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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open a Gaming Club in Cape Town


The rapid progress of all African regions inspires businessmen to pay more attention to this part of the world. New investments come to different spheres and improve people’s lives. A huge leap in advancement has been recently noticed in the gaming industry. Renowned networks expand their operation and start land-based casino businesses in such countries as the RSA, Kenya, and Nigeria.

New members of the area are also presented with favourable conditions to assemble money-making venues. Even though the necessary starting budget is substantial, contractors who understand the potential of the zone gladly invest in the sector. Land-based casino business in Cape Town is where a lot of contributions are directed to.

Gaming club in Cape Town: land-based casino business

Smart Money is an established aggregator, offering distinct solutions for web and ground entertainment. We have been closely tracking the fast pace of the RSA progress and proposing quality aid on individual aspects and a turnkey basis.

Order our services for assembling facilities in the capital and become a recognised owner of the fruitful brand.

How Much Does It Cost to Start a Land-Based Casino?

The territory is not completely free of gaming halls. There are already a few popular places where punters enjoy their favourite recreation. To compete with them, a venturer should be able to have a solid initial budget. At least $5 million are required to assemble an ambitious project.

What such a budget is going to be spent on:

  1. Filing and obtaining a working permit. Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board is the regulatory body that is responsible for managing existing licences and granting new ones. Before you open a land-based casino in Cape Town, resorting to this authority to specify the requirements and documents is obligatory.
  2. Scanning the territory and claiming the place. The capital of the RSA is the second-largest city in the state. It means that the potential area to start a gaming club in Cape Town is plentiful. A businessman should contact the city’s authorities to specify the availability and inquire about prices. A typical place for such an operation is a suburb or a dedicated entertainment zone.
  3. Assembling the venue. If a manager wants to open a locale with slot machines in Cape Town that would bring solid income, he should also think of residential and eating places at a minimum. If the budget is flexible enough, concert halls and additional bars are welcome.
  4. Filling the playing lounge with entertainment. The most popular type of amusement among the inhabitants is fruit machines. If you are wondering how to open a gaming club in Cape Town and ensure maximum attendance rates, resort to the renowned producers of cabinets. Besides, card-based games, roulette tables, and other ways of enjoying beloved activities are supplied by these organisations.
  5. Launching an advertising campaign. The most effective way in this quickly progressing part of the world is online promotion. The majority of casino land-based solutions acquire their customers on the Internet. Considering that TV advertising is not allowed on the premises of the RSA, this remains the most productive way to increase acquisition rates.

At Which Firms Should a Manager Buy Slot Machines in Cape Town?

Slot machines in Cape Town: providers

Forward-thinking managers are not the only market representatives who understand the potential of the sphere. The designers of playing terminals and entertainment cabinets are constantly elaborating on new goods that will perform greatly among the RSA citizens. It is essential to analyse the probable partner and see whether they meet the requirements of your land-based casino in Africa.

Advantageous members of the gaming hardware development circle:


Programming assets and terminals of the manufacturer are used in hundreds of establishments worldwide.

The creation of equipment by the firm implies not only thousands of unique devices but also an enormous amount of intellectual property:

  • 1,265 patents;
  • 3,099 trademarks;
  • 130 copyrights


The goal of the creator is a mutually beneficial collaboration with owners of land-based casinos in Cape Town and local virtual platforms.

For each category, the developer has created a well-thought-out assortment of entertainment and administrative products with a wide range of functionality

Realtime Gaming

Assistance in setting up playing networks, particularly the elaboration of corporate identity, and the sale of dedicated furniture are the main responsibilities of the firm.

Years of successful implementation on the international market allow the experts of the creator to adjust to the targeted audience and ensure regular updates

Vivo Gaming

The supplier became widely popular for its high-quality software for land-based casinos in Africa, Europe, America, and Asia.

The elaboration of exciting cabinets and other playing furniture has been on the radar of the company for years. Technological advancement allows combining the achievements of the web and ground industries and matching them for more substantial progress


A leading supplier of gaming services has a lot of certified equipment to propose to African operators. Konami is currently in the rating of 20 biggest holdings of the industry.

The organisation keeps impressive performance rates in creating solutions for brick-and-mortar and internet amusement in the international and local arenas

While managers are focused on these suppliers to buy slot machines in Cape Town, it is also vital to remember about other types of entertainment. The peculiar feature of top-rated manufacturers is their production of all the necessary infrastructure for a lounge.

More gaming aspects to include in the hall:

  1. Baccarat. In the 19th century, card activity was regarded as the Game of Kings. Typically, 3 variations are provided for the establishments: Traditional, Crown, and 2 to 1 baccarat.
  2. Blackjack. One of the most popular card games in the world is challenging, exciting, and easy to catch up with. The African audience enjoys entertainment where beating croupiers is the key goal of the activity.
  3. Craps. A fast-paced table game is action-packed and fun to learn. In craps, punters bet either with or against the roll of the dice. Typically, the local public enjoys wagering together with the Shooter due to the well-knit atmosphere in the halls.
  4. Poker. It is impossible to open a gaming club in Africa without a few tables of this world-renowned activity. Depending on the audience, owners of lounges introduce such poker variations as Three-Card, Texas Hold’em, Stud, etc.
  5. Roulette. This iconic amusement is often associated with gaming establishments. No wonder so many managers order dozens of tables into their halls. Besides, the introduction of automated electronic variations allowed to diversify this entertainment even more.

Other gaming possibilities are integrated into the atmosphere of the club according to the demand of the target audience. Providers can also propose such activities as Sic Bo, Pai Gow, the Wheel of Fortune, and even design equipment for an individual order. Request the assistance of Smart Money to start the collaboration with renowned market representatives.

The Main Things about Initiating a Land-Based Casino in Africa

Land-based casino business in Africa: key notions

Profitability of the facility is the main aspect a lot of businessmen are aiming at. However, it will be impossible to yield solid income without making the clients satisfied. If you wonder how to open a casino in Cape Town successfully, it is essential to follow a prepared plan until the cherished outcome.

Key aspects to remember about assembling the facility in the Western Cape:

  • The rapid progress of the Republic of South Africa inspires businessmen to pay more attention to this part of the continent, particularly to the gaming sphere.
  • How much does it cost to start a land-based casino with an emphasis on the local public? At least $5 million are required to assemble an ambitious project.
  • Resources will be spent on filing and obtaining a working permit, scanning the territory and claiming the place, building the venue, filling the lounge with entertainment, launching an advertising campaign.
  • The designers of playing terminals and cabinets are constantly elaborating on new goods that will perform greatly among the RSA citizens.
  • Aristocrat, Ezugi, Realtime Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Konami are the most popular providers of equipment in the Western Cape.
  • These suppliers understand what the residents need and, apart from eternally beloved slots, issue baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette, and other entertainment equipment.

A huge success awaits those contractors who meet the latest standards of the gaming sphere. To keep track of the trends, it is beneficial to cooperate with an established aggregator of solutions. Smart Money is an experienced service provider that aids entrepreneurs to assemble profitable projects in different parts of the world.

Do you want to find out how to buy slot machines in Cape Town? Order the necessary assistance on a turnkey basis and become a recognised participant of the local playing arena.

Reach us out via official contact details.

Hans Adrian

B2b Gambling Business Advisor & Strategist


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