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  • Gamification in the Casino Niche: Importance, Features and Benefits

Gamification in the Casino Niche: Importance, Features and Benefits


Quite frequently, the need of adding gamification and customising gambling products is left unnoticed. Smart Money experts want to highlight the importance of these principles for maximum player engagement.

From us, you can also order the development of a beneficial business strategy.

Why Is Customisation Important

Gamification in the casino business

Tailoring the wagering project aspects to the preferences of its consumers results in:

  • enhancing the involvement of clients;
  • taking care of promotional facets;
  • boosting customer lifetime value;
  • extending revenues, etc.

If a company plans to become prominent in the market, an important factor is to be significantly different from its competition. Above all, any group should have a goal to provide users with an experience like no other. This is why enterprises are supposed to take special care of customisation details, which is one of the sure ways to enhance retention.

Experts should constantly work on a variety of features that makes their gaming releases stand out among competitors. Proprietary products are supposed to be designed with the idea of catering to customers and creating a memorable environment for them.

Here are some examples from Wazdan, one of the significant industry representatives:

Buy Feature

Through the purchase addition, players will be able to obtain access to any bonus rounds that are normally harder to get and depend on luck

Cash Drop

This mechanic provides gamblers with additional monetary rewards which are determined in a random way

Volatility Levels

As for this scheme, customers use it to adjust games to their preferences

How Gamification Influences Players

The instruments that enhance the engagement of participants are currently in high demand for all developers and suppliers.

A good example of utilising gamification in the business is the previously mentioned Cash Drop by Wazdan, which was made considering the market’s needs. With its help, operators can create promotional events for the audience that the company is in charge of, and no extra resources are spent on the process.

Cash Drop can easily be customised by all standards of gamification, and the mechanics are frequently updated according to client feedback.

It performs certain functions:

  • provides tangible encouragement to gamblers;
  • assists companies in engaging and retaining players;
  • maintains extra features that can make up for an unforgettable experience.

Partners appreciate this technology because their business parameters increase by around 200–300% when it comes to player activity.

Recent Developments in the Gamification Sphere

It has become a hot topic in the sector recently, and developers are yet to discover its entire potential. It has always been one of the major aspects of providing customers with memorable experiences. Newcomers are constantly looking for something that they have never tried before and that would bring them a thrill.

For these reasons, novelties in the field are appreciated even more nowadays. Usually, operators view customisation as something designed to attract a bigger audience, as well as granting punters who have been most active throughout the recent time.

Managers encourage customers with such perks:

  • VIP memberships;
  • competitions;
  • loyalty subscriptions;
  • promotional events, etc.

As for developers, they usually see this process as boosting a product by inserting more features into it. Letting players have more freedom and control over what they do in the game makes them feel appreciated. Such visitors will more likely come back.

Some of the unique ways to attract visitors are:

  • introducing mini-games;
  • letting players participate in extra rounds based on skills;
  • allowing clients to complete missions, and others.

Employees of big companies put a lot of effort into creating features that would be appealing to punters and raise their interest. Solutions released by the principles of customisation are highly praised for effectiveness and popularity among the audience.

The Main Things about Gamification in the Casino Industry

Gamification principles in gambling

This method has become a significant trend that many entrepreneurs wish to incorporate in their developments. Companies plan a lot of new features and game releases that can be of service to both customers and partners.

Famous enterprises are currently working on such products with gamification elements:

  • player engagement tools, which are vital for effective business operations;
  • releases that boost customer retention, such as bonuses and other mechanics;
  • proprietary casino products (both fresh ones and the continuation of the older hits).

The recent solutions and their features showed that the industry is moving in the right direction.

Smart Money offers slot games and other types of software for sale. These programs will guarantee the rapid growth of your gambling business. We guide both newcomers and developing enterprises through every aspect of their future success.

At our company, you can order plenty of useful products and services, such as:

Get in touch with our managers to receive a consultation on how to start a successful gambling enterprise or improve an existing one.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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