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How Business Intelligence Setup Simplifies Casino Operation

Updated 29.09.2022

Innovations in the entertainment sphere are highly welcomed. Virtual reality, cryptocurrency, and live broadcasting are the most impactful trends only in the last few years. To keep an eye on all of them and ensure the public receives updated content, operators often require quality assistance.

Process automation is one of the greatest achievements in the recent IT world. This is usually accomplished by integrating business intelligence (BI) modules into the platform. As a result, it facilitates executive activities and saves time, as well as other resources.

Business intelligence in casinos: definition

At Smart Money, we monitor all trends and implement them in new or existing gambling portals of our clients.

Definition of the Technology

Process automation is what boosts the majority of spheres. The online world has lifted the plank of conducting a few concerns simultaneously to a few thousand with the help of special software and hardware. To minimise the time necessary, smart workers resort to business intelligence tools.

In the casino sphere, BI can deal with a lot of tasks, including:

  • arranging the project’s future;
  • gross gaming revenue forecast;
  • player allocation (new and established);
  • working boundaries;
  • marketing efforts increase.

These modules are developed and integrated by dedicated companies. Even though the technology is new, it has already become an integral part of the casino operation. While developers constantly enhance BI systems, managers benefit from the existing capabilities which boost their activity.

Impact on Project Advancement

Casino advancement with BI: impact

The success of a playing portal depends on numerous factors. Big companies have dedicated teams to estimate different aspects and decide upon the development direction. But even those organisations resort to automation modules for help.

The key task of business intelligence technology is the collection and analysis of data. The received result is contrasted through different timespans to grasp the portal advancements. Naturally, negative dynamics are then researched even closer to eradicate issues and eliminate flaws.

A more detailed breakdown of what a BI module is capable of:

Punters demand investigation

The data-gathering function of the system facilitates market research.

As a result, a faster and deeper understanding of players’ attractions allows for outsmarting competitors and achieving better revenue

Advertising resources distribution

While in one region, promoting through social media is efficient, it may not be like this in another.

Business intelligence tools help identify the right distribution of marketing costs and efforts to different methods

Constant player monitoring

Since it is possible and legal to track the activity of each site guest, why not use this information for the benefit of the project.

Due to automation flexibility, the setup can now collect info about players’ behaviour and suggest enhancements

Diversification of punters

While online casinos assure to welcome all types of players (those who prefer money-based games and those who access for fun), this is still business.

So, the BI system helps identify and focus on the necessary visitors while still keeping up the interest of others

Competitor analysis

Outperforming other market participants — this is one of the main assignments for casino owners.

Business intelligence modules help benchmark various practices of the leading sphere participants to utilise their experience

When it comes to using BI software, there is nothing complicated about it. Content creators understand that it can be installed by new operators. So, the design consists of visualisation flexibility, the needed tools, concept-creating sections, and specific functionality to match the cultural peculiarities of the dedicated region.

Extensive System Capabilities

Business intelligence: capabilities

While the main functionality already does a lot for a casino platform, there is much more that can be achieved with the module. Due to the flexibility of configurations, portal owners can adapt the automation operations to their needs and boost the performance of the site even more.

Business intelligence functionality can be extended to complete:

  1. Work reporting. This is one of the longest and most tedious tasks casino administrators can face if conducted manually. Providing enough data is available, a BI module can generate the necessary results within minutes.
  2. Cost adjustment. The development of financial charges, lucrativeness estimation, and similar monetary calculations can take a long time, especially for novice entrepreneurs. Owing to BI software, it becomes easy to automate most of these concepts and guarantee the optimised result.
  3. Demand forecast. The more available information is present, the better analysis can be conducted. Depending on how often punters engage in activities on a gambling site, the BI system predicts what content should be upgraded and accented on.
  4. Controlled inquiry. The investigation of players’ behaviour is only an initial step to boosting their appeal. A detailed understanding of their inclinations makes it possible to introduce matching content, individual offers, and even unique bonuses.
  5. Global perception. Other than focusing on specific assignments, business intelligence also can grasp an immense awareness. This helps develop approaches for future operations as well as be aware of global tendencies.

The Main Things about Working with the BI Technology

To keep all essentials controlled, gambling managers use the benefits of the latest technological achievements. The business intelligence structure is one of the newest and most helpful pieces of software that has been recently adjusted to the casino area.

The key peculiarities of the setup comprise:

  • The coverage of planning, GGR forecast, player allocation, working boundaries, and marketing expansion makes the software of invaluable assistance for an operator.
  • The main task of the system is data collection and analysis, so investigation of gamblers’ demand, disposal of advertising resources, and research of competitors help boost the gambling platform significantly.
  • The design of BI modules consists of visualisation flexibilities, the needed tools, concept-creating sections, and specific functionality to match the cultural peculiarities of the dedicated region.
  • Thanks to the flexibility of configurations, entrepreneurs adjust the automation to target needs and boost the effectiveness of the site even more.

To facilitate the productivity of platforms for clients, the Smart Money team adjusts business intelligent systems to individual peculiarities of the project. This grants maximum benefit and improves the platform’s efficiency.

You can also purchase a turnkey web casino or ask for individual services at our organisation.

Contact the customer support team to learn more.

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist

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