Casino Rentals: a Successful Start for a Beginning Entrepreneur

1. Online Casino Rentals: Analysis of the Global Market

2. Casino Rentals: What is the Profit of Online Gambling Clubs?

3. Online Casinos: How to Set up Your Own Business

4. Casino Rentals: Positive Aspects of Services From Smart Money

5. Casino Rentals: the Best Terms of Cooperation From Smart Money

Every person likes the feeling of excitement. That is why gambling has always been a part of the entertainment of people for many centuries. But the modern gambling industry has moved to a completely new level, transforming the game into an ordinary form of leisure activity and even sports.

The gambling business is one of the most profitable and sources of stable income. If you want to try your hand at this industry – hurry up to make use of the "Rent a casino" service from Smart Money.

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In this article, we are going to tell you about the situation on the casino market, the advantages of owning a gambling establishment, and the conditions for renting a virtual platform.

Online Casino Rentals: Analysis of the Global Market

The overall results of the last year are overwhelming. According to the British consulting company H2 Gambling Capital, the turnover of the global industry has exceeded forty billion euro. And if in February forecasts for 2022 reported an increase in revenues to fifty-six billion euro, in March 2018, experts were forced to overview the statistics. The industry is growing so rapidly that in the next two-three years, the amount of income will exceed sixty billion euro.

Moreover, the online segment rather quickly becomes more popular than land-based locations. By the end of 2017, the share of the virtual market was 10.6% of the entire gambling industry, and there is more to come. According to experts, by 2023, the level of income of online casinos will reach one trillion dollars.

Casino Rentals: What is the Profit of Online Gambling Clubs?

The rapid development of gambling on the Internet took place because of several factors. First of all, the significant growth of the industry is based on the availability of interactive technologies, which a couple of decades ago were considered something of science fiction. Also, users found a number of advantages that land-based casino cannot provide.

Advantages of online platforms:

  • Availability. Today, to immerse users in the gameplay, it is enough for them to have a stationary or mobile device with access to the Internet. Gambling is available round-the-clock anywhere in the world.
  • The range of games. None of the offline casinos can offer as many entertainments as it is presented on virtual websites. In addition to hundreds and thousands of slot machines, table games, cards, and interaction with live dealers, users are provided with exciting bonus levels and a huge number of "exotic" variations of classic offers of land-based clubs.
  • The size of the bets. On a virtual platform, it is comfortable for both experienced players who are used to high bets and beginners who just want to try their luck. Bets in online casinos start from one cent – no land-based casino can offer this.
  • Comfort. Immersion in the world of excitement now does not require the adherence to a dress code. Customers of virtual websites can enjoy their favourite games in a familiar home environment.
  • Protection of users. All information on customers is analysed and protected by multi-level security systems. Moreover, if clients wish to remain anonymous, online casinos always provide them with such an opportunity. And the entrance to an offline location requires person identification.
  • Multicurrency. On the Internet, you can play with any currency. Each self-respecting platform offers a wide range of tools for currency conversion, as well as deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  • And do not forget about the new trend – a cryptocurrency casino. Since virtual money is not controlled by any existing country bitcoins can be converted into any currency and withdrawn from systems without interest paid to electronic wallets and bank intermediaries. For the development of a bitcoin casino service, you can contact the Smart Money company.

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Online Casinos: How to Set up Your Own Business

If previously the only way to open your project was its development from scratch, then today there are many other opportunities that allow you to save a lot of money at the very beginning.

Online casinos from scratch

It is the most time-consuming option that requires both a huge amount of knowledge and investments. A beginning operator will have to understand independently such aspects as the registration of a legal entity, the purchase of a license, the development of a website, the conclusion of contracts with software vendors, the integration of content and payment systems, the recruitment of staff for technical support, and much more.

Each stage of the launch of a casino from scratch will take quite a long time. For example, the acquisition of a permit, depending on the jurisdiction, can take from a couple of weeks to three months, and the development of an online gaming site will require about six months.

If we are talking about the financial side of the issue, then in addition to the share capital to guarantee that you will be able to pay winnings, future operators will have to spend from twenty thousand dollars on the original website, about fifty thousand dollars on the purchase of the content, and from ten to fifty thousand dollars on the license. And there is much more.

A casino script

It is the cheapest but also the riskiest option. The price of a simple code can be as low as a hundred dollars but no one can guarantee that the quality of the system will be high. Also, you will need to take into account such additional costs for improving the script as the development of the design, its adaptation to your needs, and integration into the website.

White Label casino

This affiliate program is one of the most attractive options for those operators who do not have a big initial capital. To take part in it, you need to sign an agreement with the parent company that provides clients with a product that is completely ready for launch. Entrepreneurs only need to present their own design of the website and attract the audience.

If you use this system, you will not have to buy a license, integrate software solutions, and provide technical support. The parent company will deal with all the nuances of the work of a future gambling establishment.

The only disadvantage of the affiliate program is complete dependence on the brand that provides these services. For example, the operator is not allowed to make any changes to the existing structure (starting from the range of games and ending with the addition of language to the platform). Also, the website will operate under a license provided by the parent company, so any changes in the licensing procedure or the termination of the permit relate directly to the entrepreneur.

To buy a turnkey casino

Turnkey online casino development

To purchase a turnkey casino is a fairly popular and attractive way to open your own business. Among the advantages of the solution, we can name that fact that all work on the design, creation of the website, and integration of the software will be done by an intermediary company. The package of services also includes technical support of the website and legal support of the project. Moreover, you can order a marketing promotion for your brand. Also, clients have the right to select a set of games and set the percentage of winnings independently.

To rent a casino

It is a great opportunity to get a carefully thought-out and efficient website with minimal financial costs.

The service includes connection of a domain name, development of a logo for the online gambling establishment, integration of a payment processor, and customisation of servers and support services. Besides, you can order the adaptation of your casino for mobile platforms, the connection of the system to CPA networks, and the installation of a "mirror" script.

We will tell you more about the advantages of this choice and what you need to do to rent a casino further in this article.

Casino Rentals: Positive Aspects of Services From Smart Money

By using the "Rent an online casino" service, you get a full range of solutions for the successful launch and the fastest payback of your investment.

The advantages of renting a gambling website:

  • Minimal initial capital. It will be much cheaper to rent a casino than to order a project from scratch or buy a turnkey casino.
  • No risks. To get profit and your investments back, you just need to increase the traffic.
  • A gambling establishment is equipped with a convenient administrative panel with a full range of management tools.
  • Operators receive their own accounts for receiving payments and withdrawing revenues.
  • A large selection of analytical tools.
  • A complete technical support for the project.
  • You get 100% profit from the casino.
  • Renting a casino allows you to avoid a lot of bureaucratic issues in case you will want to sell the gambling establishment and quit this business.
  • Integration of several game modes – a demo version and a game for money.
  • Support for the most popular operating systems – Windows and Linux.
  • Availability of innovative system of protection.

What do you need to rent a casino from Smart Money?

The procedure is quite simple. The first thing you need to do is to contact our specialists and fill out a special application form on the website. Indicate your contact information, and we will offer you the best options for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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We offer clients not only the opportunity to try their hand in the gambling industry but also to buy out the website in the future.

Casino Rentals: the Best Terms of Cooperation From Smart Money

Online casino rentals from Smart Money

By using this service, you get a complete set of tools and software solutions for being able to launch a project of any format.

The assortment includes relevant affiliate programs, equipment, the licensed software for both classic websites and bitcoin casinos, and gambling establishments with a live-broadcast mode.

We are also ready to offer you a comprehensive legal support of the project and will take care of such issues as the registration of the company, the purchase of a license, the conclusion of agreements with partners, and much more.

Smart Money successfully cooperates with the world’s leading providers of software and game content. We offer products from Playtech, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Microgaming, Amatic, and NetEnt. Also, we offer customers to order the development of exclusive HTML5 games.

An additional advantage of cooperation is the ability to connect a free demo version of the casino system.

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To get more information on the price of services and other aspects, please contact us:

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  • via the feedback form.
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