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How to Open a Digital Casino in 2023: Features, Trends, and Prospects

Updated 29.08.2022

The creation of an iGaming website is a thoughtful investment. To establish a successful project, you will need to be well-versed in the main trends and features of the industry.

The Smart Money studio has prepared an article on how to start a digital casino in 2023. We will talk about the latest trends and innovations, as well as the most popular business solutions in the niche.

Casino business: features and trends

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The Main Changes in the Gambling Market in 2023

Smart Money experts analysed reports from such reputable iGaming portals as:

  • t2Marketing International;
  • H2 Gambling Capital;
  • App Annie.

According to published studies, by the end of this year, the income from the organisation of the gaming business will reach 117 billion dollars. This is 2.1 times more compared to the results of 2018 (58 billion dollars). According to analysts, the casino sphere will continue to develop, especially given the legalisation of games for money in the US, Europe, and Asia.

In addition to the increasing profitability, it is expected that the gambling business will undergo the following changes:

Growth in the profitability of mobile casinos

Slots, sports betting, and lottery drawings hosted on the basis of mobile casino systems will generate 60% of the industry's total revenue.

Experts predict that in 2026, this figure will reach 80%. Online casinos and mobile applications are gradually replacing land-based gambling

Reduction of the age of the target audience

The lion's share of users of portable devices (smartphones, laptops, and tablets) consists of people between 18 and 35 years old. It is not surprising that this segment of customers will bring the highest income (60% of total revenues) in 2023.

Gamblers aged 36–45 provide 30% of the profits and players aged 46 and older — 10%

Introduction of new casino game genres

Despite the widespread popularity of slots, new types of solutions will appear on the market, for example, the share of social and casual games is definitely going to increase.

Among the preferences of users, experts also note live table entertainment. Baccarat, poker, and blackjack are extremely in-demand in 2023

Legalisation of gambling in many jurisdictions

It is expected that the US market will undergo big. The governments of the federal states, one by one, legalise gambling, taking into account its huge potential.

Casino services have already been approved in New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and some other states. In 2022, Minnesota and Georgia will be added to this list.

Moreover, this year the first licences were issued by the Ukrainian authorities as well

Introduction of Progressive Technologies

Gambling business: progressive technologies

Undoubtedly, 2023 is marked by innovations in the described sphere. Therefore, in order to launch an online casino and receive good payback, entrepreneurs need to use as many modern tools as possible.

Technologies that, according to Smart Money analysts, are currently considered the most relevant:


Cryptocurrency payments attract players for several reasons:

  • anonymity;
  • high speed of transactions;
  • accessibility from anywhere in the world;
  • absence of commission fees.

The Smart Money studio recommends that operators add the option of Blockchain transactions to the menu of the main payment gateway. Thus, gamblers will have a choice: to use traditional fiat money or digital currency.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The first VR and AR casino games appeared in 2016. Due to the high cost of headsets (glasses and helmets), many businessmen have abandoned the active use of these technologies.

In 2020, such IT concerns as Google and Samsung presented several budget headset options, making VR and AR entertainment widely available. Users appreciate such products for a high-quality and detailed picture, as well as a complete immersion in the gameplay.

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

In the gambling niche, these technologies are often used together to:

  • process large amounts of information;
  • identify behavioural preferences and anomalies;
  • verify players using various tools (biometrics, document scanning);
  • collect up-to-date information about business partners and competitors.

The use of Big Data and AI improves customer service and makes casino software reliably protected against internal and external threats and any type of technical failures.

Features of Launching an Online Casino

Online casino: features of the launch

The main characteristics of a high-quality modern virtual gambling establishment include:

  1. Cross-platform environment. The casino must be available on all types of devices, including desktop PCs and portable gadgets. It is also worth paying special attention to mobile platforms. It would be a good idea to develop PWA applications.
  2. Licence obtained in a prestigious jurisdiction. Entrepreneurs are gradually leaving the “grey areas”, preferring a transparent operation. In 2023, this trend will become even more widespread, so the acquisition of a permit is very important. We recommend that businessmen buy a turnkey casino from Smart Money along with a licence issued by a respected jurisdiction and a multi-tasking backend for comfortable work.
  3. Wide product range. Operators need to continually add new and interesting solutions to their catalogue of offers. Skill games and content based on VR and AR are always a good choice, as well as multiplayer tournaments and exciting missions. It is also possible to promote free games on social networks and instant messengers.
  4. Different payment methods. Along with traditional options, it is important to offer alternative methods, such as Blockchain transactions. Users will appreciate their high speed and anonymity, as well as the absence of contributions.
  5. High level of service. Big Data and AI technologies will help operators to improve customer service. The solutions are based on machine learning and mathematical modelling, which speeds up the analysis of large amounts of information.

The Main Things about the Prospects of the Gambling Business

This profitable niche will only strengthen its position in 2023.

With Smart Money, it is possible to launch a modern gaming site in the shortest possible time. From us, you can buy both ready-made projects and individual products: casino payment software, games from the best manufacturers, and business security solutions.

  • The main trends in 2023 are increased revenue from mobile platforms and new types of entertainment.
  • Today, many business owners prefer to licence their business because of the legalisation of gambling in many promising countries.
  • One of the long-term iGaming trends is the active use of IT tools in the creation and distribution of content. Such technologies as VR, AR, Big Data, and Blockchain improve the quality of the gameplay and customer service.

To find out more about the prospects and trends in the gambling market, please contact our managers.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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