a laborious, time-consuming, and demanding process. As for the services of third-party specialists, their price will start from twenty thousand dollars. So, it will be wiser to buy a turnkey casino business from Smart Money. All positive aspects of such a solution will be described further in this article.

Gambling Software

The game content is the key to the attraction of your target audience. Beginning entrepreneurs are recommended to buy casino software with classic themes. Famous fruit slots and standard sets of card games will always be popular with users and they will want to come back to the gambling club over and over again.

Another advice is to choose games with a simple and intuitive interface and software that supports multiple languages.

Smart Money provides its clients with the best solutions. Our catalogue contains classic slots and the newest products in the gambling field.

The best casino software developers are:

  • Playtech. A platform of this brand is an example of amazing quality and the latest information technologies. In addition to the widest range of slots, this firm offers a large selection of software solutions for live casinos, bingo halls, lottery draws, and bookmaker’s offices.
  • Novomatic. This Austrian corporation was established in 1980. Today, its products can be found in online clubs in more than seventy countries of the world. A special feature of slots from Novomatic is the combination of exciting storylines, excellent graphics, convenient control system, and quite big prizes.
  • Microgaming. This brand offers a wide range of products from platforms for poker rooms and bookmaker’s offices to software for live broadcasts and more than eight hundred video slots based on HTML5 technology.
  • NetEnt. It was founded twenty-two years ago and has almost instantly gained worldwide recognition. The game content fascinates with its excellent themes, impeccable design, and convenient gameplay.

The Connection of Payment Processors

Smart Money has an optimal set of options that allow you to carry out any financial transaction absolutely safe and fast.

We are ready to integrate into a ready-made platform the best payment systems or to create a turnkey online casino with an already installed and tested set of payment elements and options. Specialists from Smart Money can provide detailed information and offer the most loyal and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation.

Marketing Campaign

The gaming site is launched, and now it is time to expand the audience and advertise the project. An independent promotion is a very demanding process, which does not give any guarantees of success.

By using the services of Smart Money, you will get a detailed strategy and a proven promotion system with guaranteed payback within six months after the start.

How to Open an Online Casino: Alternative Options

If previously it was only possible to launch a startup from scratch, now it is always possible to find a large number of offers aimed at a less expensive implementation of a project.

The main options are:

Purchase of a Script

This is the cheapest and very unpredictable option. When making such a purchase, do not forget that there are no guarantees of reliability and availability of the software. Moreover, more money will need to be spent on the purchase of the game content, registration of a legal entity, and acquisition of a permit.

You want to save money but you are getting a pig in a poke. And the development of code and integration of software on the platform will also cost much more than the launch of a gaming site from scratch.

White Label Casino

Such an affiliate program is a very popular and practical way to save money at the beginning of your business. In fact, startuppers are provided with an opportunity to use a ready-made product. All they need to do is to choose an exclusive design.

A parent company will provide technical support, license, and create the content. Operators will just launch the product under their own names and make money.

A significant disadvantage of this option is a complete dependence on the senior partner. You will not be able to change settings of the software (for example, add games or languages for broadcasts).

A Turnkey Casino Business

This option is the most in-demand, and it has the following benefits:

  1. Exclusive design, which was based on the client's personal requirements.
  2. An optimal set of games and a right to change the range of slots or expand it. An additional advantage is that you can not only purchase software solutions from Smart Money but also rent the casino software.
  3. Large selection of software for different kinds of projects. We can create live casinos, bingo halls, poker rooms, classic gaming sites, and bitcoin casinos.
  4. High-quality technical support.
  5. Multi-level security system.
  6. Full legal support (connection of affiliate programs, acquisition of a permit, the collection of all necessary documents, resolution of all issues that arose, and so on).
  7. Integrated promotion of the project.

An Opening of a Gambling Club on the Internet With Smart Money

Open an online casino with Smart Money

This company can create a gambling establishment for you within several days. We can provide assistance with the purchase a casino, development of a unique design, and provision of relevant content and support systems.

A product range includes only licensed products from the most famous suppliers. Also, you can order the HTML5 software. We are ready to bring into life all your ideas and wishes. Exclusive slots based on your own sketches will definitely become a true gem of your gaming club.

For all questions, please contact us:

  • by e-mail:;
  • in Skype:;
  • via the feedback form.
Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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