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Gambling Project Development with Aggregator’s Aid: Key Advantages

Updated 30.09.2022

The online casino niche has managed to develop extensively regardless of its young age. New VR platforms, live studios, and crypto-based sites pop up all over the world. One of the main reasons for such a massive appearance of gambling projects is the presence of aggregator companies.

Even being a novice participant in the industry, an entrepreneur can achieve substantial results with proper backup. An aggregator offers quality development services as well as provides a client with the necessary theoretical understanding of the sphere.

Gambling business and aggregators: general info

Smart Money offers you an explicit guide on the key benefits of such cooperation as well as the possibility to order turnkey casino elaboration or individual services.

What Does an Aggregator Provide?

Collaboration with a mentor organisation bears a lot of conveniences. One of them is a transfer of responsibilities to the aggregator’s experts. Moreover, if an entrepreneur negotiates the development of a ready-made platform, the whole project will be elaborated on by the experts of various departments.

The key responsibilities carried out by a guide organisation:

Analysis of the area

Modern web technologies allow launching an online project regardless of the boundaries.

It opens the entire world for a future owner, but an aggregator investigates the most favourable destinations and markets for targeting

Creation of a business plan

After the operational area is selected, the paperwork begins.

An aggregator team develops all organisational stages, estimates financial necessities and details, and gathers the necessary documents for a start

Elaboration of a site

The design of the portal is adjusted to the peculiarities of the working area and target audience.

The structure and functionality are developed according to the standards and up-to-date trends to ensure high appeal to players

Application for a licence

One of the most significant conveniences of coordinating with an aggregator is an effortless obtaining of a legal permit.

Since such a company has experience and connections in licensing, the process becomes quick and efficient

Integration of software

If an operator decides to set up a gambling platform by himself, he faces the necessity to resort to different content creators and obtain games separately.

An aggregator is constantly in contact with acclaimed software creators and ensures the presence of the perfect programs that match the audience’s demand

Assurance of safety

Online casinos often involve big money. To ensure proper security measures and convenient payment methods, an aggregator utilises the latest software achievements.

The technology of accepting crypto generates a huge appeal, increasing the popularity of the platform

Advertising of a casino

If an entrepreneur orders a turnkey gambling solution, site promotion is not usually included in the package.

However, if it is purchased as an extra service, the proficient marketing team will ensure the high popularity of the project in the global arena

The standard list of solutions can be extended upon a client’s request. Regardless of the agreed cooperation terms, all stages are performed at the highest level possible without any mistakes. Such a reliable partner as Smart Money has a huge team of certified experts, ready to implement the boldest ideas and adjust them into a profitable gambling environment.

How Beneficial Is Aggregator’s Assistance?

Aggregator business assistance: benefits

When asked for help from professionals, the quality of services is the main requirement. However, in the online casino niche, this is not the limit while partnering with a guide company.

Ordering assistance at aggregator results in:

  1. Much saved time. Providing the number of elaboration stages and their complexity, an operator can spend years refining them individually. With professional assistance, this time is shortened to a few weeks.
  2. Technical proficiency. Regardless of whether an entrepreneur orders software, equipment, or all at once, all products will be delivered and installed as they are intended. Certified employees of an aggregator guarantee performance excellence.
  3. Theoretical rundown. Apart from supplying all the necessary hardware pieces and programming support, an aggregator also ensures that an entrepreneur understands all ins and outs of the iGaming sphere. It guarantees the future success of the managing process.
  4. Quick return on invested funds. An online casino business from scratch is not cheap. However, all spent resources are guaranteed to come back in the form of profits in case a proficient aggregator’s help has been involved. After such an elaboration, it typically takes up to half a year.
  5. Platform flexibility. An operator can opt for developing a simple online casino. At the same time, this platform can also be configured to accept crypto, offer VR entertainment, grant access to live-dealer rooms, and many more activities with the aggregator’s implementation.

Besides, with the professional adjustments, the project is guaranteed to obtain global popularity under a new brand. It also allows finding more beneficial partners and investors to develop the platform further. Within just a year of operation, a new casino manager can turn into an impactful market participant.

Which Entertainment Possibilities Can an Aggregator Implement?

The diversification of the gambling operation with content is an excellent way to attract new clients. However, the negotiation of the project development with an aggregator includes much more than that.

The key notions to keep in mind during the configuration of an online casino platform:

  1. The complexity of assistance. A turnkey gambling advancement is not the only cooperation opportunity when it comes to aggregator’s aid. Rent-based terms are also quite popular (White label and franchise). They are cheaper but require regular revenue deductions for software usage.
  2. Diversity of payments. The most common way of depositing to online casinos is fiat money. Players use bank and wire transfers, e-wallets, and mobile transactions to replenish their accounts. But including crypto as an alternative or relying exclusively on digital funds has recently become a popular service to introduce.
  3. Manifestation of activities. Slots and simulations of tabletop games are iconic for gambling portals. While players are used to differentiating them from betting sites, more brands offer their clients all-in-one platforms with wagering possibilities and even sweepstakes activities.

The diversity of development directions is enormous in the iGaming area. In combination with professional support from such an aggregator company as Smart Money, an entrepreneur’s work will not just be easier. It will quickly turn into smooth management of a highly lucrative platform.

The Main Things about Cooperating with a Guide Organisation

Casino development with aggregators: summary

The online gambling industry would not be the same without aggregators. High-quality products and quick expansion to different markets around the world created healthy competition, a high appeal by punters, and impressive levels of governmental acceptance.

The key notions to remember about the aid from the industry professionals:

  • The collaboration with a mentor company implies a complete transfer of responsibilities to the aggregator’s experts.
  • Under turnkey cooperation, a guide company gets in charge of sphere analysis, business plan drawing, site elaboration, licence obtainment, software integration, and safety assurance.
  • When asked for help from professionals, the quality of services is the main requirement, but it also results in much saved time, theoretical rundown, quick return on investments, and flexibility of development.
  • Professional adjustments guarantee the project’s global popularity under a new brand that eventually allows finding beneficial partners and investors to develop the platform even further.
  • Negotiations of the project development include content diversification, selection of assistance complexity, variety of payment methods, and the possibility to combine casino activities with betting and sweepstakes.

Order the efficient turnkey gambling solution at the Smart Money leading market representative.

More information on cooperation with us can be obtained by contacting the customer support team.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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