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  • 10 Halloween-Themed Slot Machines: the Best Mystical Slots of 2020

10 Halloween-Themed Slot Machines: the Best Mystical Slots of 2020

Updated 29.04.2020

All Saints Day is one of the most atmospheric holidays of our time, which surprisingly well combines ancient profane rites and Christian traditions.

Traditionally, the celebration takes place on the night of October 31 to November 1 when supernatural forces can enter our world: dead relatives come to see the living, and the undead roam the dark streets, orienting towards the lights of pumpkin lamps.

Half-forgotten profane rites of the British Isles can be called the roots of modern Halloween. These are the embodiment of the Druid holiday Samain, during which shamans celebrated the end of the year and welcomed the time of supernatural forces and the oblivion of nature until next spring.

An interesting fact is that All Saints Day took the usual “form” only at the beginning of the twentieth century, and it spread all over the world. Today, Halloween is a great way to have fun, try on amazing fancy dresses, admire the warm light of candle lights, and tickle your nerves.

Naturally, the gambling industry could not stay away from such a significant event, so the slot machine development in the genre of horror has become an essential part of the gambling business, bringing huge profit to providers.

The Smart Money team offers you to buy casino games that can make even the most cynical people have goosebumps. In this article, you will be able to find a selection of the best thematic products that show the charm and horror of All Saints Day.

Lucky Witch: an Atmospheric Casino Game From Microgaming

Lucky Witch casino game by Microgaming

This is one of the most atmospheric and brightest solutions from Microgaming, which perfectly reflects the idea of Halloween. The panel of the slot game looks like a gloomy woodland landscape, silvered by the rays of the full moon. Images that form prize chains are carefully selected.

Players will be able to collect the following elements:

  • magic crystals;
  • the witch's brew;
  • bottles with a mysterious potion;
  • orange pumpkins with creepy faces;
  • parchments with spells;
  • stone gargoyles;
  • candlesticks made of human skulls.

In addition to bright and atmospheric pictures, the game pleases gamblers with a variety of bonuses and additional opportunities for winning good prizes.

Bonuses in the Lucky Witch slot by Microgaming

Free spins

The cycle of additional 13 spins starts when the scatter in the form of a transparent flask with a magic potion appears on the screen. An interesting feature is that players receive 13 spins, regardless of the number of scatter symbols that appear on the panel

The Magic Potion bonus

The game starts after a combination of three boiling caldrons appears on reels number 1, 3, and 5. Gamblers will see on the screen 12 flasks, and they can open them until they find an empty one. Each of the glass-tubes brings an award in the form of the increased multiplier

The Pumpkin quest

Users will have to randomly choose one of the three pumpkins. For the right decision, they get a prize ― an increased multiplier

The Spellbook bonus

In this game, users have to choose one of the 3 old folios. In this book, there is a spell that gives an increased multiplier (up to x52)

The game in a secret vault

The round is divided into 3 separate stages where players need to choose 3 symbols. At each subsequent stage, the panel changes, and there is less and less space for new elements

Another unique feature of the slot machine is the presence of two wild symbols:

  1. The first one appears during the main game.
  2. The second wild symbol is available only during the session of free spins.

The element not only replaces any other images but also doubles any prize that players win.

Blood Suckers: a Mystical Slot From NetEnt

Blood Suckers slot from NetEnt

The background in this NetEnt slot machine is a dark and foggy street with brick walls and bloody prints on them.

For combinations in this game, the following symbols are used:

  • the Bible;
  • cloves of garlic;
  • a bloodstained wooden stake;
  • a bottle of holy water;
  • an image of the vampire’s bride (a scatter symbol that launches a series of 10 additional spins);
  • a portrait of the vampire hunter (a bonus element that activates an additional level of the game, in which gamblers need to go down to the crypt and open the vampire's coffin).

The Voodoo Horror-Themed Slot by Endorphina

Voodoo slot machine by Endorphina

Here, players can find the world of mysterious voodoo rites. A journey through a gloomy night forest in the search for a place for a special ritual is exactly what you need on the eve of Halloween.

Each element of the slot can scare anyone: the colour gamma pleases users with combinations of emerald, moccasin, and black tones, illuminated by scarlet flashes and silver glare of the moon.

Players will have to collect combinations of voodoo dolls, sharp needles, skulls of animals, and card denominations on the order of the ancient runes-spells.

The shaman and his charming assistant with a huge snake on her shoulders will help you in this ceremony. The background sound adds a special atmosphere to the slot: the action takes place accompanied by the rhythmic sound of kobdases.

The Colourful Themed Slot Machine Halloween Fortune From Playtech

Halloween Fortune slot machine from Playtech

In the Playtech slot, the action takes place against the background of a witch's hut drowning in fog. The edge of the forest, bare tree crowns, moonlight on the dried-up grass ― the most suitable atmosphere for those who like to tickle their nerves. Translucent drums create the illusion of floating in the air and create a special atmosphere.

To receive the award, users will have to collect combinations of the following symbols:

  • a caldron with a boiling emerald-coloured brew;
  • a flask with the magic elixir;
  • a candlestick made of a human skull;
  • a magic pendant;
  • a black cat;
  • images of witches on the brooms.

The slot pleases with the presence of special symbols, increased multipliers, additional spins, and a bonus round where players will have to help one of the three witches to prepare a mysterious potion.

Monster Wheels: an Unusual Race-Themed Slot by Microgaming

Monster Wheels slot by Microgaming

Microgaming offers slot machines for sale that have no analogues. The latest release, Monster Wheels, is the eloquent evidence of this fact.

This slot machine pleases gamblers with every detail ― from the theme to the unexpected design of the panel itself. It is possible to choose one of the two modes ― for 128 and 288 prize lines. On the screen that is made in the form of a pattern of a projection machine, there are 5 reels with columns of different height.

The main symbols of this ghostly race on the occasion of All Saints Day are vampires, animated mummies, werewolves, horned devils, the Frankenstein's monster, and other evil creatures.

The Vampires by Amatic

The Vampires slot by Amatic

The action takes place in a gloomy woodland landscape and the ancient castle, the top of the towers of which can reach the moon. As symbols, attributes from the house of vampires that tell players about the life of a bloodthirsty family are used.

The design of the Amatic slot attracts with an interesting effect: rotating icons gleam with silver from the rays of the full moon. Mysterious rustles, the rustle of wings of bats, the sound of a draft, and a mysterious melody that causes goosebumps creates a special atmosphere in the slot.

Halloween: an Online Story From Microgaming

Halloween online casino game by Microgaming

The slot machine development and the subsequent offer of slot machines for sale based on cult Hollywood films is one of the most promising gambling trends of 2020.

If earlier, the attention was paid to sensational blockbusters, then on the eve of Halloween, it will simply be impossible to ignore stories in the horror genre.

The Halloween slot from Microgaming is an interpretation of the story of a serial killer who killed his first victim at the age of 6. Players will have to enter a house of the terrible maniac and even fight him in the bonus location. Those who like to tickle their nerves will definitely like this product.

The Creative Pumpkin Power Game From Novomatic

Pumpkin Power game from Novomatic

Go to the website of Smart Money and use the casino slot machines rental service on the most favourable terms. This offer allows you to update your product range in accordance with the theme that you need. The Pumpkin Power slot from Novomatic is an excellent choice for the “creepy catalogue” for All Saints Day.

The action takes place in the night forest that is frozen under the light of the full moon.

On the reels, there are such symbols as:

  • jewellery in the form of a ring with a bat;
  • a candle in a gold candlestick;
  • a black cat guarding a spellbook;
  • card denominations that look like ancient runes.

Magic Money: a Good Entertainment for Halloween From Gaminator

Magic Money slot machine from Gaminator

The developer decided to please his fans with a spectacular and fascinating story, full of unsolved secrets and magic. In the slot, there are 5 reels and 9 paylines, on which there is a polar owl, a crystal ball, a treasure chest, and card denominations.

The panel is made in a rich violet-blue colour, which looks beautiful in the candlelight. Gamblers will have to help the main character (a charming witch, whose image is a wild symbol) to learn magical arts.

Blade: a “Bloodthirsty” Slot From Playtech

Blade slot machine by Playtech

This is an atmospheric and exciting journey into the world of evil vampires. Users will have to stand shoulder to shoulder with the fearless Blade ― the undead hunter. Each step will be accompanied by terrible rustles, mysterious movements in the darkness, and a feeling of the following wind.

Gamblers can use several kinds of “weapon”:

  • a syringe with poison;
  • fire weapon;
  • sharp silver blades;
  • special silver bullets.

On the reels, there is often an image of a vampire hunter and a portrait of a spectacular sharp-toothed blonde.

In Conclusion: Where to buy Casino Games for Halloween

All Saints Day is as popular as Christmas and Easter. Why not diversify the catalogue of gambling solutions on the eve of the scariest and mystical holiday of the year? The presented rating of thematic slots is not the whole list of offers that can surprise modern gamblers.

Smart Money offers slot machines for sale and casino slot machines rental. From us, you can buy the best products in the gambling industry. Our team is ready to select the content for already existing services and deal with the development of a gambling project from scratch.

Do you want to personally make sure that the quality of games is the highest and prospects of the selected solution are promising? It is possible to connect the demo version of the gaming system. We guarantee access to all internal options of the platform and provide consultations on all matters of business dealing.

To purchase or rent casino games, contact us via one of the following channels:

Hans Adrian

Hans Adrian

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