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Game Aggregator System: Reasons to Connect the Product

Updated 14.03.2021

The fast entry into the market is the key to the success of any entertainment project. Therefore, operators strive to speed up the launch of their businesses as much as possible. The use of a game aggregator system is a great chance to open a start-up in the shortest possible time.

Read about the specifics and benefits of game aggregator platforms below.

Find the best iGaming developments for your project in the Smart Money catalogue. Just contact our managers to place an order.

What Is an Aggregator Platform?

Game aggregator system (GAS): essence

To evaluate the benefits of such systems, it is necessary to understand the specifics of their work. The casino game aggregator is a base of sought-after software solutions for online establishments. Gaming content is being updated regularly by adding the latest novelties.

The integration process is very simple and clear. Operators can perform this procedure on their own, without the help of specialists. Besides, it takes a little time. All software solutions are installed simultaneously.

All you need to do is select the desired products and add them to your website’s menu. These benefits are provided by user-friendly and easy-to-use API instruments.

Undeniable Advantages of Using a Game Aggregator

In addition to the simple integration of solutions into the structure of gambling resources, such systems have many other benefits. Here are a few of them:

Large selection of content

Games on different themes and genres are available to operators. Thanks to this, they can offer their customers of different ages and income levels a wide range of products

Premium products

Demanded game aggregators include software solutions from the best manufacturers: Amatic, Microgaming, Habanero, Endorphina, Playtech and others.

Each game has been tested by independent laboratories. Its excellent quality is confirmed by an appropriate certificate

Additional features

Besides gambling content, an entrepreneur has access to cutting-edge payment services and other useful functions

Eliminating risks

An extensive variety of products and suppliers save operators from the possibility of purchasing irrelevant content

Management of gaming solutions

Businessmen can manage games themselves by removing and adding software solutions to the menu of their entertaining websites

Saving financial resources

Buying a gaming aggregator system (GAS) implies getting a whole package of in-demand content at bulk price

Quick start of projects

Operators save a lot of time while ordering ready-made systems. They do not need to establish contacts with vendors and install each product separately

The application of aggregators is equally suitable for experienced entrepreneurs and newcomers. Novices get the chance to enter the business arena rapidly. At the same time, owners of working projects can update the assortment of their resources fast by adding more relevant solutions to their entertainment portals.

The Types of Systems

Video game aggregator: types of systems

To receive the best video game aggregator, determine which system is appropriate for your project. There is no clear classification of platforms. Each supplier focuses on different parameters.

The most common criteria are as follows:

  1. Gambling direction. Some vendors are oriented exclusively on online slots. Other providers are focused on poker, lottery, card games, etc.
  2. Theme. There are hundreds of various popular subjects. For example, historical games are considered especially popular today. In addition, such classic solutions as one-armed bandits and fruit slots do not lose their relevance nowadays too.
  3. Genre. Different types of casino content (arcades, slots, blackjack, Sic Bo, and other genres) attract the attention of gamblers.
  4. Advanced technologies. Lots of game aggregator sites are engaged in the realisation of live solutions. In the meantime, many companies work with such demanded formats as VR and AR gaming.

The choice of a system depends solely on the peculiarities of your project. A lot of things are contingent on the characteristics and needs of your target audience here. Study your potential customer profile carefully to buy a decent product and get guaranteed profits.

It is also worthwhile to explore the market situation well. Avoid offers from no-name brands. Do not purchase aggregators at a too low price. As a rule, such deals hide many risks.

Reliable firms with good reputation provide their clients with high-quality informational and technical support. Trust only time-tested suppliers.

The Main Things about Content Aggregators

Before the purchase and the launch of a game aggregator, study the specifics of the local market and the preferences of potential players. Then, choose a suitable system.

A good product will bring you the following benefits:

  • quick entry into the entertainment market;
  • an extensive selection of gaming solutions;
  • simple start of an online business;
  • extra opportunities for operators;
  • convenient management system;
  • the absence of hidden risks.

If you wish to consider the theme of choosing game aggregators in more detail, contact Smart Money managers. They will answer any questions and help you find worthy software solutions for your business.

We guarantee an individual approach to each client, reasonable prices, regular bonuses, promotions, and discounts.

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Hans Adrian

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